McCall Old Boys.

McCall House Group 1950s


HOUSEMASTERS : Mr. P. East, Mr. W. H. S. Millar, Mr. H. deBoeck
HOUSE CAPTAIN: F. Forbes. HOUSE PREFECTS: A. Couzens, M- Jones, E. Smith.
McCall have not been very outstanding at football this season. The first eleven have only drawn one game. It doesn't sound
too good, but I think you will agree that although they have nearly always been the weaker team they have always played
with good spirit and determination. Our star player was Morris Orton, who has played very well this season.
McCall also congratulates him on being chosen for the School ist team. The second eleven have done well, and have managed
to get third place. The outlook for next year seems good as the Houses by that time will be more evenly matched.


The Goldonian 1949

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