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Page Compiled March 2005

Paul as a baby when he entered Barnardo’s

Paul in the Grand Hallway at Goldings just after it closed

Somerset New Admissions
Walkeden Paul, from Norfolk
Whitworth Peter, from Parkstone
Dominey Edward from Hampshire
Hanson Douglas, Abington
McGeoch Angus, Kingston
Rudge David, Co.Durham
Goldonian Winter 1963

House Parents: Mr and Mrs C Goodman
House Captain: John Buggs
Group Leaders: John Moody, Trevor Davison, William Ireland
Colours: Yellow and Black

Once again it is time to write the House Notes. First of all we would like to
welcome into the House: Paul Walkeden, Eward Dominey, Peter Burrows,
Douglas Hanson, Angus McGeoch, and David Rudge
Goldonian Winter 1963


Wednesday, 15th September, was a grand day for the Inter House Athletic Sports. Somerset was represented by Norman Brown,
Edward Dominey, Brian Carney, Kenneth Hart, Paul Walkeden, Douglas Hansen, and Raymond Yassin. It was apparent that we
should do well because all the boys had put in some useful training before the day. It was a god day for Somerset, Norman Brown
winning the Senior Shot, Edward Dominey winning the Senior mile, and Kenneth Hart winning the Junior 880 yards.
We carried of the Senior Trophy and were not very far behind the Junior one. In the Queens Cup competition Somerset is third,
And the Bays’ Shield Competition Scott bay is well ahead.
Goldonian Winter 1965

Paul with wife Jan and daughter Katy at 2009 Reunion