John Olbison


Thatís me with the snowball aimed at Eric Miller
with Barry Davidson and John Street.
The other was taken on the summit of Bowfell
and is Barry again with myself.
Any others I come across, Iíll send.

Jimmy Street, Tommy Hill and Billy Hill

Hartham Common outdoor swimming pool Hertford

Page Compiled April 2018

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The Band with Neville Fletcher our Drum Major leading the Church Parade

Wray Nunn Bootmaker Tutor with his back to us

John Street, Roy Hindle, Billy Hill, Jimmy Street, Sammy Hill,

Tommy told me this was a visit in 1968, two years after he left.

I was at Goldings from 1963 to 1966 and remember those golden days with great affection. I was lucky enough to have been chosen
for Wimbledon, as a Ball boy of course, on number one court in 1965 and centre court in 1966.
I was forbidden to go 1964 because I dared to swear in front of my house mistress.
I said "Bloody". Dear me. Can't remember her name now.
Cairns house. Anyway, it was that worthy man "Pin'ead" Wheatley that stopped me going.
What, me bitter?
couple of years after leaving Goldings, I came across an article in the Times Educational Supplement

Tommy Hill phoned me with the names L-R

All from Shotley Bridge

Behind Popeye on the Drum Doug Thompson

Tommy Hill, Micky Hindle, Shorne Kane.