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Familiar Scenes Revisited.

Lets all take a stroll down memory lane.

Entrance to the main door.
“None come to early, none return to late”.

Still in bounds first bridge.

Out of bounds first bridge.

On our way into Hertford.

On our way via the short cut to Hertford.

Bobby Mac, Tony Angell, Dave Blower, and Paul Walkeden.

Short cut. Plums, Pears, and Apples!!
“Were are the girls”.

“I’ll just go back to see if anyone’s following”

Sluice Gate, down Short cut.

Water Board building, Short cut.

Castle Entrance, building to the right new theatre.

Hertford Castle grounds.

On our way back before the Bugle sounds.

Pathway to Bengeo.

Looking for our loot, wooded area Goldings. “We put it there Dave, get down a bit deeper”.

Horse Shoe Falls opposite Lodge.

The remains of Jacobs Ladder.

Lodge Gates.

The Lodge.

Progress!! Ablutions, Dining Room gone.

Where the Bugler stood, Reception,
Spiral staircase to the left.

Waiting for the cane, Pinheads Office.

Waterford Arms, “Half ounce Old Holborn Please”.

Bobby Mac,
on his way to the Post Office for spaghetti on toast.

The Verney, now worth One Million Pounds.

The real picture of Horse Shoe Falls, as I remember.
Dave Blower 62-65

“Did you walk along the wooden Bridge,
or was you brave enough to run across the Falls”.

Bobby Mac, Paul Walkeden, And Dave Blower.

Dave Blower, Brian Perrier, Tony Angell, John Mercury, and Bobby Mac.

“I’m not scared Brian I’ve put a book down my Trousers”.

“ Hope you enjoyed our stroll as much as I did when I took these photo’s, during my visits to Hertford over the past year.
Let’s do it again soon.”
Dave Blower. Somerset. 62-65.

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