The Goldonian

Winter 1958

ANDREWS, T., Somerset: August 1956, to November, 1958. Carpenter. Situation as Carpenters Apprentice.
BURGAR, E., Aberdeen.:December, 1954 to October, 1958 Carpenter. Situation as Carpenters Apprentice.
CORNALL, R., Buxton; September, 1958, to October, 1958 Restored.
COWLEY, M., Cairns; September, 1955, to September 1958. Painter. Situation as Painter-apprentice.
CUMMINGS, B., Somerset; May, 1954 to October 1958. Carpenter. Situation as Carpenter-apprentice,
DEANE, J., Somerset; September, 1955, to October 1958. Carpenter. Situation at trade.
FREELANDER, T., Somerset; December 1954 to October, 1958. Carpenter. Situation as Carpenters Apprentice.
HEMMINGWAY, B., Aberdeen; December 1954 to October 1958. Carpenter. Situation as Carpenter-apprentice,
KELBIE, P., Aberdeen; August, 1957, to October 1958. Gardener, Restored.
MAGUIRE, C., Somerset; January, 1956, to September, 1958. Painter. Situation at trade.
OVERTON, E., Cairns; April, 1956, to September, 1958. Bootmaker. Restored.
PAGE, J., Somerset; September, 1955, to October, 1958. Carpenter. Prefect 1958. Football colours 1957-58. Situation as Carpenter.
PASHLEY, D., Cairns; December, 1954, to September, 1958. Painter. Situation as Painter-apprentice.
SHERWOOD, A., Aberdeen; April, 1956, to October, 1958. Bootmaker. Restored.
STOCKING, J., Aberdeen; September. 1954, to September, 1958. Carpenter. Prefect 1958. Situation as Carpenter-apprentice.
THOMPSON, C., McCall; August, 1957, to August, 1958. Bootmaker. Restored.

Goldings Old Boys' Association
Renovations of the Old Club formerly known as the Cadet club, was said to he in our last notes of the school Magazine, just under way. Now, as
These notes go to press, the club is almost completed The success of near completion so soon is due largely to Club members who set about the
Task of renovating the club with alacrity. I must not forget to say that much assistance was given by students from the School, who gave up
many evenings for us.
Advice and help from people who really know what they are talking about is always valued. Here at Goldings we are fortunate indeed in having
a staff capable of being advisers and helpers, and this was proved by the assistance given through the various shop departments in one way or
another. To those members of the staff who did practical work inside the Club, we say a very special "thank you!" May I, on behalf of all
members, thank everyone for their services.
As I write these notes our Secretary (Mr. Tom Allen) springs to mind. Tom I mention because of his eagerness to see the Club finished, came
along every evening (including wet ones), to assist. advise and act as general foreman. Seeing such good of his labours must be quite
satisfying. It is a Club to be proud of, and I led more than sure you all agree with me about this.

Recently a dance was held at the Shire Hall, Hertford. Our profits from this were not very encouraging, Our dances and other functions are held
to raise some money for club funds; if you care to come along to any of the functions we may arrange, you will be more than welcome.
Our next dance will be held on the I3th February 1959. Please make a note of this date, and get your friends to support us.
The Annual Dinner and Dance will be held at The Shire Hall, Hertford, on Saturday, 18th April 1959, at 7.15 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. Tickets through
any Old Boy or the School.
ST. VALENTINE'S DANCE: I4th FEB. NOT I3th as on page 9.

I can make very little comment at this stage, due to the fact that the table tennis season has only just started. I can say, however, our teams view
the future with optimism.
Something new for us this year is the entering of a billiards and snooker team in the Hertford League. Our Match Secretary (Mr. Albert Hopcroft)
tells me that so far we have lost one game and drawn one.
The 1958-59 season brings two additions to the football section of the Club's activities. First, the appointment of a team manager became
necessary, because of the unfair responsibility which had to be shouldered by a playing member when the question of team changes arose. This
appointment of a person with an unbiased opinion and absolutely no prejudice was agreed on by all playing members, and has been efficiently
filled by Mr. F. Stevenson, who has given up much of his time to watch the matches on Saturday afternoons. Secondly, a training session has
been organised on Wednesday evenings, in the gymnasium, giving the players a chance to keep fit. The training session is under the capable
guidance of Mr. Newton, who is also giving up some of his spare time to train the players. This training has proved itself valuable already;
playing away at Datchworth the Old Boys were 4-2 down, and about fifteen minutes left for play, the ground was in very poor condition,
nevertheless I am sure that the evening training session helped to bring home both points, although the margin of victory was by only 6 goals to 5.
The Old Boys started the season quite well with notable successes against Allenburys in the County Cup, and the 4-3 defeat of Walton, but owing
to unfortunate circumstances have not been able to field the same team during the last few games; subsequently their performances have not
been too successful.
At the close of the 1956-7 season the Old Bovs finished second from bottom of Division II, and yet two seasons later are in Division I. During
the 1957-58 promotion season the team played almost all of their fixtures unchanged, which surelv proves that the players will gain confidence
and an understanding with each other if a consistent team is maintained.
On the whole the Old Bovs will do well to stay in this Division this year—the football is better, the opponents are stronger but another season
playing together should produce better results.
The Christmas Draw was held in the composing room and owing to the illness of our President was drawn by a visiting student from Reading
The prize winners were: 1, E. Harrod—(1674), 2 Newtown, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk; 2, R. Staniford—(1174), Goldings, Hertford; 3,
Mrs. Brennan—(1226), 8 Clements Street, Ware, Herts; 4, G. Arbone—(1461), 19 Holly Croft, Sele Farm, Hertford, Herts; 5, R. Baker—(1468),
17 Queen's Road, Ware, Herts.
A profit of £9 11s. 0d. was made and the Old Boys would like to thank all members cf staff and friends who sold tickets.
A \Vhist Drive organised by the Goldings Old Boys' Sub- Committee raised £12 towards club funds. The M.C. was Mr. Maslin who we thank for
doing most of the organising. Refreshments were provided by members direction of Mesdames Maslin, Millar, Darton and Powell
All prizes were donated! by local tradesmen and friends.
Although poorly supported by the Old Boys a very enjoyable evening was had by the seventy people who attended. The prizes were presented
by Mrs. Appleyard to:
LADIES:1, Mrs. Page"; 2, Mrs. Little; 3, Mrs. Mitchell; 4, Mrs. Croucher.
GENTLEMEN: 1, Mr. Page; 2, Mr. Parter; 3, Mr. Little; 4, Mr. Petitt; Boobys: Mr. Brown and Mr. Lydford.
The raffle organised by Mrs. Darton was won by: 1, Mr. Parter; 2, Miss Rowe; 3, Mrs. Maslin.
The Old Boys wish to thank all members of staff who helped in any way to make this such a successful evening.

News of Old Boys
: Called to see us in June, and is doing very well. Present address: 8 Berrymore Road, Wellingborough, Northants.
BARRY BOOT : Came to Old Boys' Day. Present address : 30 Clifton Gardens, Chiswick, W. 4.
PAUL BOOT : Came to Old Boys' Day. Present address: 53 Barnes Street, Stepney, E.C.i.
ARTHUR BULL : Came to Old Boys' Day, having left the School in 1943. Present address: 43 Turner Road, Ipswich.
HARRY BINFIELD : Spent a week-end with us in September and is doing very well at his job. Present address: 44 Manor Road, Leyton, E.10.
JOHN BARFIELD: Spent his leave with us in November, having had a spell of army life in Tripoli.
HARRY CLAY: Came to Old Boys' Day with the Ipswich contingent. Present address: 851 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich,
JAMES COOKE: One of our older Old Boys who came along to the Old Boys' Day. Was at the School from 1929 -33 present address:
56 Dudley Gardens, Harrow, Middx.
DAVID CHARLES: Came to Old Boys' Day. Present address: 55 Nawsell Road, Malvern Link, Worcs.
TOM CUDBY: Came to Old Boys' Day. Present address: 23 Boyton Road, Ipswich.
BRIAN CUNNINGHAM: Spent a week-end with us in October and is doing very well in his job and carrying on with his technical studies
for carpentry. Present address: 11a Queen Street, Bedford.
MICHEAL. COWENS: Is now in the army but has spent a couple of week-ends with us since the summer holidays. His last address was
23494966 Spr. M. J. Cowens, H.Q., A.E.R., R.E. (Tn.and Mc.), Longmoor Camp, Liss, Hants.
WILLIAM EDMUNDS: Another pre-war old boy who came along to Old Boys' Day Was at the School from 1937-38. Present address:
75 Mandeville Road, Northolt, Greenford, Middx.
DAVID FISHER: comes down periodically and was present on Old Boys' Day. Present address: 78 Lillington Street, Westminster, S.W.1.
ROY FULWOOD : An old carpenter boy who came along to Old Boys' Day. He was at the school from 1947-49. Present address: 23
Prince Philip Road, Colchester.
G. HEDGES: Is living in Belgium and has been in touch with the School recently. Was here as a boy from 1939-42 . Present address: 30 Ave.
G. Maerckuert, Woluwr. St. Lambert, Brussels.
KEITH HEMFREY : Is in the army but spent a week-end with us in October. Present address: R.A.O.C., Donnington, Salop.
PETER HALDENBY: Is a sapper in the R.E., recently wrote to Mr. Culver giving his up-to-date army news. His address then was:
23490177 Spr. P. Haldenby, 59 Field Sqdn., M.T. Troop, R.E., B.F.P.O. 170.
BILL HARRIS : Is quite local and plays for one of the Old Boys' Table Tennis Teams. Present address: 21 Trinity Road, Ware.
JIMMY JAMES : Still living in Hertford and in close contact with us, never fails lo turn up and support any function at the
School. Does not play football now but is refereeing! His address is: 123 Cecil Road, Hertford.
DEREK JOHNSTON: Getting on tine with his, job according to his last letter in August. Present address: 12 Wiggal Road, Lee, S.E.12.
HARRY JOHNSTONE : Was present at Old Boys' Day. Present address; 78 Chessington Hill Park, Chessington North, Surrey.
GEORGE KEEN : An old boy of 1941-44 period, has written to make fresh contact with the School. His present address: 142 Moor-house
Road, Wold Road, Hull, Yorks.
COLIN LOCK: Came to Old Boys' Day although he had only left us this year. New address: 447 Lanseer Road, Ipswich.
BRUCE LINDFIELD : Is working as assistant foreman in a timber yard and is a member of the Y.M.C.A. Present address: 10 Caval Street,
Camden Town, London, N.W.u.
DEREK MUNDEY : Writes quite often and came along to Old Boys' Day. Present address: 60 Gloucester Road, Ipswich.
THOMAS OXLEY: Came to Old Boys' Day. He spent his younger days at the School from 1946-39. Present address: 23 Ash
Grove, Anerley, London, S.E.20.
NORMAN OSBORNE: Has been getting around the world but when we last heard from him in September he was in this country.
Address then: 52 Colworth Road, Leytonstone.
ROBERT PEART: Was at Goldings many years ago but turned up to Old Boys' Day. He is living at 32 Christchurch Street, Ipswich.
C. ROFFEE : This old boy came all the way from Barnsley, Yorkshire, to be with us on Old Boys' Day. What a grand effort!
He was at the School from 1934-37. Now lives at 54 Colley Avenue, Kendray Estate, Barnslcy.
FRANK RANDALL: Came along to Old Boys' Day and looked very fit and well. Is doing very well at his trade. Present address:
1 The Drive, Ilford.
ROY SHOESMITH : Although not long left us came along to Old Boys' Day. Present address: 24 Eastwood Road, South Woodford,
London, E.i8.
DEREK SMITH: Frequently visits us and came along to Old Boys' Day. Present address: 22 Rutland Park Mansions, Walm Lane,
Willesden Green, London, N.W.2.
KEITH STEPHENSON : Another old boy who has settled in Suffolk and who came to Old Boys' Day. Left the School in 1950.
Present address: 72 Milton Road, Stowmarket.
JOHN STOCKING: Recently left us to take up employment. Was present at Old Boys' Day. Present address: 4 Lyine Road, Ampthill, Beds.
PETER TABER: Another local old boy, now he has finished with H.M.F., and a regular visitor to the School, plays football for
the Old Boys' Team. Present address: 6 Horns Close, Horns Mill, Hertford
GRAHAM TORTICE : Came to Old Boys' Day. Present address: Lower Barn Farm, Great Oakley, Harwich.
ARTHUR TROKE: An old boy of 25 years ago who turned up on 4th October. Was at the School from 1930-33. Present address :
30 Kings Road, South Harrow, Middx.
SIDNEY TROKE: Brother of Arthur and was at the School from 1931-34. Now lives at 10 Parkfield Road, South Harrow, Middx.
AMOS TURNER: Known to many at the Boys' Clothing Store, Barkingside, always attends the Old Boys' Dinners, and is a vice-president
Of the Association. Was at Goldings from 1923-27. Present address; 17 Mashiters Hill, Collier Row, Romford.
RONALD THOMAS: Has been to see us several times since he left, and has settled down well in his job as gardener. Present address:
120 Fordell Road, Catford London SE6.
BARRY TRENOWORTH: Now serving, in the Hampshire Regiment, and apparently doing very well. He was bound for Germany when
last we heard, so haven't his latest address.
STANLEY WARREN: Had a nice letter from "Flea" Informing us that he is now married and hoping to bring his wife along to see us
sometime. He left us in 1949. Present address: 94 Tressilian Road, Brockley, London, S.E.4.
J. WHITE: After 34 years called back at the School during August. Present address: 20 Durban Road, Smethwick, Staffs.
RONALD URQUHART : Came to Old Boys' Day, his first visit since he left in 1950. Present address: 3 Johnson's Cottages, Prince's
Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex.
DENIS WALKER : Another welcome visitor on Old Boys' Day. Present address: 237 Brittania Road, Ipswich.
JIM WATTS : Now in the best of health after a long spell on the sick list. Very pleased to see him on Old Boys' Day. Present address:
827 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich.
BRIAN WHYBOURNE: Also from Ipswich and settled down very well since he left in 1952. Present address: 70 Ranelagh Road, Ipswich.
ROBBERT WINN: Came to Old Boys Day. Present address; Empress Avenue, Ilford Essex.
DAVID WRIGHT: "Lefty" still works in Hertford and is this years chairman of the Old Boys' Association. Hoping to be married next year.
Was present for Old Boys Day Pressent address: 6 Horns Close, Hertford.
HERBERT YORKE: An old boy of Pre War days. who came along on Old Boys' Day. Left the School in 1936, Present address:
28 Maple Close, Chantry, Ipswich.

Information for all Old Boys
The Annual Guild Dinner and Dance will be held at Pimms Restaurant, Bishops gate, London, on Saturday, 21st March, 1959, from 6.45 p.m.
to 11.0 p.m.
We hope you will book the date and reserve your tickets.
This year we are able to announce that the price will be only 12/6 per person. We hope this reduction in cost will enable even more Old Boys
and Girls to attend. Please apply to: Mr. George W. Hammond, Secretary of the Guild Committee, The Village Home, Barkingside, Essex
who will as in previous years arrange to reserve tickets, if you wish, on receipt of 5/- deposit, the balance being payable at least three weeks
before the dinner.
These dinners and dances are informal family gatherings to which we hope many of you will go and enjoy.

Goldings Old Boys' Reunion
On Sunday, 5th October, 1958, the second annual reunion took place at the School. Despite the terrible weather conditions, it was an even
greater success than last year, with some thirty-four old boys attending and bringing with them a further forty-four friends and relations.
This year, of course, we had the added attractions of the School Exhibition (left complete for the benefit of the old boys) and the Old Boys'
Clubroom, which although not completed, showed our visiting friends that the Old Boys' Association is "alive", and doing its best to get a
suitable place of meeting.
Tea was served in the boys' dining hall at 3.45 p.m. by wives of members of the staff, and the Headmaster addressed the company assembled.
After tea, the junior boys very kindly gave an additional performance of their Exhibition Play, "The Life Story of Dr. Barnardo". This was
greatly applauded and appreciated by everyone.
Under the heading "News of Old Boys" are listed all the old boys who attended the reunion, with their present addresses, so I hope that someone
may find a missing friend's name, and be able to renew an old friendship.

Boys left during Autumn Term, 1958

We are doing fairly well in Somerset House and managing to keep our end up with the various sporting activities. The football is going well and
we should be at the top of the League at the end of the season.
We hope to retain the boxing cup again, all being well. At cricket, swimming and cross-country we were not left behind.
This term we have lost J. Page, B. Cummings, T. Freelander, and R. Andrews and we wish them all success in their new life.
The newcomers to the House were T. Whitehead, T. Vomberg, R. Wright, D. Wright, M. Chaytors, M. Stevens and D. Munday. We welcome
them into Somerset and hope they will play their part in the School and sporting life of the House.
Christmas \\ill soon be with us and I would wish all those in Somerset who are going on leave and those that slay with us a very happy time.
We all wish the Headmaster a speedy recovery from his illness and wish him and his family a very happy Christmas
We do not forget our own House-master and hope that he too, will have a happy Christmas and he will not forget to bring round the tea and
biscuits on Christmas morning.
J. BROWN, Prefect
N. B. No notes received from Aberdeen or Cairns Houses.


As the year comes to a close I have to write our House Notes. SPORT: In swimming we were second to Kinnaird. In football we have played
five and won three games; not too bad but we hope lo improve later on.
This term we lose two of our main sportsmen; they are H. Heath and K. Morgan; they have helped us over many difficulties. We are hoping to
replace them with the new boys.
Buxton House lads all wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley and all staff a happy Christmas.
I. YEO, Monitor

It is my great pleasure to write Kinnaird House Notes for the first time. We all welcome Mr. and Mrs. Turner, our new House-parents from
Bournemouth. The new boys in Kinnaird are Ernest Warren, Keith Elkins, David Holmes, Alan Evans, David Mylot and David Gee, all from
At Christmas we shall be very sorry to lose Peter Beresford, Geoffrey Forster, Michael Toynton, David Kimber and Winston Osborne who
become seniors.
SPORT: We are doing well, having won the swimming cup in which Patrick Snowden won the Junior Victor Ludorum. We hope to win the
football but most of our best footballers have become seniors.
We wish David Kimber's play a great success.
All Kinnaird wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Turner and all members of staff a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
R. CAPON, Monitor

Once again as the term draws to a close I find that the writing of the House Notes is one of my duties.
First of all we would like to welcome into our House the following boys: Browning, Sugg, Cashmore, Cooper, Sainsbury, Lindsey, Sparks,
Kelly and Jones.
SPORT : We are doing very well at football this season, up to now we have won every game and we hope to win the cup for the second season
We wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Jennings and all other members of the staff a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
D. BARLOW, Monitor

Verney Hostel
Since taking over the hostel from Mr. and Mrs. Embleton in September, Mrs. Newton and 1 are enjoying the association of fourteen senior boys
very much. I hope the enjoyment is reciprocal.
During September we held a Table Tennis evening, the Verney v. Mr. Millar's Team, and although the result is still unknown it was most
enjoyable. We also said farewell to Stanley Maddigan who left us to go into lodgings and welcomed D. Brewer, J. McLeer and ex-school
captain J. Hilton. I hope they enjoy their stay.
A Whist Drive was held in October at which members of staff attended; it also gave us at the Verney the opportunity of saying thank you and
farewell to Miss Peacock, our cook; she had been with the Homes for four years. The boys of the Verney, past and present, subscribed and
bought her a travelling clock, which was presented by Tom Turner.
We welcome Miss McGuire to the staff—she replaces Miss Peacock—who has joined us from St. Annes. She has been with the Homes for a
number of years and we hope she enjoys her stay at the Verney.

Senior Somerset


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