A new Dining Hall has been built and we have had this great encouragement in our send off (moving from Stepney to Goldings).
The Dining Hall has been erected through the generosity of a single donor as a memorial to a beloved husband by his widow
(Once again Goldings Boys are indebted to the Abel Smith family for their support in improving our lot, but they requested
that their name was not disclosed)
“One most important gap in our home, however, remains, we have no Chapel”
Until this matter has been resolved we have no alternative but to hold worship in the Dining Hall. Lets all hope that someone,
family or friends see fit to honour some one by donating a church in their lasting memory. It will cost no more than £10,000,
not an excess in view of the cost of materials. I shall be glad to correspond with any lady or gentleman who may feel drawn to
devote such a munificent (most generous) gift to the service of God in the training and uplift of His children.
Already one friend of the work has most generously donated £5000.00 towards the erection of a Chapel building to accommodate
350 boys, if other friends will subscribe the balance. Final estimates are not yet at hand, but it is expected they will be
approximately £8500.00.
The chapel was built to enable staff and pupils to worship without the walk into Hertford.

My personal limited memory of the chapel at Goldings

In my time spent at Goldings (1962-65) we attended chapel
twice on a Sunday, once on the morning, and again on the
evening for service. On both occasions we marched in our
group (Houses) in step with the school band, which preceded
us to the chapel. There were many glorious marching tunes that we all tried to keep in step to as we marched from the parade
ground round the path way that lead to the chapel.
Whilst not now or come to that never was, very religious, I did appreciate the glory of this wonderful old chapel, that was once
part of William Baker Technical School.
Another incident I personally recall, I was told by Mr Broster to follow him up to the Chapel , with the instructions from
Mr Tempest (Stormy) that we were to repair some broken pews, this was my first and only time I was introduced by Mr Broster
to “The Secret Slotted Screw Joint” along with the many joints I was taught at Goldings this one particularly interested me,
Nowadays I do sometimes ask modern day Carpenters” what is a secret slotted screw joint?” and their answer is to scratch their
head, and reply “Never heard of it mate”

Dave Blower. Somerset House No 22 House Captain 1964.

Page Compiled May 2006

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The foundation stone was laid by Mrs Burnett Smith, Deputy Mayoress of Hertford
on the 28th June 1923.
Chapel…Architect Walter Godfrey of
Wratten and Godfrey (1881- 1961) was
articled to James Williams, successor to
George Devey, who had designed the new
Goldings mansion in 1870.
Red brick, English bond with blue diaper
patterns on end elevations, limestone base
and dressings, yellow sandstone windows,

slated roof behind brick parapet with

stone copings, and parapeted gables at ends, lower ends with Dutch profile, and
octagonal turrets. Mixed free Gothic and Jacobean styles, as on the main house.

Side elevations divided by buttresses into 6 bays, each with recessed 3-light 4 central
arched windows with traceried cusped trefoil heads. Projecting porches with hipped and gabled roofs, stone mullioned windows,
and semicircular arched doors.

Foundation stone

Former Chapel turned into a sports hall shortly after
Hertfordshire County Council purchased Goldings
from Dr Barnardos for use by their staff. Along with
the mineral rights

More recent images of the Chapel in 2006
The picture above shows a new wooden doorway
was fitted, a first floor has also been added.
Where the old boys hut was bottom left picture
has an ultra modern building has been added, most
of the building is below ground, and rumour has it that
an underground passage links the two buildings
(not Confirmed) Both buildings are occupied as
residential property and owned by one family.
In the choir picture you will notice the stained glass
windows and again to no avail we are unable to locate
there whereabouts.

Recently discovered information regards the chapel by The Right Rev. The Bishop of St Albans on the occasion of the dedication of
the Chapel at the William Baker Technical School, and I quote as follows:
The Chapel, which supplies a much-needed want, was erected by a few friends, who wish to remain anonymous. The tablet recording
their gift, which is by the south door, is as follows:- TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

This Chapel is given by a few friends
in hope that the boys who worship
here may learn to know the Lord
Jesus Christ as their Saviour, Master

and King

Goldings had its own Chapel. On Sunday we would march behind the band which might have been playing Colonel Bogey. It was a
stirring march" our feet keeping in step with the beat" of the drums. Our voices muted, kept in tune with the band as we sang the
words "What did the goalie say when the ball went in the net". The answer is known only to those who sing, the tune.
Mr. Patch the Gym master always marched along the side of the column to keep us in line and in order.
(“ Patchy” was an ex army physical instructor from World War One, very tough but very fair.)
Charles Hemus Goldings boy 1934-1937 Printer Emigrated to Australia

We are very grateful to Mrs. K. Jones, of Uxbridge, for the most beautiful altar frontal which she has made for the Chapel. This will be
dedicated by the Bishop on Confirmation Day.
We are pleased to record our gratitude to Mr. F. Offord, as well as our appreciation for his artistry, for his permanent contribution to the
beauty of the Chapel. He has skilfully reproduced, in oils, two famous religious paintings which are particularly appropriate in their
message to our work at Goldings. The carpenters have made excellent frames for these, and as from Confirmation Day, the pictures
will hang on either side of the Chancel arch.

Goldonian Spring 1957

After the Reunion 2007

Goldings Chapel Windows

The Chapel