Victor King

Captain Culver needs no introduction. I see that many
old boys refer to him as
“skipper” but to me he was
always Captain Culver. I joined his Army Cadet Force
and played the bugle in the band, mainly because I got
an extra six pence pocket money.
(I joined the choir for the same reason).
I remember Captain Culver as a very fair man who
always remained calm in a crisis and there were plenty
of those.
I was eventually House Captain of Cairns and slept in
the uppermost bay in the picture. The wake-up bugle
call was played right outside our dormitory door but
often it failed to wake me. However, when Captain
Culver came round shouting “Wakey wakey, rise
and shine, the sun’s scorching your eyeballs out”,
I was reluctantly torn from my dreams which were
usually Doris Day singing
“Once I Had a Secret Love” – just for me.

I am on the right and I think my friend’s name is Jessop.
Picture taken on the bridge entering Goldings.

This picture was taken in the machine room of the carpenters shop.
For safety reasons the boys were not allowed to use the saw
therefore it was switched off during this photo shoot.
Mr Farnham was my instructor and was in the room at the time.

Back row left to right. Unknown – Unknown – King – Brown – Ship – Wainscott
Front row left to right. Kemp – Unknown – Smith – Munson – Ferris


I think this photo was taken a year or two before my time
but I recognise some of the players.

Footnote This was the Staff Team we played in 1964
Dave Blowe


This is a picture of me receiving the Victor Ludorum for athletics from the wife of the Mayor of Hertford.
Left to right. Unknown – Kemp – Me – Williams – Unknown – Mr Wheatley – Mayor’s Wife – Mayor.

Bottom Field
The picture on the left is me receiving a trophy on
a sports day.
The quality of the picture is poor but there is no
hiding the distinctive feature of the man behind
the desk

I recognise all of the faces but can only name a few:
From left: Roe, Munson, Ferris. Third from right: Williams and me on the right.


Here is a picture of the “boys” outside of Barclays Bank.
I’m sure their presence caused the Bank Manager a few
anxious moments.
Left to right:
Munson – Ferris – Brown – “Bombhead”.
I am really sorry I can only remember the nickname of the
boy on the right because he was a good friend of mine.
There were many nicknames given to boys’ and some staff,
and in most cases there was no malice intended.

All images and text copyright © to Goldings Old Boys reunion members

Page Compiled November 2015

Graham Ferris, Alan Blackburn and me.
On his seventeenth birthday Alan signed pro forms for West Ham
football team at Goldings. Prior to the signing we played cricket
against the West Ham team and were soundly beaten. Alan’s
income rose from three shillings per week in Goldings, to
seventeen pounds per week with West Ham. He didn’t forget
his two friends in the picture though, and treated us to many
Wagon Wheels and tins of pineapple from the Off Licence in Bengeo.


A really nice guy. I met him in Plymouth
a few years after leaving Goldings.
He was on holiday from Australia and
as far as I know he is still living there.
Does anyone know different?

Some years ago this picture, and the
above comments, were seen on another
web site by the daughter of Peter Tozer.
At the time Peter had just passed away
and his daughter had searched the web
for any information on him. It gave her
great comfort to see her father and it
goes to show how web sites such as this
one, are so important in many
different ways.


Under the direction of Mr Farnham I made the teak
garden seat for the old folks in Hertford town.
Having reached the appropriate age myself,
I am awaiting an invitation to join the club.

This picture was taken of Mr Farnham and me in 2002.
I thought that we were very close during my time at Goldings.
Not only did we have daily contact in the carpenters shop but
I also spent considerable time helping him in his garden.
Imagine therefore my disappointment when he did not even
remember me.
Nonetheless, I still think he was an excellent instructor
and a real gentleman.

This was a dinner held in Hertford town circa 1954.

I am sure that many of the faces will be familiar
to the old boys and staff members of Goldings.

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