What we Goldings Boys have to do to get a sit down !!!

The idea for the bench began in 2003, it was purchased in October 2004 from a firm in Birmingham

The bench was taken to Johns house September
2005 ready for installing in Hertford even though
we still had no permission at that point.
Fred Barnes put me in touch with Heather Fogg,
who put me in touch with Dorothy Abel Smith, who
spoke to the church council, and put me in touch with
John Wood of Waterford.
Things were now happening.

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Page Compiled April 2006

Feb 2006 the foreman arrives on the job

March 2006 The Plaque was made

April 2006 the work force arrives time for a cup of tea
Brenda’s cafe is open

Installed at last

Dorothy Abel Smith helped us out

Brian Cunningham, Jimmy James, Peter Ruffles,
all attended numerous council meetings to get the
bench sited.

Roots roots and more roots Jimmy to the
rescue with his axe


All ready for the 22nd April

All ship shape and Bristol fashion

“No Jim! Not my hair roots, tree roots, how did
you become a teacher at Goldings.”

“Get it done now” Jimmy with his chopper.

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Pop with David Wheatley

Jimmy handing over the bench to Waterford

All together

As we released the balloons into the sky they all
stuck together, just like Goldings Old Boys

Goldings Commemoration Bench