I have been informed this morning that Mrs Fordham (99years old) has passed away, she was a member of Staff along with her husband who was a
Gardener, who passed away earlier this year and both came to our re-union in 2004.
R.I.P. Mr and Mrs Fordham

I received sad news today, our dear friend, Ron Urquhart passed away peacefully today. Our Sympathy goes to his dear wife.
He was a great friend of many, also {Len Harpin and John Warner of New Lodge). 30 July 2014

red Barnes Much Wenlock, recently passed away 2014. Fred was not a Goldings Boy but he was a great help to myself with the history of Goldings on
the website and researching into the Boys who were buried in Waterford Graveyard. He soon became a good friend.
Our sympathy goes to Flora his wife and family.

William “Casey” Turner Printer died May 2014
Very sad news about Casey Turner who passed away last week, we played football for many a year for the old boys RIP Mick Smith Kerr

Leslie Thomas has passed away aged 83. He died at his home near Salisbury in Wiltshire on Tuesday 6th May 2014
Leslie Thomas, who died yesterday. RIP to Alan and Leslie. Alan Dearman

Allen Blackburn (4 August 1935 – 14 January 2014) Goldings Old Boy who went on to have a carreer in Football with West ham United
Allen Blackburn R.I.P. Henry Peet
Sad news to hear of Allen Blackburn's passing away in Jan 2014. Many memories of a great friend at Much Wenlock, and Goldings. Bill Roe

Sad news today from Jerry Davis, his brother
Robert Keith Davis died last night 28th March Bob was a Somerset House boy and followed on to become
a Verney boy as his trade was Print. Our Condolences go to Jerry and Roberts Family

Had a call from George Loftus last night to tell me
Housemaster Mr Sandeman of MaCall late 40's-50's passed away Thursday gone.
10th October 2013. Later he left Goldings and joined the R.A.F. and flew early Jets. Our deepest sympathy go to his family

I had a phone call Friday from the son of
Ernie Warren to tell me Ernie had passed away, last week after surgery.
He hopes that someone from Goldings represents the school at his funeral this thursday at Croyden Crem,West St Chapel,Thursday 13th at 10-45
Ernest Warren, Somerset, September 1958-June 1962 R.I.P.

Tonight I had a very sad phone call from his daughter that
Eric MacKay passed away on the 18th April.2013
Eric came to Goldings in 1941-44, trained as a Carpenter,and later as a Policeman in Palestine, and became a Detective in Bath, finally retiring after
becoming a Detective on the Murder Squad.
John Horn remembers him well from Goldings and we did both meet up with him in Bath when he was awarded the "Goldings Award" (On the site under
Profiles) which was prompted by his Grandaughter writing to Barnardo's suggesting he was a recipient due to his sterling charity work for various charities,
including Barnardo's.
Meeting him, it was explained by his family that he was reluctant to talk of his past, but he did remember many of "The Goldings slang words" we used at
the home! R.I.P.Eric, our thoughts are with his family

Norman Maconochie died after long illness 6 March 2013

I sadly have to report the loss of another of our Goldings Brothers. I have just received the following E-mail from Liz Maconochie:
I just wanted to let you know that my darling husband Norman, passed away at 1 am this morning. He had been ill for a long time and had been in Hospital
for most of this year. He had struggled for such a long time that we are glad he is now out of pain and is peaceful. For the last week we made sure there was
always someone by his side. I was doing days and our son was taking care of the nights. It was so hard to watch him going downhill before our eyes.
It was so nice to see you at the reunion and I know he was really pleased to be whizzing around the grounds on his buggy sharing his memories with me.
Kind regards Liz x
I first met Norman a couple of years ago at Blenheim Palace when he and Liz attended a Barnardo event when I was giving a Barnardo presentation along
with Dylan Carroll and Dr David Barnardo. I was able to give Norman details of our web site and about our Goldings reunions. We have kept in touch from
that time. RIP Norman Alan Dearman

Tom Mathews Cairns 45-48

Sorry to bring bad news but Tom Mathews died in Lister Hospital a few days ago, he was a member of the team that won the league only losing the
last game, and played for Ware and Hertford, I remember him as one of the best centre halfs to play for the School.
Sleep well Tom. Sam (John Sansom)Feb 2013
Our condolences go to Toms family

Gordon Alfred Hughes 1948-2012
Gordon died peacefully on 28th August 2012 aged 64. He lived in Oswestry.
When he was 12 he was admitted to Barnados of which he had fond memories. He was particularly proud of his achievements as a print compositer - a
skill he learnt at Barnados.
In his adult life he worked in children's homes for many years mainly in specialised adolescent units in Redhill, the Midlands, North Wales and Shropshire.
He also worked as a senior manager in a care home for vulnerable adults.
A colleague who worked with him for many years described him as "a very caring compassionate man who instinctively understood The needs of resident
and was a much valued colleague."
Gordon suffered ill health for much of his life and took early retirement devoting the rest of his life to caring for cats. He was also very interested in
photography and used to enjoy rambling in Shropshire and North Wales.
His funeral service which took place at St Philip and St James Parish . Brian Perrier

Bob Whibley passed away 2nd Jan 2012.
I first met Bob and his wife Rene eight years ago when I was paying my last visit for that year to Goldings after the reunion on the Sunday before starting
home and by chance his son-in-law had drove him to Goldings and at this stage Bob wasn't aware we held reunions and asked my permission to walk
around the grounds of Goldings and at this I said it would cost him a £1-00, and as he started to put his hand in his pocket I told him I too was a Goldings
boy and from that day we became firm friends as we exchanged our recollections of our time at Goldings. Throughout the years we kept in touch by phone,
and even though we went to Goldings in different era's a bond developed which is something that Goldings Old Boys seem to have.
Robert Whibley Goldings 1943-46 Cairns, Bootmaker.
Robert Whibley R.I.P. Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Rene and his family

Dave, have just found out that we have lost another Old Boy.
John Woods passed away on the 18th December.
He was school captain, drum major and was trained in the tinsmiths. John was a great entertainer and sang under the name Johnny Silvo.
Our condolences to Berit and son Patrick.. Clive Gillingham

Francis John Wood. Cairns House Goldings 63-64
Marina. Woody's daughter
I needed to inform all of you that my father died peacefully, without pain, yesterday evening at 17:50. He would have wanted you all to know.
Could you all send me contact numbers should you wish to know service details as I may not pop on here too often.
R.I.P. Woody. 04:11:48- 03:12:2011
I will miss him so very much. Thank you everyone for your friendship and support.

Celia Wheatley Died September 26th 2011
For those of you who were at Goldings during the 40's and 50's, I am sad to tell you that my sister Celia died yesterday after a long battle against cancer.
She had hoped to be with me at Waterford Church on Saturday where her own marriage took place on April 2nd, 1955.
I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages about Celia. The funeral was held in Jersey last Friday and growing up at Goldings featured in my
eulogy. It was a dignified and moving occasion attended by over 600 mourners.
David Wheatley. Our Thoughts and Sympathy were with David and All of Celia’s family

Just received the very sad news from her daughter that
Dot Halfhide has died. She was such a good friend to Goldings and befriended so many Goldings boys.
She worked from time to time in the Sick Bay and was always willing to help out wherever she was needed. She will be so sadly missed.
Her funeral is 1.15 on Wednesday 31st. August at Loughborough Cremetorium.
Goldings old boys, Bob Pegg and Dick Rowen, who attended. RIP Dot.
Cliff Steele Pop 24-8 11

Charles Reginald Jones
passed away on the 31st of March 2011, a most interesting character, 93 years of age and last year 2010 was the first time he came to a
re-union as he didn't now they were being arranged.
His family have requested to come to the 2011 re-union and I told them they are very welcome.
So sad R.I.P. Our deepest sympathy to his family

Peter Haldenby
Time at the school 1955 - 1956.
Sad to let you know the passing of
Peter Haldenby this week. November 2010 Peter was an old Aberdeen boy. Also a Wimbledon Ball Boy
Clive Gillingham Our sympathy goes to Peters family,
“his brother Raymond also a Goldings Boy”

Jim Mcallister
passed away early this year 2010. Jim was at Goldings in the 50's our condolence's go to his wife Barbara and family

Leslie Greenough 1946 - 49 Mt Stephen House Captain
I’m sorry to say we have another of our family, Leslie Greenough who passed away on Monday 14th June.2010 I was fortunate to be at Goldings
with Les, a first class man in all he did, and was lucky to meet up with him again a few years ago. Les came to the reunion a number of times and
loved meeting his friends again. At rest, my best friend. Sam
We all would like to join John, in our sympathy to his family and friends

Bill Cotton Aberdeen 45-48
I am sorry to say Bill Cotton passed away on the 25th of March 2010. Our condolence & sympathy to his Wife Gladis & family Len & Chris Harpin.
We would all like to join Len in our condolences to Bill

Len Brotherwood Sat 25 4 09
Sadly today I have been given the news from Dick Lang of the death of Len Brotherwood who had just gone 75 a few weeks ago.
He came to Goldings around 1947 and became a printer leaving around 1954 (this information has been given to me by Dick).
A fine cricketer, and above average sportsman at Goldings and was in the film "The Browning Boys" and met with Jean Kent the actress Len is
the boy holding the cricket bat.
in the film along with a few other boys, and due to this the school was given a new film projector.
I’m sure all our thoughts go to his family, and details will be given for his funeral when Dick obtains them for anyone who would like to pay their
last respects.
Len Brotherwood Goldings 1947-54 Mount Stephen.

Monday, 29 December, 2008, Brian Balderson
Just been given the very sad news that Brian Balderson has died this morning. It is common knowledge that Brian was the boy who first called me
Pop and I have been Pop to all connected to Goldings ever since. Even his wife, daughters and Grand Children still call me Pop.
When I make the annual pilgrimage from the North East to the reunion it is with Brian and his wife that I stay with.
He will be sadly missed. Brian was 65 and had been quite ill this year.
Brian came into the school and was a member of Buxton Junior House in Winter 1956, then into Cairns Senior House. His Trade was a Carpenter, and
School Prefect in 1959. He received his colours for lawn Tennis and Table Tennis. He left Goldings in October 1959.

Tom Matthews Goldings 45-49 would like us to remember Goldings boy
Rae Moss who died 3rd October 2008
Rae attended Goldings mid 40 s and was a Cairns boy, his trade was Bootmaking.
Tom Matthews and Reg Howitt attended his funeral as they were friends of his at Goldings and continued to be so long after Goldings
Our sympathy goes to his family

Sad news Albert Barefield
Pop has just informed me that Albert Barefield has died this evening July 31st. 2008 Albert was at Goldings in the late fifties, Aberdeen House,
he learned his trade in the Boot and Shoe Department and stayed at this trade all his working life.
Our thoughts are with his wife and family.
Brian Cunningham represented Goldings Old Boys at the funeral.

A sad day Once more it is with deepest regret I was informed today by his wife that another Goldings boy has left us.
John Baggeridge passed away this morning 14th December 2007. Joined Goldings in 1947, left in 1950, a former Cairns boy.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to his Wife, family and friends. Details of the funeral will be given soon by his family.

As you know Bill Kemp was a Goldings Boy!
It is with Regret I have to tell you Bill Passed away last Wednesday 10th Oct 2007 after a very short illness. I thought you might like to know the
Funeral is on 23 Oct 2 pm at Christ Church in Ware. Any of his old school friends are more than Welcome. I don't know where the Funeral Reception
is yet but will let you know!
From His Wife Marjorie Kemp

John (Jimmy) James Mt Stephen 45-49. Staff 1963 onwards
It's with the greatest shock and deepest regret that I have to tell you that Jimmy James died this evening 20-8-2007 of a heart attack.
Our thoughts are with his wife Joan and his family, he will be sadly sadly missed.

A these times how does one say enough to cover a life such as Jims, I think just to say he led by example in all he did, and we were
lucky to know him John Sansom

Dave, It was 6.45 this morning when I read the sad news that we wont be seeing Jimmy again. but I had to go to work, now I'm home,
I don’t know what to say, I'm gutted and I'm thinking why does this happen just before we're due to see him again.
My thoughts are with his family, and I hope Joan can get it together to come to the Reunion. Jimmy will not be forgotten.
Tony Angell

Jack Johnstone Aberdeen House Master 1950
Sadly passed away on 17th August 2007 Jack lived in Canada and kept in regular contact with the site until his illness in 2006

A very sad day Bob Newton 1925- 2007
It’s with a little bit of shock, and deep regret that Bob Newton passed away last night 29-April 2007.
His wife has just rang me to tell me the very sad news. He went into a coma last week, and never recovered.
Funeral details are as follows...2-30 on the 11th May at Watton -at -Stone,
Mrs Newton request no flowers, but on the day a collection on behalf of Barnardo's.
I will attend and it's open to all former boys and staff to attend. I will inform you all of any more details as they occur.
Our condolences go to Mrs Newton and family ave Blower
How sad it was to read your message regarding the sudden death of Bob Newton and he will be missed by all those
who knew him. Bob had a big influence on my life as I'm sure he did with many Goldonians.
I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to his wife and Family. Alan Dearman

Leslie Ince Goldings 1939-1940
Leslie who resided in Walsall West Midlands, was at Watts Naval before he entered Goldings died in tragic circumstances 6-4- 2007
Our condolences go to his family and his brother also a Goldings boy

John Hunt Aberdeen 1949
It is with great sadness in my heart that I have been asked to inform you all that our friend John Hunt passed away on the
29th of August 2006 after a long and painful tiring illness.
John was one of Dr. Barnardo’s finest; he was a staunch supporter of our reunions and a great friend to so many Old Boys.
I know that I shall miss him just as many of you will too. I’m sure that we will all join together in sending our condolences to
his wife and family.
Woody RIP John, our friend, may you find peace, and we will reunite again one day.

Today I had a message from Jimmy James to say sadly, that our President John Hunt had lost his long and very brave fight.
He was an example to us all, and he will be very sorely missed. John Sansom

Harold Wilkins
Harold Wilkins former electrician who worked with Mr Hooper at Goldings died early last week.
Harold was in his eighties and was buried at Waterford Church.
Our condolences go to his family and friends Goldings old boys. 8-3-06

Sad news passing away of a Goldings old boy. John Mclear.
His name was John Mclear, he passed away 3rd December 2005.
His era at Goldings was between 1955---1963. He trained as a printer and stayed within the trade.He lived at Whitstable in Kent, and had suffered
with ill health for a number of years. Our deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends


Mike Jarvis. 19 June 2005
It is with sad regret this week we have learned the passing of Mike Jarvis, a stalwart of the reunions and a true Goldonian.
He was in Somerset house, his trade was a carpenter and he was school captain. His most famous story since Goldings was falling out of the
window of the Salisbury Arms drunk with a few of the other Lads.
His funeral for anybody who wants to attend will be held on Wednesday the 29th of June 12:15 at St Lawrences Church Upminster.
Our condolences for his family and friends.

George Hill.

We were saddened to hear of the death of George Hill, November 2004 Our thoughts are with his family and and friends
Extract from A Goldonian
I Rather doubt if George Hill of Cairns House will in the future try any “Short Cuts” when out on cross country runs, after his escape last week.
Despite the fact that George is no swimmer he tried to cross a fairly fast flowing and deep river by going “through” instead of over; Unfortunately
the current won, And but for very prompt action by a gentleman near by, Cairns house would be one boy short.
Georges Rescuer, like all people who do courageous deeds did not hesitate, he plunged into the water, brought the boy to the bank, and applied
artificial respiration until the ambulance arrived and oxygen was Administered. After one night in hospital George was returned to school, apparently
little worse for His adventure. Hill, George from Shotley Park to train as a painter and decorator



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