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Hello Dave
Thanks for the Albionpicture back + you done agreat job enlarging
from the little photo. It seems strange I arrived from Stepneyin that
lorry never dreaming I wouldlearn to drive itone day. It stood me
in good stead when I left dickes as I was sent to workfor a shoe
maker in hugging Hill near St Paul`s. Which is no longer there.
I then got a job making army stretchers in Edmonton witha firm
called Doherty, when one day thedelivery driver was off sick &
they werestuck. So I said I can drive Sir, which made the three
brothers look at me in disbelief. So the chauffeur took me round
the block said I was ok & off I went after he said do you know
London. Yes Sir I replied only knowing how to get the Trolly-bus
to Liverpool St. Havingdelivered the various goods one of the
brothers made me his chauffeur till I went in the army.
I drove lorry`sJeeps Bren gun carriers & finished Up driving
the CO abouton manoeuvres Till I went to Korea.
So the old Albionplayed a big part in my life to driving heavy
goods when I came out of the army + psv license on coaches to
taking antique furniture to Spain Here endith a small part of my life.
Thanks again for the pic

Dave, I was looking at pics on your site& came across Waterford Verney pics which reminded me
that myself& a boy called manic May were the two boys to bechosen to start the place off, along with
a Lady called Mrs Bates & her son young master Bates!! We had it clean the place up from top to bottom.
I seem to recall celiac wetly moved in the top room at sometime. I think Senior boys later used it as
recreation Joint, cos we had a telly which worked more often than not after a couple of clouts.
It must have been late autumncos in November there was a big bon fire built on the green in front of it
by the villagers. Then one night someone set fit alight before 5/11/ & manic & I got the blame cos we
where Goldings Boys. On reflection I think someone from the villagedid not agree with us lot being there.
Yet another tale from the past

Regards Scoff

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