The Goldonian

Summer 1957

WINN, D., Aberdeen; January, 1954, to April, 1957. Situation as Bootmaker.
MURRELL, O., Cairns; September, 1954, to April, 1957. Situation as Painter-apprentice.
CRAMPTON, J., Somerset; February, 1953, to April, 1957. Prefect, 1957. Situation as Carpenter.
SANDALL, V., Aberdeen; September, 1954, to April, 1957. Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
HOLDEN, M., Aberdeen; September, 1954, to April, 1957. Restored.
PEETE, H., Aberdeen; April, 1953, to April, 1957. Prefect. 1957. Colours for Boxing. Situation as Carpenter-apprentice.
BAILEY, J., Somerset; May, 1954, to April, 1957. Prefect, 1957. Colours for Football. Situation as Sheet Metal Worker.
HEMFREY. K., Somerset; September, 1953, to April, 1957. Situation as Gardener.
RACKHAM, R., Somerset; September, 1954, to May, 1957. Situation as Bootmaker.
JOHNSON, D., Cairns; December, 1954, to May, 1957. Situation as Gardener.
FREELANDER, L., Somerset; September, 1953, to April, 1957. Situation as Painter-apprentice.
MASON, B., Aberdeen; October, 1953, to May, 1957. Restored
RIDLEY, A., Aberdeen; April, 1957, to May, 1957. To Leatherhead Training College.
TRENOWETH, B., Cairns; September, 1954, to May, 1957. To odd job.
COOPER, H., Somerset; October, 1955, to May, 1957. Restored.
ALEE, C., Cairns; October, 1954, to May, 1957. Situation as Gardener.
BINFIELD, H., Cairns; September, 1954, to June, 1957. Situation as Bootmaker.
LANG, M., Aberdeen; December, 1955, to June, 1957. Situation as Carpenter-apprentice.
WATKINS, C., Cairns; September, 1954, to June, 1957. Situation as Bootmaker.

Re-Union of Goldings Old Boys
The Headmaster invites Old Boys to spend Sunday afternoon 22nd September, 1957 at the School. This is an opportunity of renewing old
acquaintances and seeing the School again. It is hoped that as many as possible will come along. If you can attend please send a postcard
saying so to: Mr. J. Maslin, W.B.T.S., Goldings, Hertford.
here will be tea, tennis and swimmingóweather permitting.

News of Old Boys
TOM BURRELL: Doing his National Service in the R.A.M.C. Called to see us on Sunday, 30th June.
TONY BLACKBURN: Called on Sunday, i6th June. Present address, 55 Galloway Road, Shepherds Bush, W.I2
JOHN BARFIELD: A Rifleman in the K.R.R.C., spent three weeks at Goldings at the end of April.
ROY DEAN : Has completed his National Service, and is now working for the Merival Press in London. Present address, 6 Sawyer
House, Kingswood Drive, London, S.E.2I
JIM LAWRENCE: Spent Easter weekend with us. Apprenticed to B.T.H. as a fitter and assembler. Present address, i Elizabeth
Road, West Hodden, Rugby.
DAVID MERRIFIELE : One of our older "Old Boys" (39-41), now finished with the R.A.F. and living at 4 Mitchell Avenue, Hal-stead, Essex.
JOHN MOUNTAIN : Doing his National Service as a Driver in the R.A.S.C. and stationed in Perth, Scotland. Spent a weekend with us at
the end of June-
PETER PARRY : Spent 10 days of his leave with us in May. He is serving in the Queens Regiment, and has completed 2 years
service in Malaya.
NORMAN TASKER : Hoping to emigrate to New Zealand. Present address, 4 Dagman Road, Kingston-on-Thames.
STANLEY WATTS : Doing his National Sen-ice in the R.A.O.C. Is a Drummer in the depot Corps of Drums. Spent a 48 hour leave
with us in March and 14 days leave in July.
TERRY Fox: Serving in the Royal Navy, and for the next 9 months will be on the Maralinga Range, Australia. His address is M(E)I,
T. R. Fox, c'K 961082, R.N. Element, Maralinga Range, c/o British Forces, P.O. 153.

Goldings Old Boys' Association
The Annual General Meeting was held at the School, by kind permission of Mr. Wheatley. Our treasurer reported a loss on the year's working
of £21 and a balance in hand of £19. As will be appreciated, this is not a very happy state of affairs, and it was unanimously decided to make
an all-out effort this year to get the funds back to a healthy state. We lost rather heavily on the two dances during the year, and all expenses
were up." The normal source of income was about the same as last year.
A new committee was elected and is as follows: President, Mr. R. F. Wheatley, B.SC.; Chairman, Tom Allen; Secretary, Jimmy James;
Treasurer, "Ben" Lines; Assistant Treasurer, Brian McCarthy; Committee, George Brittain, Michael Maxim.
Since the A.G.M. we are sorry to say that Jimmy James has intimated that he will be leaving the area to take up employment elsewhere, and
Tom Allen has very nobly undertaken the job of secretary. We do thank Jimmy for his four years devoted service and wish him every success
when he moves.
We have entered the Junior Football League Division II and look forward to a good season There are four additional teams in the league this
year, so there won't be many spare Saturdays!
We also regret that George Bousfield has found it necessary to give up the Table-tennis section, and again our thanks are extended for his
work on our behalf in this field during the past four years. We are entering two teams this year in the H. & D.T.T. League.
For the benefit of Old Boys who do not live in the Hertford area, I would remind them that they can keep in touch with us by becoming a
"distant member". Instead of paying a weekly subscription like the local members, 5/- per annum ensures a copy of THE GOLDONIAN, and
notification of all happenings. At the moment there are 22 members on the books.

Book Review
The book I have chosen this term is The Mystery Man by J. M. Walsh, which was kindly given to the Library by Mr. Millar.
The story starts with a man named Mr. Harold Boyne, a gambler, heavily in debt. The Star-Gazers' Club is his favourite haunt.
One night as he is leaving the club a man stops him and asks Boyne to follow him. A little mystified he does so. He is shown into a room where
a man is sitting behind a desk, and another is leaning against a safe, placed by the wall. He is questioned by the men about money he owes them.
A few days later Boyne's body is found on a common nearby.
A few weeks later a raid is made by the police, on the club. A man is arrested and charged with possessing dangerous drugs. He is allowed bail.
Soon after a Mr. Tenney arrives from China. He has been out there on business. He knows the club very well. One evening he is just entering it,
when he sees a man he knows. He invites him to come upstairs for a talk. When in the room he draws a gun, He gives him ten seconds to tell
him where a girl he knows, is living. As he is counting, the door opens, and in comes Weng Cho the owner of the club Weng Cho knows
where the girl lives and is forced to tell tell Tenney. Weng Cho offers to drive him to the house, The next day the body of Tenney is found on a
common. The murderer leaves a clue this time and is caught up with, He turns out to be a man living under several names.

Boys Left during the Summer Term, 1957


And so as another term draws to a close it gives me great pleasure to write the House Notes. Aberdeen did not win the athletics, but I must
congratulate those boys who took part for their brilliant efforts.
We have a good cricket team but have lost our matches by some really bad luck. I very much hope Aberdeen will do well in the swimming
We hope that these boys are doing well outside: House Captain Henry Peete, Alan Ridley, M. Lang. We welcome to the House, N. Osborne,
F. Burrell, R. Layzell, D. Bacon, T. Hopcroft.
I must take this opportunity, on behalf of the House, to congratulate J. S. Brown and J. Fasanya on becoming prefects. Finally, I must wish
Mr. Wheatley, his family and all the staff, on behalf of Aberdeen boys, a sunny summer holiday.
A. REEKIE, Prefect

This has been a record year for Cairns. We have almost swept the board in the various sporting events, winning the Football, Cross-country,
Athletics and Cricket Cups.
In these notes I wish to thank each member of the House, for each boy without exception has contributed in some way not only to the House
but to the School. The boys who were not chosen for the various teams were willing to act as linesmen or scorers. The team spirit and
co-operation in the House this year has been beyond reproach.
We have several members in the Cadet Corps of Drums, including the Drum Major, Frank Randall, and one shining light in the Gym Team,
Stanley Wright. Two thirds of our boys acted as ball boys in the Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon.
Last but by no means least, the School Captain, Derek Smith, who has carried out his duties extremely well is a Cairns boy.
During the term seven boys have left us to take up situations, namely C. A'lee, H. Binfield, D. Johnson, B. Trenoweth, C. Watkins, B. Gregory
and R. Taylor. We wish them the best of luck and hope to hear from or see them in the near future.
We welcome A. Bassett, M. Cowley, J. McLeer and W. Young to our House and look to them to maintain the high standard we have set this
To all those who are going to "Sunny" Dymchurch or to their parents or friends we hope they enjoy themselves and lastly to our Headmaster
and family, Chaplain and family and our Housemaster, Mr. Steele, go our best wishes for a very enjoyable summer holiday with plenty of fine
TED TOWNSEND, House Captain


As the end of the term approaches it is my turn to write the House notes.
We have had a pretty busy term for what with cricket and Wimbledon the time has passed very quickly.
We had to say goodbye to R. Rackham, N. Freelander, J. Bailey, K. Hemphrey and T. Crampton during the term and we wish them all success
in the new jobs they have gone to.
Chester Macatamney has been promoted to the select circle of prefects and we congratulate him.
We are plodding along in the various inter-House sports and could do with some new blood in the House, as we have lost quite a number of
our sportsmen.
We shall soon have the School prize-giving day, the inter-House swimming and then end of term with Cadet Camp, Summer Leave and
Dymchurch to look forward to.
Before closing I must congratulate our House Captain, Clive Gillingham on gaining the athletics Victor Ludorum for the third year in
I wish all staff and boys a very happy summer holiday where ever they go.
j. PAGE, Prefect

Through the medium of our School Magazine I wish to express my sincere appreciation to my boys for the co-operation of all in ensuring the
smooth running of the Junior Floor.
The behaviour throughout the term has been very good indeed and the enthusiasm in all the sporting activities has left nothing to be desired.
Congratulations to David Hilton on winning the Victor Ludorumógood show, David!
I am also pleased with the way the House Captain and the Monitors have carried out their duties.
Here is hoping Cpt. Culver, C.S.M. Russell and the cadets who are going to camp have a good time, and those of us who are going on leave
or to Dymchurch get plenty of fine weather.

Once again it is time to recall our notes. We are glad to welcome into the House I. Yeo, Bullock and Beale.
We have retained the Cricket Cup for the second year. We did not do too good at sports, but we hope to get the Swimming Cup.
We are glad to have J. Davis as monitor again.

First let us welcome to our House B. Moase, M. Toynton, R. Wright, I. Yeo, G. Warner, J. Taylor, D. Baker and T. Vomberg. And now the
farewells. We are sorry to lose J. Deane and G. Bryant who were both very good sportsmen. So far in sports this term Kinnaird have won the
athletics and swimming is not far away.
All the boys in Kinnaird wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley and all the other Masters and Matrons a very enjoyable holiday.
L. DAVIES, M. PALMER, Monitors.

Again it is time to write Pelham House Notes. We are glad to receive the following boys into the House: R. Smith, I. Smith, A. Knight,
D. Hilton, H. Heath, D. Bird, W. Norton, D. Barlow. We hope they will be happy with us. We are pleased to have David Harrington as our
House Captain, also monitors David Hilton and Ronald Spencer, who do a good job of work in the running of the House and we wish them the
best of luck in the future.
In the Athletics we did better than we expected, we came second and David Hilton did well in winning the Victor Ludorum. We say "well done,
David." Up to date \\e haven't played any House cricket matches owing to all the Junior XI games, and so here is luck to Buxton, who will
most likely keep the cup for another year.
To all those boys who will become seniors at the beginning of next term we wish them the best of luck. Lastly to our Headmaster and family,
Chaplain and family and to Mr. and Mrs. Russell go our best wishes for a very enjoyable summer holiday.
D. HARRINGTON, House Captain,

Library Notes
Since last summer more than 300 books have come into the Library, bringing our total now to 1,100 books. Many thanks to boys and staff who
have given us all these. The number of boys using the Library has risen also, so that there are now some 150 membersóthis is well over two
thirds of the School.
We thank Mr. Haswell and any readers who have sent or given us magazines. We also thank Stepney for allowing us to have the Christian
magazine Crusade every month. If you have any magazines you no longer require, we will gladly accept them.
For those who are not sure, the Library is open from 4.30 p.m. to 5.0 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. It is open Wednesdays during
the winter term.



2 Coy., 1st "C" Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment

The term re-oganisation took place on the 3rd of May and we were soon settled down to our summer programme of training with the week-end
and annual Battalion camps to look forward to. Our numbers remain steady at seventy in spite of the many losses to situations, etc.
Recently I was privileged to be able to attend the thirteenth "King George IV Memorial Leadership Course" at Aldershot from 4th May until
11th May. It was very strenuous but well worth attending, and the Company will be the better for the lessons I have learned.
We lost the Junior Athletic Cup this year and were unable to field a team of seniors. However, we came third and hope to regain the Cup next
year. Perhaps this year we shall regain the Junior Swimming Cup and who knows, we might even gain the Senior Cup; in eleven years we have
nearly always come second in the senior swimming.
Recently I met ex-Cpl. John Baggaridge who is now a sergeant instructor at Kempston Barracks, Bedford. He is sitting for his First Class
Certificate of Education shortly. John told me that he has had many ex-Goldings Cadets in the various intakes and that they have all done very
well in the depot.
The annual Battalion camp is being held at Stiffkey in Norfolk this year. This is a new area to us and I have no doubt that this will be well
worth while attending.
Our .22 shooting is going on steadily and there are quite a number of good shots in the Company. Through the kindness of Major A. Vigus we
were able to send a team to fire at the Port Hill indoor range and the six chosen Cadets enjoyed the evening with their comrades of the H.Q.
I was able to take a selected number of Cadets to the Royal Tournament in June; it does give us a thrill to see the marvelous co-operation of
all taking part and the wonderful precision in the various drill displays.
We are having several surprise evenings during our Friday evening training, and recently it was very interesting to see injured people being
rescued and receiving medical attention, and finally carried away on improvised stretchers. There is keen expectancy on Fridays to see which
section is going to get a sealed envelope of instructions for the evening. In time the Cadets should be quite good at solving the various
problems and facing up to the un-expeccted situations that will occur.
We have been glad to have ex-L/Cpl. Parry back with us for a long furlough. He is in the Queen's Regiment and has recently returned from
Malaya after a long period of service abroad. Peter Parry was a national A.C.F. boxing semi-finalist whilst with us and has continued his
boxing in his regiment. He has won several cups and medals and will be boxing again when his regiment goes to Germany.
During the year I get many letters from ex-Cadets and we are always interested to know how they are getting on. Remember you are still in
our thoughts and no matter how long ago it is since you were with us I shall always be pleased to get a letter from you and especially from any
Cadet who was an original member of this company.
A. P. CULVER, Captain O.I.C.


Since our spring number of this School's magazine we have lost our Drum-Major, Henry Peete, who was a very efficient and reliable lad; he
did well in the A.C.F. boxing, being a national semi-finalist for two years running. Altogether we have lost fifteen from the Corps of Drums
both buglers and drummers. Solo bugler F. Randall has now the honoured position of Drum-Major and is doing his job very well. We are able
to carry on thanks to there always being younger lads who are keen to join.
We have to date ten engagements up to the end of term and several requests have had to be refused owing to our many school activities. Many
of the lads are doing duty at Wimbledon as ball boys and so for that fortnight we cannot accept any engagements.
Keeping the Corps of Drums up to standard is only one of our problems which we manage to overcome; keeping the equipment up to standard
is a greater problem owing to the cost of repair or replacement of instruments. I would welcome some kindly benefactor who could ease the
situation if it is at all possible, I did make our wants known at Christmas through the medium of this School magazine but so far the bread cast
upon the waters has not returned; however, hope springs eternal in the human breast. The lads are very keen and it does something to their
moral if interest is shown in them.
We were fortunately able to take selected boys to the Royal Tournament this year where they saw the fine displays by the various service
bands; this is always a much looked for treat.
Soon it will be time for the annual Battalion camp, and I hope to take as many of the Band as possible in order to take part in the annual inter-
Battalion Band Competition. All being well we shall keep our colours flying as we have done over the past eleven years.
My thanks are due to all old members of the Corps of Drums for the keenness and high standards they have set and it does give the younger
members something to live up to.
A. P. CULVER, Captain O.I.C.

GIANT EASTER EGG. Kindly donated to our School by
Welwyn Stores Ltd., Welwyn Garden City.
What a lovely 28 Ib. present!

Below: CORPS OF DRUMS.óDrum-major Frank Randall
leads our much-famed Corps to Church Parade in Hertford.


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