Dave Blower 62-65.

Spare this word became part of the Goldings vocabulary when in the early days of Goldings, when
there were 300 boys attending the school, and new boys had to wait for a place in a trade to
become vacant, therefore he was Spare, and a Spare had to work in the school were ever he was
needed, and usually that meant they worked very hard.

FAGS .....
Prefects smoke them, Staff smoke them. A "Gasper" is the name given to a cigarette of low quality.
One made of shag is called a "Hod Carriers delight. A Virginia is likened to a animal deposit,
and a "Turkish" to a Camels rear end. "But why are they called Fags" Is the following theory the
answer ....
Public Schools had a system known as "Fagging". The fag master would bawl "FAG", at that the
younger boys all rush to form a queue. The last in the queue was called a Fag End, and had to do
the fagging. The phrase was later used to describe a cigarette end---A term of contempt by staff who
caught boys smoking. So the cigarette was it self eventually became a "FAG".


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