Jo Griffiths (Sheppard)

Mr. Sheppards Daughter

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The Opening of MacAndrew Wing by Princess Margaret

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Vicor Chan 8-4-1964

Alfie Thomson 1958 age 14

L/r Uncle, David Goldsmith,
Jo Sheppard, Alfie Thomson,
Ian Mc Roberts, Cousin,
Steven and Christine Sheppard

John Blott 1958 age 15

Eric Holden , Friend, Jo, Chris Pettman 1963

The Gym Team 1960

Snow White Xmas 1959

The Pool Mrs. Riddalph, May Sheppard, Evelyn Newton

Left a celebrity with
the Staff children

Right 2 were in Z Cars
Steve Race center

Cross Country H. Bainton, Colin Bishop

Kenny Newton
Steve Sheppard
Mr. Wade

1958 Winston Norton far right 19-08-66

Eric Holden

Bob Newton. Fred Sheppard, Mr. Wade

Steven and Kenny

Staff Team


Glaxo factory visit

Steven Sheppard recalls

Memories of Their Father

Mr Sheppard