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Summer 1959

Verney News
The coming of spring and the beautiful weather of the past two months has the Verney looking at its best. The setting is most attractive and we
used this to the full when at the end of May on a pleasant evening we held a "barbecue" on the tennis court. Everyone enjoyed themselves and
the boys certainly worked to make it a success. Colin Addinall and Jim Murrell cooked the "hot dogs", Bob Bone and Mick Kerr "flogged" the
"pop" and crisps, Ted Townsend was the "char walla" and Tony Lydford collected the "gate" money. During the evening we were entertained
by the skiffle group. We were also aided in our efforts to please by an accordionist, Mr. R. Head, and a pianist, none other than Mr. Mondin.
Arthur Robertson did a good job with the records for dancing. We were all most grateful to Mr. Wilkins for his help.
We may hold another later in the summer with the condition of entry being "fancy dress".
Lodgings are becoming rather difficult to obtain locally and we find our boys are staying a little longer which in Its turn is causing a bottleneck
for new apprentices, and in order to alleviate this we are increasing our numbers. The first to join us as an addition is David Goldsmith—we
hope he enjoys his stay with us.
We are very pleased to welcome Mrs. Cruickshank as cook to our establishment, as well as her doggy friend "Boy", who is already a great
favourite with the lads. We hope their stay with us will be long and happy.
Early in June we had a week-end visit from Mr. Tucker which we all enjoyed very much, particularly his stories, not to mention his tennis.
R. N.

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Aberdeen sounds a good name to me, and in my opinion it is a good House. Some people naturally do not agree with me, but after all we have
won the Inter House Cricket Championship, we came second in the Inter House Football League and we came second (by a very close margin),
in the Inter-House Athletics Championships. We hope to do well in the Swimming Championship too !
I would like to congratulate Chris Mitchell, one of our prefects, on receiving the Victor Ludorum for athletics for the second year running and
also for the amount he did In the House in athletics.
We have had some new boys to take the place of those that have left, and I hope they will help maintain a good standard.
I would like to thank Mr. Lane, our house-master, who is doing his best to make Aberdeen more pleasant for us.
All Aberdeen would like to convey their best regards to Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley and all the staff.
B. IVEY House Captain
Once again the time has come for me to clear my brain and write the House notes. First of all I would like to welcome the following staff:
Mr. and Mrs. Saville, Sister Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Catlin, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones who are taking over the juniors with Mr. Fisher.
Also a hand of welcome to the boys who joined Cairns House last term: W. Norton, T. Lister, A. Logan, K. Green and S. Mairs, but we are
sorry to have lost M. Walsh, who is now a sheet-metal apprentice in the army.
Our congratulations go to Brian Balderson, on on becoming a prefect. I must also thank Mr. Culver and Mr. Lane for looking after Cairns House
during the period that Cairns have been without a regular House-master, but. we now give a warm welcome to Mr. Clarke as our new House
master and I am sure he will do his best to keep Cairns House at the top.
As far as sport is concerned we have done tremendously well during this last term.
BOXING: You may remember that the Boxing Championships were delayed owing to the serious bout of influenza that hit the School at that
period. Nevertheless When the time came we went on to win in magnificent style. The scores went like this: Cairns, 52 points; Somerset, 50
points, Aberdeen,48 points; so well done Cairns boxing team.
TABLE TENNIS: During the season Cairns. Table tennis team has played well, winning the Inter HouseTable Tennis Championship. The
scores were as follows: Cairns beat Aberdeen by seven games to two; against Somerset we had a walkover. In the School Individual
Championship several Cairns boys entered and three of them did exceptionally well. Well done to Brian Balderson on reaching the semi-finals
but hard luck losing to very good player in Isaac Mohammed. Our congratulation go to Gordon Rogers for winning the Senior Championships
and in and to Terence Lister for winning the Junior Championships.
CROSS COUNTRY: The InterHouse Cross Country was won very narrowly by Cairns. The first three in Cairns House were D. Barlow,
G. Jones and E. Sainsbury. This is the fourth year running Cairns have carried off the Cross Country Cup.
FOOTBALL: As far as football is concerned Cairns had a very poor season winning only one match and drawing one. Congratulations
to Somerset on winning the football Cup, Cairns hope to do better next season.
ATHLETICS: On 5th June, 1959, we had the Inter-House Sports. Cairns did well but lost to two very good teams from Aberdeen and
Somerset. Better luck next year in these events. Our thanks go to Mr. Newton and all the staff who helped to make this day success.
CRICKET : Cairns have played very well this season losing one match
and drawing the rest. The cricket (able is as follows:

Aberdeen 43017
Cairns 40133
Somerset 40222

Our congratulations go to Aberdeen on winning the Cricket Cup.
Looking into the future we should do well in the Swimming, sports, so Cairns boys train well for this event.
All Cairns wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, the stall and all the boys going on leave, not to mention the lucky few who go to the beautiful resort
of Dymchurch, very happy holidays.
A. KNIGHT, House Captain
As yet another term draws to its close I must write the House news
We welcome the new boys to the House and hope that they will carry on the good work done by their predecessors. We must bid farewell to
two of our sportsmen, Prefect George Bryant and Trevor Vomberg, and we wish them the best of luck the future
Now we look back to the football season when Somerset won the Football Cup. It was the determination of our side that won us the Cup.
In boxing we were narrowly beaten by Cairns; hard luck, boys, but keep your spirits high until the next contest.
We were also runners-up in the inter-House cricket competition but we are eagerly looking forward to a drink out of the Swimming Cup!
We all hope that "Skipper" enjoyed his holiday.
R. WATKINS, HouseCaptain

All houses welcome Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who have come in from Barkingside to take charge of the Junior floor. They have great
experience in the Barnardo organisation, and we they will do their best to bring the junior section of School up to
standard. They cannot do this of course without the co-operation
of all the boys, so, jump to it lads, back these people up in their efforts.
Kinnaird House won the junior section of the Inter House Athletics, and "Buck" Randall won the Victor Ludorum, which is not only a personal
honour but a credit to the House as well.
Buxton House have not broken any records in any of the sports but even so everyone who has entered has done his utmost to keep Buxton on
themap, and who knows, it may be that the Swimming Sports will be the turning of the tide. Don't forget, we won the Boxing Championship.
Pelham House seem to have adopted the role of "runners-up" in the sporting world, coming second in the Boxing Championships and the Inter-
House Athletics, but I am sure "second best" won't do for Pelham, so look out you other houses.


This is a half-tone reproduction of a very fine drawing of our apprentices' hostel


by Mr. F. Sheppard, our maths master.






These notes must be started by congratulating Drum-major Bryant and Sgt. Watkins on passing with honours the P.T. Course held at Aldershot
from 7th April to 17th April, 1959. Both these lads returned with an excellent report and gained the coveted "crossed swords". Well done
George and "Whacker"!
My thanks are due to C.S.M. Hutchins of the 3rd East Anglian Regiment for his good work in the Company; he has made a great difference to
the smartness of the Company. Our spring and summer training is now well under way and except for the unavoidable interruptions that occur
we are carrying out a very satisfactory training programme. The strength of the Company is eighty but we shall be losing one or two during the
summer but should maintain an average strength of seventy during the year.
Now we are in our fourteenth year and they have been very eventful with some disappointments but many successes to our credit. The results
of the training given in citizenship, leadership and esprit de corps are shown in the many letters received from old boys who have been members
of the Company. It is this standard of efficiency and loyalty to School and Company that all new members of the Company must maintain.
On Sunday, 2nd August, 1959, we shall be going to Thetford for our annual Battalion Camp. This will be different from the ordinary run of
camps, as it is planned to have two two-day adventure exercises during the week. Apart from the comradeship of camp life much will be
learned from the event of the year to which all look forward.
On the 11th May, 1959, L/Cpl.'s R. Smith and I. Smith attended the Hoddesdon Youth Rally and service and were complimented on their
smartness and general bearing. A Civil Defence exercise was carried out in Woodhall Park on the 24th May, 1959, and a number of cadets
took part. A letter of praise from Commander Herepath on the way these lads carried out their tasks was most gratifying.
The Deputy Commandant, Lieut.-Col. Payne, visited us on Friday, 29 May, 1959, and took part in our evening field exercises. I was very
pleased that he should join in and act as an umpire; much was learned from his observant remarks at the end of the exercise.
Major Simons, T.A., visited us on Friday, 22nd May, 1959, and was accompanied by our adjutant, Major Marshall. This was the Annual
Training Inspection and Major Simons was very impressed with the inspection and was most complimentary.
.Major "A. Vigus, M.B.E., in company with Captain Davis visited us on Friday, 5th June, 1959, and we were pleased to see them taking an
interest in us.
The following promotions have been made since my last notes : Cpl. Bryant to Drum-major; Cpl. Watkins to Sgt.; Cpl. Bassett to Sgt.; L/Cpl.
Cann to Cpl; L/Cpl. Campbell to Cpl; L/Cpl. Stevens to Cpl; L/Cpl. Harrington to Cpl; Cdt. I. Smith to L/Cpl; Cdt. R. Smith to L/Cpl;
Cdt. G. Bishop to L/Cpl; Cdt. Chaytors to L/Cpl; Cdt. Medland to L/Cpl; Cdt. Meek to L/Cpl.
There was no Cadet training from the 2Oth June, 1959, to 6th July, 1959, owing to "Wimbledon fortnight". Most boys were on duty as ball-boys.
I wish all ranks a very happy summer holiday wherever they go.
A. P. CULVER, Captain O.I.C.
In my last notes 1 welcomed Cpl. G. Bryant to the honoured rank of Drum-major in place of Richard Furnise who left for a situation; now I
have to say goodbye and thanks to Drum-major Bryant who has now left us to go to a situation in London.
George Bryant was an excellent N.C.O. and as Drum-major he played his part in keeping the Corps of Drums up to standard by his fine
example of smartness and leadership. It is always sad for me to lose a Drum-mapr, especially as I have been so fortunate in previous
appointments to this responsible position. However, I welcome Cpl. Stevens who has now been appointed in place <>l George. He will have
to be on his toes to maintain the high standard required for this important position, but I know that he will do his best.
Cdt. Cachrimanis, who was a drummer, has now left us and he too was a most reliable and efficient lad. We have accepted quite a number of
new boys and they are doing very well and should be with us for quite a long time. I would remind thorn that they must always strive to reach
the high standard required, as we are well known and have a reputation of smartness and good playing throughout the county.
This year we have had to refuse more engagements than we have accepted in previous seasons, which alone speaks well for the Corps of Drums.
Keep it up boys, my heart burns with pride for you! Our first engagement was at Letch worth on the 9th May, 1959, when we gave a display of
figure marching and the Beating of the Retreat at the Young Farmers' Rally. Major Darling was so impressed by the display that he sent a very
useful cheque which will help to maintain our equipment.
On the 16th May, 1959, we gave a display at the Fete held for the Hertfordshire Spastic Society. This was well received by all present.
We went to Puckeridge for the British Legion Fete and paraded through the village before and after the display. This, too, was a great success
and the boys were well entertained with refreshments at the White Hart Hotel with pop before and after the display. It was a wonder the buglers
Were able to blow!
We went to Northweald on the 30th May1959, to give a display at the Essex Traction Rally and Fete and thee the boys were received with
great enthusiasm and were able to speak to Mr. Terry Spinks the boxer.
On Sunday evening, 31st May, 1959 the Corps of Drums gave a display at Hertford Castle, and received many congratulations. We took part in
the Stevenagc Youth Congress on the 6th June, 1959, and this was the last parade for Drum major Bryant. The lads did very well and gave
Of their best We look part in a parade at Walkem on 14th June and led the parade which was held on the occasion of presenting a plaque of
thanks to the people of Walkern for their kindness and cooperation to the Battalion detachments when camping at \\'alkermOn the 20th June,
1959, we to Harlow in the afternoon and to Hertingfordbury in the evening; and on both engagements the boys acquitted
themselves well We were at Harlow again on the 7th July, 1959, at a Barnardo Helper,' League fete and here, too, the lads were on the top
line and were well received.
The last engagements before the annual camp were at Westmill and Port Vale House, where the high standard was maintained and the displays
were very much appreciated.
I do feel that at time it seems that we are blowing our own trumpet but where praise is due it should be given; 1 always criticise and point
out faults where necessary so a word of praise does no harm.
I hope that all ranks will have a very happy summer holiday wherever they may be going and will return full of beans for further engagements.
A. P. CULVER, Captain O.I.C.


2 Coy., 1st "C" Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment

Congratulations to the following boys on receiving their colours:
BOXING: B. Ivey, D. Bacon, I. Mohammed, G. Bryant
TABLE-TENNIS: J. Balderson, T. Lister, I. Mohammed
FOOTBALL: D. Crossley, A. Draper, W. Snaith, C. Addinall, D. Barlow, M. Smith-Kerr, C. Mitchell, M. Walsh
LAWN TENNIS: R. Bone, M. Smith-Kerr

Athletics, 1959
This has not been a good year for School athletics, particularly by the junior school. Each year we see some pretty good standards in
performance, and much potential, at the District Inter-Homes Sports which we hold at Goldings, but very rarely do we have these chaps come
to us at Goldings for training. I often feel, with our facilities, it is a great pity, but nevertheless our purpose here is to teach athletics generally
and not simply to produce one or two star performers.
Our own Inter-House Sports gave us the opportunity of seeing the seniors in action as well as the juniors and some exciting events took place.
The outstanding athlete in the senior section was C. Mitchell, who was in a class of his own particularly in the sprints, gaining four first places,
which of course made quite a contribution to his house. One other athlete who deserves a mention, not only for athletics but for his contribution
to sports generally, is R. Watkins, a good all-rounder, who participates in every sporting activity wholeheartedly.
The junior events were a bit of a walk-away for the winning house—.Kinnaird, the only excitement being caused by the three Victor Ludorum
competitors, namely: D. Gee, P. Sugg and P. Randall. It was a very close and hard fought battle, eventually won by D. Gee with P. Sugg second.
I consider P. Randall is an athlete to watch, and as a senior he will be an asset to his house next year.

Somerset 50 pts; Aberdeen 46 pts; Cairns 20 pts.
Kinnaird 52 pts; Pelham 28 pts; Buxton 22 pts.
Victor Ludorum
C. Mitchell JUNIOR: P. Gee
The lady athletes (stockinged feet) ran a splendid race with and without the "spuds on the spoons". It was well won by Mrs. Nicholson, with
Mcsdames Newton, Stackwood and Sheppard lagging.
The children's race was anybody's baby but the staff race was brilliant; it started as a short, sharp dash, dragged into a "two-twenty" but finished
as a "four-forty" with only three runners surviving and Mr. Braddock winning by a short head from Messrs. Saville and Catlin.
R. N.


Colours Awarded—Spring, 1959