Castle Cinema interior 1946

Castle Hall 2006

Castle Cinema 1914

Castle Cinema 1965

The Castle Cinema opened in 1914 with 1000 seats, price ranging from 3d to 2s. It was modernised in 1939. Damaged by a V2
flying bomb in July 1944, and reopened in 1946 to close in 1959 and then be replaced by Castle Hall which stands today in itís
Place in the Wash.

County Cinema site 2006

County Cinema

The County Cinema opened July 1933 580 seats in the stalls, and 578 seats in the balcony ,and itís own car park. Plans to use
it for other entertainment purposes came to nothing and it closed October 1982. An office block stands in itís place today
( note the buildings to the left are still the same today in Ware Road.)

Hartham Common leisure centre 2006
on the site of the old swimming pool
Now covered over.

Hartham outdoor swimming pool mid 50s

Hartham outdoor swimming pool mid 50s

Original outdoor swimming pool on Hartham common 1934

Hartham common swimming pool 1934

Spartan pleasures were provided by the outdoor swimming
pool at Hartham, as can be seen below. Built over a branch of
the Lea: water flowed through a Filter at one end and out
through the other -the bottom was mud. The bath enclosure
is seen here in 1934 shortly before it was replaced nearby by
a new lido.

Hertford East Station 2006

Hertford East Station platform 1906

Hertford North Station 2006

Hertford North Bridge 1950-51/ Brian Maling Hertford camera club

Hertford North platform 1975

Castle Gates 2006

Castle Gates donated to the town 1912 by Ormond Henry Macmullen. Originally the entrance was in Castle Street

Left: Our short cut from Hartham Common and Swimming pool
to the town centre 2006

Castle Gates 1912

Hertford War Memorial 2006

Above centre looking out from the Salisbury Arms, this site is now
occupied by the War Memorial displayed on the left

Parliament Row 1928 before the cottages on the left gave way to shops (note some of the buildings remain the same today.)

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Page Compiled March 2006

Left: Goldings belonged to the Abel Smith family
for many years who also gave to Waterford itís lovely
church and stained glass windows.
It then was sold to Barnardos and became our home.
After closing in 1967 it was then taken over by Hertford
Later to be purchased by a developer with the conditions
that he adheres to grade two Listed building regulations
to which he did comply. Internally the building was made
into exclusive apartments, of which Goldings Boys would
no longer recognise, but rest assured the workmanship
and alterations appear to be first class. I do hope the new
occupants treasure this building as we still do now.

Above: Goldings in 1990. Photo donated by Steve Chamberlain.

Hertford East Station (The first railway station was built in Mead Lane with a view to extend it to Bull Plain in 1865) This was
later revised and Hertford East (The Great Eastern Railway) Station was instead built in 1888 310 yards closer to the town
centre in Mill Road.

Above North Road leading to Goldings,
Just out of picture to the left is Hertford North Station.
Opened in 1924.

Can you recall the time we spent on this platform on our way
to our original home towns in the school holidays. Humping
our cases down the North Road from Goldings, ( The lickers had
a lift off Mr Whitbread with their cases,) up the steps to
the platform, a packet of 10 tipped (Players Weights!) tailor
made cigarettes was the first thing we bought with our pocket
money. Freedom for the next few weeks no bugle, no Ronuking
no marching, Heaven as I draw on my tailor made cigarettes.

We have on this page tried to show the many changes taken place in Hertford since our time spent at Goldings, for better who
knows. As it was our adopted town due to Goldings perhaps we should leave that to the present residents. As you survey this
page you will see that many changes have indeed taken place, but I hope that familiar haunts you may remember will nourish
your memories happy days.

Dave. .

Now and Then