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Summer 1960

News of Old Boys
Spent a week-end with us in May, along with brother Barry. Present address: 30 Clifton Gardens, Chiswick, London, W-4-
COWENS, MICHAEL : Wrote a nice interesting letter in April from Cyprus, where he is stationed in the Royal Engineers as a medical orderly.
Has now moved to North Africa. The address to find him is: 23494966, L/Cpl. M. J. Cowens, S.H.Q. Troop, 33 Independent Field Squadron,
Royal Engineers, B.F.P.O.
DEARMAN, ALAN: Spent the Easter holiday with us, and appears to have settled down in his new job very well. Present address: 1.1 Craven
Street, Hyson Green, Nottingham.
JEWSON EARNEST Left our school in 1937 having been trained in the Printing Department, and in May was contemplating emigrating to
Australia. Should anyone wish to get in touch with Ernest, his address then was: 18 Duncomb Road, Holloway, London, N.19 and if he has
moved, no doubt any correspondence will be forwarded on to him.
OSBORNE, NORMAN : Called at Stepney in February, during one of his rests from his travels in the Merchant Navy. Is keen to do a couple
of years with trawlers and possibly join the Police. No address available, but Stepney can no doubt supply necessary
details if required.
PEOWRIE, MICHAEL: Has finished his training at the Queen Elizabeth Training College, and is now out to work as a clerk. He came to see
us for a week-end in May. Present address: Oxford House, Mape Street, London, E.2.
REEKIE, ANDREW: Mr. Culver received an interesting letter from Andrew, who has joined the Territorial Army as a spare time activity, and
seems to be doing very well too. Present address: 8 Noster Hill, Beeston, Leeds, 11
STILGOE, ERNEST : Left our School in 1937 having been trained in the Printing Department. He is now working in Rugby in the industry,
and his present address is: 146 Bath Street, Rugby,
SMITH, DEREK : Since last I printed news of Derek he has changed his address, and he now lives at: 49 Anson Road, Cricklewood,
YOUNG, WILLIAM: Spent a week-end with us in May, and is doing very well in the Army as a Bandsman. His present address is: 23743413,
W. Young, Band, H.Q. Company, Royal West Kent Regiment, Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe, Kent.

'A WIND OF CHANGE", to quote part of a now famous speech, has blown through the club.
Last November activities virtually came to a standstill; interest began to flag; the refreshment bar closed. When the evenings began to draw out
members looked for somewhere to go—somewhere where they could play billiards or snooker, quench their thirst after a game of table tennis,
or relax and listen to the radio.
It needed a member of staff who was Interested in club activities to act as a stimulant if the club was to get back on its feet. Mr. Fox offered his
services and at a Committee meeting he was duly elected Treasurer. A meeting with our President, Mr. R. F. Wheatley, led to the reopening of
the refreshment bar in late April.
Since then we have 'never had it so good'! A space at the back of the club has been cleared for use as a bowling alley. The carpenters are making
the pins or skittles for us. If the bowling alley
proves popular it is hoped to hold competitions between opposing teams. In late October we propose holding our Annual Dinner and Dance.
Would distant members who are interested, please write to the Secretary at the earliest possible date. An idea of the number attending can then
be obtained. Final details of the cost of tickets, time and date, and where the dinner and dance is to be held will be sent as soon as they are
Before this term is finished we shall have said goodbye to Ivan Brown. Ivan, who has been one of our keenest Club and Committee members, is
going to a situation in Salisbury. I am sure I speak for all other members in thanking you, Ivan. We shall miss you and your catch phrase 'I was
only saying the other day!' Good luck and thank you once again.
c, PETTMAN, Secretary

As these are my first notes as treasurer of the Old Boys, I would like to point out that there are lots of Old Boys who have not paid their
subscriptions for the year. If you know of any Old Boys around your area, would you give them a reminder. The Association is on a good
financial basis, and we are prospering from month to month.
The refreshment ,bar is again open and interest in this is very keen, as this is what helps to bring in the money; we are glad to see it prosper. I
have sent reminders to all Old Boys about their subscriptions. If any have paid in advance I hope they will accept my apologies for any
embarrassment I have caused them. I was only handed a certain number of names of members who had paid. As you know the subscription
entitles members to use the club when they visited us and also to THE GOLDONIAN three times a year.
R. C. w. FOX, Hon. Treasurer

Goldings Old Boys 4 Hertford Brewery 1
That was the result of the League Cup Final played on Ware Town F.C.'s ground on 3Oth April, before a crowd of between 200 and 300. The
score at half-time was 1-1. The team then began to settle down and played good football. The goal-scorers were: C. Steele two, T. Turner and
M. A. Smith-Kerr one each. The Cup and Plaques were presented to the players by Alderman G. C. Mansfield.
In the league we finished third from top, being beaten by Broxbourne Badgers on goal average. Cameron Sports won the league.
Next season the Old Boys will be without P. Mitchell and C. Stephenson, who have been called up for National Service, but it is hoped that
they may be able to play if they are stationed near enough.
I hope the Old Boys enjoy as much success next season as they did this season, and I wish them all the best of British Luck !
Victorious at last! The Old Boys made themselves felt in the Hertford and District Table Tennis League by finishing top in Division 1.
The winning team consisted of F. Stevenson, S. Sansom, and M. Kerr. S. Sansom is to be congratulated on winning the most games in the
league during last season. F. Stevenson put up a good show by being runner-up in the Veteran Finals. He might have won had he not forgotten
his 'Brandy Bottle' !
We are fielding two teams again this year, one in the Premier, and the other in Division 2.
We wish them all the best in the coming season and hope they can pull off the double.

Goldings Old Boys Association

ON BEHALF of Aberdeen we welcome Mr. Walder as our new housemaster, as Mr. Steele has been transferred to the Junior floor. Now we
turn to sport. We did not do very well in athletics, but we managed to win the cricket for the second year running. We hope to do well in the
We are sorry to lose A. Meek and R. Watts. We would like to congratulate M. Bullock as our new prefect.
As we are changing over to the new building in a few weeks' time, this might be our last time to write the House notes for Aberdeen.
All the boys in Aberdeen would like to wish Mr. Eley (our chef) a. speedy recovery from his recent illness.
We wish all the staff and Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley a very happy summer holiday at sunny Dymchurch.
M. TOYNTON, House Captain

ONCE AGAIN another term is almost over and it is time to write the House notes.
We would like to welcome the following boys into the House: R Jordan, K. Gill, M. Churchill, and L. Browning; we are sorry to lose David
Mylott who has taken up a situation as a Painter and Decorator.
I would like to congratulate Roy Morgan on being made up to a Prefect of the House.
We are sorry that Mr. Eley (Chef) was taken ill a while back, but we hope he makes the most of his convalescence.
We are proud to be able to say that we won the School crosscountry and the Inter-House atnletics. We all congratulate Terry Parsons for getting
his Victor Ludorum. We have done very well in cricket and we hope to do well in the swimming sports.
We are all glad that the Wimbledon fortnight was up to standard, and we were proud to be selected to attend the Davis Cup as ball-boys.
I would like to round off these notes by wishing Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, all the staff (especially Mr. Aldtous), and the boys who go to
Dymchurch or elsewhere, an enjoyable summer holiday.

As IT is drawing near to the end of yet another term, I take up my pen and write another paragraph in the history of Somerset. Not only this
House, but all the boys in the School are wondering which House they will be in next term, for this is the last term they will be in their old
House, and a lot of them will be wondering who are the lucky boys who are going into the new wing. 'Skip', our Housemaster, had a week's
holiday in Torquay a few weeks ago and when he came back he brought a case full of rock for the boys which was very much appreciated by
us all. Thanks 'Skip', we all hope you enjoyed your short holiday.
As I have already stated, this is the last term for the old Houses and everybody wants to know who is going to win the Inter-House Championship
for 1960. Well Somerset is well up with the other two Houses for honours. I don't think it was mentioned in the last edition of
THE GOLDONIAN that we won the Inter-House Boxing competition. This was won by a very small margin indeed, we getting 52 points, and
Cairns getting 50 points. In the heavyweight division we had no real opposition with Copping and Bishop having both their fights stopped in
their favour and Whitehead had only one hard fight out of two; this he won on points. But we must congratulate the lightweights, who against
very hard opposition did very well indeed and gained valuable points enabling us to win the trophy.
As I write, the cricket competition has not been won; Cairns and Aberdeen have won two matches each, and Somerset having won one and
having one game in hand, everything depends on the last match. Swimming sports are drawing near, so all our swimmers are training hard in the
hopes of winning yet another cup for Somerset.
All Somerset wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, and all members of the staff, a happy and sunny Dymchurch.

Buxton, Kinnaird, Pelham
IN OUR last edition we commented on the 'new look' of the Junior floor resplendent in its new 'coat of paint and the various additions to
bathrooms and toilets, all adding so much to the comfort of all concerned. This has resulted in a high standard of efficiency in keeping the
dormitries 'spick and span', and there has been keen competition between the various houses for the 'winning dorm* at the daily inspection.
It has been good clean rivalry and has helped in making a really good team effort amongst one and all.
In the athletic sphere, this same spirit was evident in the efforts put forth by several of the boys, the highlight being the running of Derek King,
who in spite of his physical incapacity, ran a truly wonderful race in the 440 yards which called for the acclamation of all who witnessed it and
secured the unstinted applause it deserved.
Bravo, Derek!
Other good performances were achieved by David Gee, Dennis King, Paul Hundleby, Colin Bishop, and David Giles.
A number of boys have passed their swimming tests and we trust that their efforts will inspire others to follow suit.
Well done, Juniors!
j. C. J., Houseparent

Verney Notes
COULD IT be that the Verney is too comfortable or is it just impossible to get 'digs'? Whatever the reason we seem to have had a number of
chaps a long time. Unless suitable 'digs' are found, we too shall have to have a new wing. Our only change this term was David Goldsmith who
returned to his family, and our new faces were old members of the Verney family, namely Ted Townsend and
Colin Addinall.
We had two very successful social events this term, a table tennis in itch with the Hertford Rover Scouts, which was as usual more good fun than
competitive; everyone enjoyed it and what more can and what more can be asked of a social evening. Just before Wimbledon we held a
Barbecue on the lawn, On the lawn which was probably our best yet, with a beautiful evening in support. We entertained some seventy-five
guests to dancing on the lawn, bingo, 'and of course 'Hot Dogs' evoked ' Verney style'; we made £2 10S. which covered our expenses and the
Old Boys stall also took £2 10s. with sales. It was a first-class team effort by Verney boys and staff.
R. N.


ON THE igth April, 1960, L/Cpl. Browning and Cadet Hundleby attended a one week course at the Army Physical Training School at
Shorncliffe, which they successfully passed and were recommended for the advanced Physical Training Course at Aldershot in September,
1960. I congratulate these two lads for keeping up the record of their predecessors who have taken this very useful course, and then gone on to
Aldershot to pass there with distinction.
Thirty of our lads took part in a Civil Defence Exercise at Welwyn Garden City on the 29th May, 1960, and I was pleased to receive a letter
from Commander Herepath saying how well the boys had carried out their various duties as casualties.
Our summer training is much more enjoyable now that we can get out into the open, where we can do fieldcraft, open-range shooting, and
all the other things that make Cadets worthwhile. On Friday, 27th May, 1960, \\e carried out a surprise evening, when sealed envelopes were
given to the L/Cpl. Section Commanders. Having read the instructions, they had to carry out the task allotted with the aid of their section. One
section had to locate an injured paratrooper, and having found him, made a stretcher and carried him to the section H.Q. over a hazardous course.
Another section had to stalk a supposed madman and capture him, then bind and bring him back to H.Q. A third section had to take up defensive
positions guarding a bridge, and then erect a flag staff and fly the Company Colours. Other sections put on an instructive training programme,
or had to seek information at various points in Hertford.
The object of these monthly initiative tests is to train the lads to cope with any emergency, and to improvise where necessary, and bring out the
quality of good leadership in the Section
It will soon be time for the annual Battalion camp, which is being held this year at Dibgate, near Folkestone, from the 31st July, 1960, to the
7th August, 1960, and it is expected that approximately fifty cadets will attend. This annual event is much looked forward to as it does give us
the opportunity to meet and train with our other comrades in the Battalion.
On the I2th June, 1960, we came second in the Battalion Athletic competition. A week later we took part in the Inter-Pre-Services Athletic
competition at Welwyn Garden City and put in
a good team.
Thirty cadets were able to attend a performance of the Royal Tournament on Wednesday, 22nd June, 1960, and all enjoyed the many displays
which took place. The bands as usual were faultless with their precision marching and their music was inspiring. I am always happy to take the
cadets to see this wonderful show, as they can then see the final result of good discipline and obedience of orders.
Our training was interrupted for two weeks in order that a number of boys could act as ball-boys at Wimbledon, a job for which there has been
keen competition, and secondly to enable me to have a short summer holiday.
On Friday, 22nd July, 1960, the company was inspected by Colonel Symons, O.B.E., T.A., and a normal training evening was carried out. This
is our usual inspection carried out prior to going to camp. Colonel Symons was impressed with the training going on, especially as it was being
conducted by Cadet N.C.O.s. This is very encouraging to me, as we have no other adult instructors now.
In closing I wish all ranks a very happy summer holiday, where-over they may go, even if it isn't sunny Dymchurch!
ON SATURDAY, I4th May, 1960, we went to Stevenage and led a procession of decorated cars through the town and then went on to Walkern
to give a display at the Young Farmers' Rally. The lads put up a really first-class display of marching and playing which was greatly appreciated
by all present.
We went to St. Albans to give a display at the Hertfordshire County Show, but the weather was so bad, that we were unable to perform. The
great thing was that we were there should we have been wanted.
At the Inter-House Athletics the Corps was once again an added attraction, leading the athletes on to the ground and then giving a short display.
The Centenary Celebrations at Hitchin gave us a wonderful opportunity to show what we are capable of doing, and I am sure the people of
Hitchin will long remember the 21st May,-1960, when we marched through that ancient town to the football ground and 'Beat the Retreat'.
The 28th May, 1960, was another great day for us, when we attended the British Legion Fete at Slough and once again proved our worth by
giving a fine display, for which we were highly commended by Lady and Major-General Sir Richard Granville Hylton Howard-Vyse. K.C.M.G.,
On Sunday, 29th May, 1960, we were honoured to lead the parade for the Centenary Service at St. Albans Abbey. This was another highlight in
the A.C.F. Centenary Year Celebrations.
Whit Monday saw us at Ashwell, where we paraded through the village In the new sports pavilion, and then provided a guard of honour to
welcome Aldennnn E. J. Baxter, O.B.E., Chairman of the Hertfordshire County Council. After the opening ceremony several of the lads were
invited to take part in the sports, and were successful in winning some prizes. A final display was given after some refreshments, at the
conclusion of which the Alderman complimented the boys once again.
On Saturday, 11th June, 1960, we went to Cheshunt to give a display at the Cheshunt and District Girl Guides' Golden Jubilee Fete, and once
again created a very good impression.
There was a break in engagements from 16th June, 1960, to 4th July, 1960, owing to a large percentage of the boys being at Wimbledon. This
was a welcome break both for the boys and myself, although of course the boys were working hard in a different way.
Our final performances after Wimbledon and before camp were Wednesday, 6th July, 1960, at Boreham Wood; Saturday, 9th July, 1960, at the
Barnardo Helpers' League Fete at Harlow, and on Saturday, 16th July, 1960, we once again provided the interval display at the Inter-Homes
Finals of the Athletics Championships at Barkingside.
Peter Copping, our bass drummer has recently left us to take up a situation, and Geoffrey Warner has taken over his duties and is proving himself
very capable.
A. p. CULVER, Captain O.I.C.


2 Coy., 1st 'C' Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment

IT MAY have been the wonderful weather or possibly the athletes were inspired by the wonderful performance of British athletes generally in
this Olympic year. Whatever the reason, the results were good. The competition was keen, and the standard high in all events.
The junior Inter-House match was won by Kinnaird with fifty points, followed by Buxton with forty-four points, and Pelham trailing with twelve
David Gee won the Junior Victor Ludorum for his second year running, a first-class athlete who should go far if he works and I trains!
The senior events were interesting because a number of athletes shone as seniors, yet as juniors had little glitter. The most noticeable being
Terry Parsons who won the Senior Victor Ludorum. I'm sure everyone was delighted to see him pull it off. Good show Terry
The senior events were won by Cairns with 46 points, followed by Somerset, 36 points, and Aberdeen, 24 points
Another glorious day by way of weather and probably results; for once we were able to hold our own in these events, limited, although we are
by age. We have six finalists who go to Barking-side on 16th July, 1960. Out of the. ten events which we entered, we had four 'firsts', two
'seconds', and three 'thirds'. The boys-to represent us are:
D. Hatch, High Jump (4' 10"); D. Gee, 100 yards; P. Hundleby, Hurdles; D. King, 220 yards; M. Peterson and H. Bainton, Mile.
R. N.

This year we had six of our boys at Barkingside, not enough to seriously consider capable of bringing back one of the 'Homes Cups', which
perhaps makes their individual efforts all the more commendable.
Our outstanding performer was David Hatch, who came home with the Senior High Jump Medal, having out-jumped five boys from other
homes, clearing a height of 5ft. with ease, but could not quite do the extra required to break the record of 5ft. 3in.
Our other athletes were not good enough to get any medals, but their efforts were first class. Well done David Gee, Dennis King, Paul Hundleby.
Michael Peterson and Harold Bainton.
N. T. P.


ABERDEEN Aberdeen are Senior champions having won three matches and lost one. Congratulations to Peter Sugg and his merry men,
because they had no easy task Cairns were second having won two and lost two matches and Somerset won one and lost three matches, so all
House’s had one win.
N. T. P.

Our first task this season is to find an almost new cricket team, as only two players of last years team were still with us. This gave our Monday
evening net practice added importance, and the process of trial, testing, and '.election went on for several weeks before nine new players, many
with limited experience but with some ability and keenness, were selected for our first match.
Terry Whitehead took on the mammoth task of captaining this raw team, and up to now has proved himself a worthy leader in the way in which
he has taken command and set an example in the field.
Credit must be given for the rapid way in which the team has progressed. The fielding is now a pleasure to watch, and with each game improved
stroke play is evident. Our more recent matches have been lost by a small margin and the scoring of the opposition has been kept down thanks to
the experienced bowling of 'Mick' Smith-Kerr and David Hilton.
Les Browning is now fully at home behind the stumps and the few balls which have evaded him have usually been the more difficult and
awkward deliveries.
The match v. Stepney Staff was perhaps more interesting than last year's match, if only because of the lusty and spirited batting of Colonel Dean,
and when the trophy left us, we all felt that such masterful play had well and truly earned it. May we add that it was nice to see Mr. Tucker on
form for this year's game.
Win or lose, the team has at all times enjoyed their cricket, and surely this must always be the test of a team game well played. The final results
and fuller summary in the next issue of THE GOLDONIAN will not show much on the credit side, but will leave us, in the game, with memories
of many happy hours spent at the wicket.
F. S. S.


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