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Somerset Old Boys

Mike Jarvis

John Sansom
1946 - 1949

Dave Blower
1962 - 1965

Paul Walkeden
1963 - 1965

Bob MacNamara
1962 - 1966

Tony Angell
1962 - 1964

Angus McGeoch

Above left. A Copy of the programme given by Bob Cox early sixties, of the first play which was performed by Somerset House
which Mr. Wheatley expected there after for every House to do the same.
Do you remember? A coat sleeve as a submarine periscope. “Dive Dive Dive” and down came a bucket of water REMEMBER??
Above right. A copy of a prize certificate presented to Bob Cox for senior gardening.

Lochearnhead Model.

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Sent in by Bob Cox

Chris Horsenell
1962 - 1965

Bob Cox

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David Ingram

House Notes

HOUSEMASTERS: Mr. E. A. Patch, Mr. L. Embleton, Mr. R. Moss, Mr. W. D. Purkis
HOUSE PREFECTS: J. Knight, B. Webb, D. Wilkes

Once again Somerset house notes consist largely of our sports successes. As you may already know we have had two very successful
years with our 1st XI. At the time of writing these notes we are still maintaining the standard set by the sadly missed Old Boys who
have left us during the term.
These leaders, School Captain G. Vallance, House Captain Sansom, and Prefect Blampied led our house to a very high standard,
putting us in a position that we are very proud of. Football—Up to date we have won all our inter-house matches except one
(the game with Mount Stephen). They put up a very good performance and deserved their victory. Our second XI, I fear, have not
done quite so well and are well behind the leading house (Cairns). However they still have a sporting chance of being runners-up.
Boxing-At present we still have a considerable number of competitors in the competition. We hope they will continue to collect
points and bring us through once again.
Cricket-We are looking forward to the cricket season and hope that every one will play his part in it and try to repeat our last year's
performance. A spot of practice at the beginning of the season makes all the difference in the early games.
Congratulations to D. Williams and B. Webb on becoming Prefects. We hope house members will assist them with their new
Departures-We have lost some very valuable members; School Captain G. Vallance, House Captain J. Sansom, Prefect W. Blampied
and A. Dorman. We wish them the very best of luck in their new life.
Arrivals-Fletcher, A. Webb and S. Boobier have joined us. We welcome them to our house and we hope they will be helpful to us
in our many activities. To give a house the winning will Each boy must work and never be still; The big, the small, the weak, the
strong, must team together all along.
S. Wilson
The Goldonian Spring 1949


JACKSON, ANTHONY, from Salisbury
YASSIN, RAYMOND , from Llandudno
YASSIN, ANTTONY, from Llandudno
DOGSHA, JOHN, from Tunbridge Wells
TAYLOR, CLIVE, from Scarborough
MERCURY, JOHN, from Barkingside
KIRKBY, STEPHEN, from Barkingside

House Notes
House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. C. Goodman
House Captain: Keith McSweeney Group Leaders: Norman Brown, David Blower, Michael Hultum
Colours: Yellow and Black
Our Editor, Mr. Powell, is giving us his usual sharp hints that it is time we had our notes in to him.
So now we can get on with the notes without further intrusion! Since the last issue a number of boys have left and arrived so we would
like to extend our welcoming hand to the following lads: Raymond Yassin, Anthony Yassin, John Mercury, John Dogscha, Steven
Kirkby, and Clive Taylor, and hope they enjoy their stay here. Of course we have had to say 'goodbye' to old friends as well as
welcome-the new, and the following lads have left us: Trevor Davison, who was a great asset to our House, being a very keen
sportsman, and gained many points for the Queens' Cup. He excelled most in football and played for the School side. John Burr, who
was training as a printer, decided that the outside world had more to offer and so he took his own path. Robert Horton, a gardener,
who helped to keep up the moral of the House with his remarks and practical jokes, and we sincerely hope he gets on all right.
Norman (Noddy) and Billy Ireland, the latter being a Group Leader, left us earlier in the term to return to Scotland. Surprisingly
enough they were not 'tight' like some of us would expect and both did well in football and did their share of helping the House.
So to all those we would like to wish them luck in the 'outside world'.
Also this term two of our lads have been 'made up' to apprentice printers, and will soon be moving down to the Verney. One of them,
Gordon Hughes, was former Group Leader, the other being Michael Cousins. We hope they do well in their training to become
fully-qualified journeymen. Good luck.
Now, to get on with the House in general, we have dropped to third place in the race for the Queens' Cup but we are trying our hardest
to climb back to our second place. We all congratulate the following three boys; David Blower, Michael Hultum, and Norman
Brown, on being made up to Group Leaders.
In the battle for bay shield 'Hilary' bay are pulling away fast, but the other three are trying equally hard to put their 'head' into it as
We still maintain our TV and it is still as popular as it was when we first got it, although it has had to be repaired twice.
Anthony Yassin, who only arrived this term, decided to get appendicitis, which he has now had out, so we wish him speedy recovery.
On Thursday, 22nd October, we had our annual Prize-giving day, in which many of our lads collected prizes. The following list
consists of the names and prizes: David Blower, Technical Drawing; Victor Rowlands, English; Gordon Hughes, Best Progress
(senior); Frank lorns, Carpentry (senior C); Keith McSweeney, Junior Compositor; Gordon Hughes, Senior Compositor; Michael
Cousins, Senior Machine Minder. Also mentioned was Frank lorns, Silver Award, and Robert Macnamara's painting which was
accepted and hung by the Children's Royal Academy. Congratulations to all above who must have tried hard.
SWIMMING : This year we did very well in this event; in the seniors we managed to come first by one point to our nearest rival.
Much of this was owed to Edwin Rous, who won nearly every event, and eventually won the senior Victor Ludorum. In the Juniors
we did not do so well, unfortunately, but managed to keep our feet off the bottom by getting fourth place. We would like to thank all
those concerned.
ATHLETICS: Once again we had fine weather for this event, but not so fine athletes. Still, we all have our ups and downs! In the
Seniors we managed to secure second place and did very well, but in the Juniors we were left on the bottom. Mention must be made
of Norman Brown, who tried very hard to get senior Victor Ludorum but did not quite make it, although he was responsible for
many of the points which got us second place in the Seniors. FOOTBALL: There is ;not much to write about on this subject
although two of our lads were picked for the Under 16 cup game, but lost. They were David Blower and Shorne Kane. Otherwise
we have not been so good, but there is also a second half for the season, so don't give up yet lads! There are still some lads in the
School team. They are as follows: Senior A: Norman Brown, Keith McSweeney, David Blower. In the Junior A: Edward Dominey,
Phillip Gifford, John Dogscha, and Peter Burrows. LAWN TENNIS : We have done very well1 in this so far as competition is
concerned. Shorne Kane and Keith McSweeney won the doubles, and Keith McSweeney won the Senior singles, whilst Shorne
Kane got into the semi-finals in the Junior event, and Edward Dominey has now reached the finals in the Juniors. Congratulations.
TABLE TENNIS : We are also doing well in this event with Shorne Kane in the first team, playing very well and not losing one
game yet! Also Michael Hultum in the second team, and only having lost one game. Barry Davison also played one game in the
second team in Mr. James's absence, and did very well. Who knows, we may have another potential star in our midst.
CRICKET: Although not much thought of in this weather, we must not forget to mention those in our House who are in the School
team. They are: Michael Hultum, Norman Brown, Keith McSweeney, Norman Ireland, and T. Davison. The season has not been too
good, but although they do not win every game, the spirit is still there.
On concluding these notes I hope I have been able to get more pages in the Goldonian than any other House, but at the moment I
can't tell as they are not printed. As this may be my last time writing these notes, I would like to say 'thank you' to all those who
co-operated in getting these notes in.
So now I would like to wish Mr. and Mrs. Goodman and all members of staff, and of course the boys and 'Skip', a Very Happy
Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The Goldonian Winter 1964

Dave Blower and Victor Rowlands with their model

Jack Richards

Clive Gillingham

Jerry Davies

Brian McCarthy


IRELAND, WILLIAM: December 1960 to July 1964. Bootmaker. Restored.
IRELAND, NORMAN: January 1962 to July 1964. Bootmaker Restored.
BURR, JOHN: January 1963 to July 1964 Office Worker.
DAVISON, TREVOR: August 1961 to July 1964. Carpenter.
HORTON, MICHAEL: September 1961 to August, 1964. Gardener.
COUSINS, MICHAEL: To Verney Hostel. Printer apprentice.