Wimbledon Revisited 2016

Goldings Old Boys who were former Ball Boys were invited by Wimbledon to return once more, to recollect
with Staff, and share their experience that they remember when they were Ball Boys.
The Boys were interviewed by a Television Company recollecting their memories of Wimbledon, and we are hoping
this will be aired when the Wimbledon Tournament is on this year.

All images and text copyright © to Goldings Old Boys Reunion Members

Page Compiled April 2016

Joe Law and son Richard on the way to Wimbledon.

Arrival to Wimbledon Centre Court ,
Joe was once more in familiar surroundings

More Old Boys beginning to arrive

Jimmy Street and Billy Hill once more recalling past memories

Joe visiting the trophy room.

Wimbledon Library

Recalling the many Goldings Boys that were that once experienced being a Wimbledon Ball Boy.

Lunch arriving.

Very similar to the dining at Goldings!!

It wouldn’t be Wimbledon without this

Many thanks to Joe Law for the use of his personal Photo’s.


Back at Wimbledon, Joe Law showing how it’s done as they were filmed and interviewed.

Tommy Hill and Joe Law

L-R Jimmy Street, Tommyl, Billy and Sammy
Hill, above Joe Law

Tommy, Billy, and Sammy Hill, Barry Hyland, Jimmy Street
And Joe Law