St George

St Patrick

St David

These dorms were named after Patron Saints

St Andrew

Aberdeen Old Boys

John Hunt
1949 - 1952

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Len Harpin.

Geoff Harrington

Alan Sibbons
1962 - 1965

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Henry Peet

If you were a Goldings boy in the early years you will remember your house colours to be Purple and Black but for the
later years it was changed to Black and White.

John Horn

House Notes

HOUSEMASTERS: Mr. R. Purkis, Mr. L. S. Amos, Mr. R. Stackwood.
HOUSE PREFECTS: I. R. Watson, D. Winchester, F. Steyart.

As we near the end of another term we look back with satisfaction on the steady progress we have made. We have a very
good entry for the Boxing Tournament and we hope to be rewarded by winning the Cup. Although we do not hold a very
high position in the Football League, our teams have served us well. Fate has decreed that we should meet the noble house
of Somerset in the Football Cup Final, and it will be a great achievement if we beat them. We congratulate Cadets Winchester
and Carson on their grand performances in the Cadet Boxing Championship. We are pleased to note that, with very few
exceptions, all are striving to maintain the high reputation of the house.
A Very Happy Easter to all.

L R. Watson, H. Clay

Thr Goldonian Spring 1949


SHINKINS MICHAEL, from Letchworth
MARKHAM, GEORGE, from Lincoln
HALIFAX, DAVID, from Exeter
REED, TERENCE, from Exeter
BEAN, CLIFFORD, from West Hartlepool
WADE, MICHAEL, from Warminster
FORSLEY, PATRICK, from Parkstone
RUMBLE, ROBERT, from Parkstone
MORGAN, JOHN, from Parkstone
ARNOLD, ROGER, from Parkstone
MANSFIELD, JOHN, from Parkstone
MASON, ROY, from Parkstone


MALLION, STANLEY: September 1962 to June 1964. Restored.
BROWN, JAMES: February 1962 to July, 1964. Situation.
STEELE, MICHAEL: January 1961 to July, 1964. Situation.
MARSH, STEPHEN: April 1964 to October 1964. Restored.
JOHNSON, HAROLD: April, 1964 to November 1964. Restored.

House Notes

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Honey
House Captain: R. Smith
Group Leaders: R. Bowden, D. Tate, R. Buxton, K. Bishop
Colours: Black and White
At the beginning of the term we had Mr. Culver as our Housemaster who did a very good job in keeping the House together,
but he was relieved by Mr. and Mrs. Honey before half term. Since Mr. Honey and his wife have joined us, we have made
great progress in the Queens' Cup competition. At a very fast pace we have moved from bottom position to top. It was a hard
struggle but we eventually made it. Well done Aberdeen. We didn't do very well in the inter house athletics or in the inter
house swimming. I think this was due to the number of new boys that had been admitted into the House.
Tennis, from the House point of view, was very good this year as we nearly won the singles and doubles. Most of the boys
in the House participated in this contest, and some did very well. R. Smith reached the fourth round, and I reached the semi
finals in the singles event. In the doubles R. Smith and R. Buxton reached the semifinal, but were beaten, also Brian Stockton
and I reached the final and we were also beaten. A very good effort from the House, and my thanks to all those who took part.
Our junior and senior football teams are beginning to look promising this term, and we hope to do well in this field of sport.
We still have a few good footballers in the House, R. Smith, D. Halifax, and J. Murray, who all play for the School team.
We have a large number of boys in the School cadet band, the number at the moment is eighteen. We must offer our thanks
to these boys as they draw in a large number of house points when they go on parade.
We were sorry to say goodbye to J. Brown, M. Steele, and H. Johnsone, but we welcome the following boys: D. Halifax,
T. Reed, J. Morgan, M. Wade, G. Markham J. Mansfield, M. Shinkins, R. Arnold, R. Rumble, P. Forsey, C. Bean, and R. Mason.
On Prize giving day a few prizes came to us, being won by D. Tate, R. Smith, Charlesworth, R. Buxton, D. Ennis, and myself.
We wish the Headmaster and Mrs. Wheatley, and all members of staff a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Raymond Bowden

Since our arrival at Goldings and the taking over of Aberdeen from Mr. Culver, we have been impressed by the way in which
the boys have rallied to and worked with us. Our thanks also to the other members of the staff, for making us so welcome in
their midst, also for all the help they have Given us. Lastly to all the Aberdeen boys, well done

Mr and Mrs Honey

The Goldonian Winter 1964

R Cobb Sheriden

Bob Wynn

Ike Aviston

Bill Harris

Keith Bishop

Brian Hird