Billy Knight at Buckingham Palace May 2016

On the town the night before

Ready to go to Buckingham Palace

Inside the Palace

“What a Day”

Margaret Dearman Photos of her Day at Buckingham Palace

Page Compiled June 2016

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Scenes around the palace Grounds

Barnardos 150th Anniversary Celebrations at Buckingham palace.

Old Boys Billy Knight, Gordon Rath and Mike justice M.B.E.

Terry Burgar.

Mike Justice with our golden girl Jean Clark.

Mikki Rath, Bily Knight, Mike Justice, and Gordon Rath.

Mike with his sister Shirley.

Gordon and Mikki Rath.

A toast to Goldings.

Shirley, Billy, and Mikki.

Mike in the Middle, with his wife Anne left and sister Shirley right.

Outside Mikes apartment Mikki, Shirley,
Shirley’s daughter, and Anne Mike’s wife.

Views on the way to the Palaceb

Summer House in Buckingham Palace Grounds
Mike on Left, Mike with sister Shirley on the right.

Billy outside Summer House.

Mike with niece, sister Shirley and wife Anne.

Mike outside Buckingham Palace

“I don’t know Billy, we would have to move her Maj
and Philip into the end bedroom if we going to let
The Old Boys sleep here”

Billy outside Buckingham Palace.

Mike Justice M.B.E. and Jean Clark N,B.C.

Old Boys, Mike, Gordon, and Billy .

Jean and Mike.

The Ladies looking beautiful.


Mikki and Gordon.

Left: Gordon and Shirley, Right: Mike, Shirley and Gordon after their Chinese Meal.

Ivan Smiths Photos of his Day at Buckingham Palace

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More Old Boys on the day