Early this year 2005, the Estate Agents held a promotional open weekend for potential purchasers at Goldings. With my cheque book
In my pocket and petrol in the car, we set off to Goldings dreaming of buying a couple of apartments possibly in Somerset?, the
opportunity was too good to miss.
Meeting up with a few other Goldings boys, namely Brian Perrier, Bobby Mac, Joey Law and myself, we entered through the front door
(which we could never do when we were there) and proceeded to appear as potential buyers. We were requested by the Estate Agents not
to take any photos or videoing of the building
this we strictly complied with! Excluding the evidence submitted below. (as this could be
the last time we officially entered this building)
As we walked around the building, all the time assuring the Estate Agents we were genuine “CLIENTS”. With this reassurance to
the Estate Agents representative, she proceeded to accost other clients, at this somebody whispered “That’s got rid of her, now we can
get on with it”.
Below is the outcome of that day
Information obtained on the day. The chimneys of the main building have been filled up, and no longer can they use the fireplace, hence
the radiators possibly to protect the chimneys.
Prices range from £550,000 for an apartment (half of Cairns) to £1,000,000 (Conservatory). When Jimmy James and John Hunt joined
us in the afternoon, we did think about buying one, but then we sobered up.

MacAndrew now an underground car park.

Somerset sitting room and stage

“Young man” Pinheads office immediately
Exposing your rear end

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The toilets still work in Somerset

What’s Happened to Ginger ten fags?

Passageway looking up
from the kitchen

False fireplace, inserted below
where the role of honour board was

Hallway to the spiral staircase

Staff dining room fireplace note
the radiator in the beautiful fireplace

Fireplace in the library

The grand hallway staircase

Hallway leading to the assembly
room in the 50s/60s

Doorway leading to the front lawn

The grand hallway fireplace with
pinheads office to the left

Inside Pinheads office, can anybody spot Joey Law

Alterations carried out to the Grand Hallway

Looking out from the top Grand Hallway staircase
overlooking what used to be McAndrew

Ex Library now a kitchen

Doorway leading to the assembly room/ conservatory

Spiral staircase to the left, on the
right the doorway for the bugler

Spiral staircase in the centre, doorway to the hall and kitchens

This is where we used to get our stamps

Somerset bedroom

Rear of Somerset bedrooms, staffs staircase to the right

Another part of Somerset bedroom

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