Goldings Reunion 2014


As seen through the lens of Billy Knights camera

Arthur Ebbage and Len Mott 40ís.

Gordon Rath and wife Mikki

Late 50ís early 60ís.

Henry Peet mid 50ís.

Billy and Tommy Hill 60ís

Henry Peet 50ís and David Swinger

Clive Gillingham and wife Jo 50ís.

Todd Hirds Daughter, Len Harpin
40ís and Jerry Davies 50ís.

Billy Knight and Jerry Davies 50ís.

Cliveand Jo Gillingham with
Jerry Davies 50ís.

Len Harpin, Brenda Hunt, Todd Hirds
wife, Lens Wife, and a well known
Old Boy John Sansom.

The Mayor of Hertford, Chantal Gealll
and Denise, with Ralph Smith in the
background 60ís.

Dave Blower presenting the Goldings
Award to Denise and David for such
an outstanding friendship extended
to Goldings Old Boys and Staff

Bob Jordon (formerly Bone) with
Jerry Davies 50ís.

Bob Jordon, John Hilton,
Dave Charlton, and Mike-Smith Kerr

Brian Perrier 60ís with his Grandson
Henry Peet 50ís and Brianís Daughter

Dave Blower 60ís, with Bill Roe
and brother Henry Peet 50ís.

Chris Cachrimanis and Ike Aviston

Martine King (Barnardoís s) and
Terry Burgar mid 50ís

Bob Pegg, with Len Mott late 40ís
early 50ís.

Graham Rose 60ís with
Clive Gillinham 50ís.

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Page Compiled October 2014

Eugene Flannery, the Developer of
the present day Goldings Estate.

Mike Smith - Kerr, Billy Knight, and
Bob Jordon (Bone) 50ís.

Pop Steele in the background with
Brian Perrier looking at the camera

Chris Cachrimanis, his wife with one
of our favourite member of Staff
ďPop SteeleĒ donít move so fast Pop.

Looks like the Goldings Old Boys
polished off the wine!.

Denise and David with the award
from Goldings Old Boys and Staff.

More of the same!.

David and Len.

A thorn between two ROSES!!!

As the day closes, until next time.

Somerset former bedrooms, and the
drainpipe up the corner, the beginnings
of many a ďBunkĒ

William Fell Holden and
Clive Gillingham 50ís.

Martine King (Barnardoís) Bob Winn
and David Wheatley.

Jerry Davies with friends.

The Mayor of Hertford, Pop Steele,
and Ike Aviston.

Jerry Davies 50ís and friends.

Jerry with John Spencer, Barnardo
Council his former home was
Euston Hall.

As you look through the Photoís you will note that the Old Boys and Staff
are wearing a coloured Lanyard around their necks, this was the colour of
their former ďHouseísĒ.

David Swinger 40ís Jerry Davies 50ís
and David (resident of Goldings)

David Wheatley, son of Mr Wheatley
The Headmaster, David spent much
of his childhood at Goldings and was
accepted as ďone of the boys.Ē

Mick Smith Kerr and Bob Bone

Preparing Raffle Tickets Ellen
Perrier helped by Martine King

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