Named after fighter pilots (we are seeking the remainder if any)

Brian Perrier
1962 - 1964

Peter Drummond
1962 - 1964

MacAndrew Old Boys

Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret to open the New Wing

PRINCESS MARGARET, who is President of Dr. Barnardo's Homes, has graciously consented to open
the new wing of our School (the MacAndrew wing) during the afternoon of Tuesday, 18th October, 1960.
This splendid news has only just been released, but fortunately for us just in time for insertion in
THE GOLDONIAN as it goes to press. No details are as Yet available, but everyone can be sure that the
18th October, 1960, will be a date never to be forgotten in the history of the School.

The Goldonian Winter 1961

Sent in by Bob Cox

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MacAndrew was closed in 1965 and used as senior boys dorm.


BERRY, CHRISTOPHER: To Verney Hostel. Printer apprentice.
CUMMINGS, ALFRED : May, 1960 to September, 1964. Painter and Decorator.
FLETCHER, GORDON : August, 1960 to September, 1964. Bootmaker.
GRAHAM, JEFFERY: September, 1962 to November, 1964 Bootmaker.

House Notes

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. B. Wilson
House Captain: Neville Fletcher
Group Leader: Peter Gregory
Colours: Red and Yellow

We start our notes by saying goodbye to Chris. Berry who has gone to The Verney, Gordon Fletcher who has gone to his new
job, likewise Alfred Cummings. Geoffrey Graham has returned to his land of 'milk and honey'. We wish them all the best of
luck in their new spheres of life. At this point we would also like to thank our house parents for their efforts in raising the
standard of our House. Unfortunately they will not be with us much longer as they will be moving to a house in Waterford.
SWIMMING : We came out very well in the sports this year with our junior team winning the cup, and Cairns managing to
pull off second place. Keith Mount did extremely well by winning the Victor Ludorum.
Our relay team consisted of James Street, Peter Salkeld, and Keith Mount, and they won that event. Ray Mount did very
well in the diving by winning the springboard section.
ATHLETICS : Once again our junior team stole the honours, but only just by one point from Pelham, which -perhaps makes
their win all the more creditable. Ray Merrifield was just one point behind Gordon White in the Victor Ludorum. Well done
Ray, even if it was not quite good enough. The junior relay team consisted of Willy Wilson, Charley Ralley, Keith Mount,
and Ray Merrifield. William Wilson broke the School Duke of Edinburgh record for the long jump.
Well done all of you.
BOXING : James Street, Keith Mount, and Alec Duell are representing the School in the A.B.A. Boxing championships this
year. We wish them luck.
TENNIS : Congratulations to Ray Merrifield on winning the Junior tournament.
PRIZE-GIVING : I think our lads did the House proud with their efforts and the following were awarded prizes for their
efforts. Paul Phillips, Freddy Workman, Roger Porter, Gordon Fletcher, Graham Scott, James Street. (See report for full details).
FILMS : We have seen some very good films this year in 'Gym. Cinema', and so far the best have been The Cracksman', a
real fine comedy starring Charlie Drake, The Crimson Pirate", and The Flame and the Arrow', starring Burt Lancaster.
We have also had the unusual experience of having a film made in our School, with stars Tom Bell and Judi Dench.
The film is called 'He who rides a Tiger', and we are all looking forward to its release. Tom Bell was the star in The L shaped
GUY FAWKES NIGHT : We had a very good evening again this year, and our old friend Mr. Joe Lee provided a display of
real big fireworks as an extra for us. In conclusion we wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Neville Fletcher

The Goldonian Winter 1964

Des Aviston

Alfred Nerman
(Cummings) 60s

Neville Fletcher


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Gordon Rath

Night and Day Spring 1961