Including My life in Dr Bernardo's Homes
Thursday 26 March 2020.

This is intended to Inform readers of my life Including anyone interested social history between 1946 and 2020
Readers will note I am not a professionally trained writer.
Some details below are from, my Memory.

I was invited to Dr Bernardo's Village Homes, Tanners Lane, Barkingside, Essex's England.
The family details, were recorded. This information was only offered to me in the 1980’s
Much of the details was censored and black lines covered much of the details.
The children were taken into Dr Bernardo's village Homes Barkingside Essex's England
I was placed in a cottage named Sweet Brier' in village Homes Barkingside.
I was told I have brother, names are David and a sister named Dorothy
I was NOT INFORMED the whereabouts of David and my sister Dorothy’s placement in any of the cottages
Also, our Parent's had requested Permission to see us at village Homes Barkingside.
However, permissions were Refused!
I was. born in Croydon, Surrey, England, September 1946
My original family name is Cummings, This name was used and recorded on my Birth Certificate My father's name was
Henry Cummings. My Mother's Name was Roes.
Older renders will recall the years following the ending of the War. Rationing was in Progress.
Homes were destroyed or badly Damaged or not fit for living in. All their children had a medical condition known as Rickets
This condition is a result of Lack of food and Sunshine including Vitamins A and C, They were unable to Parent their
Children, so all their children were made wards of court.

This Interview lasted about one Hour. After ending the Interview, I sat on a bench on the village green.
I felt very alone and upset Having No support after the interview Ended. I remember I was tearful for an Hour.
I decided to walk around the Village and remember the house Mother including the other children living with me their names
and relationship we had as family unit, the time Spent in the cottage Sweet Brier' in village Homes Barkingside.
Theirs a song I recall it's the Words: go something like this. “Here comes Jack with his hands on his Head””, Their Name
I will remember where Ever I my roam. As long as I live.
I am now Alfred Nerman, this change of Names is Explained later in this Biography.

Now I return to my life in our Barnardo's Homes
I was about 14 year old I was informed I was Leaving Barkingside Village Home'
I was Taken to Goldings a Victorian Mansion House in Hertfordshire.



Great Changes Occurred in April 1922. when the first Barnardo's Boys Arrived Two hundred and sixty boys from Stepney '
Led by their own band marched along the road from the rail road and took up Residence.
Latter that year the Prince of Wales (latter Edward V!!!) came for the official opening of William Baker Technical school,
As it was called.
The large stables of the mansion were ideal for work shops, and in fifty acres of ground there was plenty of space for
Swimming pool and other Sport in the ground,s and Green Houses, Church, other facilities and buildings including a
delightful park
All the boys found a happy Home at the fine house great mansion house Goldings.
Once the home of the banking family the house was built by the late Robert Able Smith.
The boys attend some Basic Schooling after schooling ended The boys were giving fall time trade Training Carpentry.
Sheet metal work. Landscape gardening. Shoe Making and Repairs, Painting and Decorating, Printing. I was sent to the
Painting and Decorating Department
After work the option to Join the Army cadets, including an Option to join the cadets. Band, the Band' was very Popular
choice Sundays the Band Marched in their cadet Uniforms, to The School Church, the Band was led by the Drum Major
followed by the boys Marching Behind. Often the band would be required to Play at public Events, open days at
Other Barnardo's Homes,
Wimbledon tennis Weeks. The Older and fittest boys trained as ball boys,
Barnardo's closed the School in 1967 but the apprentice printers continued to live at the Vemey for a number more years.
The Verney is now used as a residential home for the elderly.
Golding,s was brought by the County Council, and used as Highways Department,
Later Golding,s was sold to a property development Company. And now Golding's is renovated remodeled into Private
Flats including the Sport ground and Green Houses Church other buildings including a delightful park and the River was
dredged and runs free.

Fitness and hygiene were important part of our Health and Discipline
and We had regular swimming. Boxing Matches' in the gym Cross country running football and Cricket matches and sports
Days. Also, I recall film night on Friday night in the gym In the Summer we all were taken to Dymchurch' St Mary' Bay in
Kent for two Weeks. Morning inspection continue And Assembly attended by all Masters and Boys
There we played Baseball and Physical Exercise. After dinner completed, the afternoon's we were free to go Dymchurch
town or the beach.
The Rommey Hythe and Dymchurch light railway ran past the St Mary! Bay Many of the boys took delight in taking a ride
on these Trains I recall we had a day trip we visited Dungeness old light house and the new Atomic-power station. We all
had Happy time and when we returned back to Goldings Normal days routine continued
Every Morning the boy polished the Wood Floor and Folded the Blankets on their bed for inspection. The Head Master walked
Through the three Dormitories on each floor took place. After an inspection the boys went the Dining room for Breakfast.
At 9 am we attended morning assembly. All house Masters were required to attend.
On many occasions The Head Master informed us a boy is Leaving Goldings to day after completing their Training. Lodging
and employment have been arranged.
The boys applauded and the boy was escorted from the room often very tearful
As for myself I felt very alone and upset after completing Training as a painter and decorator.
I came to Goldings in May 1 960. to September 1 964 When my time at Goldings ended.

Entering in to Life outside in the Real World Was for me traumatic experience Having Lived in institution Environment from
an of early age.
There was uncomfortable Jolt.
I had no concepts or Knowledge of how to live Life out Side Dr Barnardo's Homes.
the feeling was my new life in the real world was not my normal range of directions with hands on in my short time working life
as a painter and decorator, and lacking in social skills.
I was very gullible in embracing large elements of illusion.
In my desire for personal growth I changed my family name, Perches self Help CD.
To prepare me, in order to satisfy my subconscious mind for change.
However, I'm very proud of being a Goldings Boy,
I have to Mention David Blower and His Wife for Arranging Golding Old boy Reunions
After the closure of Goldings for many years. I have Attended Golding Old boy Reunion whenever I can,
I hope Readers have Enjoyed reading my Biography and may recall their time at Goldings.

Yours sincerely Alfred Nerman.
Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Also owned by Dr Barnardo's 1922 closed in 1967.
The School,s name William Baker Technical School
original Golding,s Photograph 1930

A small Copy of photograph of a group of boys including myself at Sheringham near Cromer North Norfolk.
I wondering if the group was taken there from Golding? To the Camping site.
There are Bell tents, and Folded blankets on the grass in front of the Tents, Ready for morning inspection as was the Case at
This could possibly give some indication, the group was taken there from Goldings for Summer holidays I do not recall the
journey to Sheringham or the Year.
I have some Memories of being their I also recognise myself, I am in the second row on the right side, Neville Fletcher is seated
in second row from the left in the photograph.
The Norfolk steam Railway ran behind the camping side, including hill above the camp and steep cliffs, and there was a church
Nearby the camp site, I remember My self and David Mylott visited the church.

Do you recognise any of boys in the group? And the year we were at Sheringham?

Alfred Cummings (Nerman) Profile

I include a photo of myself and the vintage car I owned
Many years ago.
The car is a Sunbeam Rapier 1955 in Windsor blue.
The photo was taken at a country house near Ishime

(Just a bit of fun.)

My photo was glued on and scanned on the photo.
You can display the photo on the boards for the
Old Boys Reunion, or just keep yourself.

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