Life and Times of Mr. Embleton and his Family

(Photographs and information © supplied by his daughter, Joan Embleton)

Wych Elms 1952 The Embleton Family

1955 Mr. and Mrs Embleton
outside the front door of The Verney

The majority of their past has been gifted to the site by Joan (his daughter)
My mother and father met as my mother’s older sister and my father’s sister worked together. They married in South Shields while my
father was working in the Marine Parks, although during in the summer months he toured as a Solo Cornet player with the Marsden
Colliery Band. My mother worked as a tailoress.


L/r, Revuelta, Hodges, Page, Burford, (?), Harris, (?)
Gardeners with Mr. Embleton.

Top Field

Mr Embleton with his dog “Andy”

Goldings was a career move for my father, but also a move away from after Herts Training School and his job immediately before
Goldings when he was at Aycliffe Approved School in Co. Durham.

Mr. Embleton (Head Gardener)

with Edwin 1951

Mr Embleton with boy (unknown)

As most of us remember Mr Embleton walked with a slight limp, and as Joan points out it was indirectly it was due to a football injury.
The problem however, really resulted from the effects of Pleurisy on the injury.

Gardening Staff (on the front lawn)

L--R Polish Gentleman? Mr. Page, Mr. Embleton,
Mr. Randall, and Mr. Brown.

The Verney May 1952

L--R Tabor, W. Cotton, (?), Mr. Embleton, Brotherwood,
(?), Bumford, and Mott.

The Verney Front Door

Mr. Corbett, Mrs. Embleton, Sylvia, Joan, and Paul,
Michael and Jane Corbett

Waterford Verney, May 1952 Taber and Brotherwood.

We as children were both born in South Shields in my maternal grandmothers house (Cleadon).

Joan Embleton and Christopher Tordoff

Joan Embleton and Celia Wheatley

We had both started school before arriving at Goldings, and Sylvia my sister soon started at Ware Grammar School,
where I was to follow her some years later.

Joan and Sylvia Embleton

Jack Cooper (cook, extreme left)
Lily and Mrs. Embleton with some of the boys

(?), Mrs. Wheatley, Mrs. And Mr. Embleton with daughter Joan

Goldings Outdoor Swimming Pool 1949

L--R Christine Stackwood, Jane Corbett, Joan Embleton and Shirley (?)
Changing Rooms in the background.

My sister Sylvia is four and a half years older than me. She and all of her three children live in Southampton. She was closer in age to
Celia Wheatley (Mr Wheatley’s daughter) than I was, and although I was Celia’s bridesmaid, and her daughter, Susan, was one of my
bridesmaids, she was the one who was in contact with Celia, until Celia died.

Celia Wheatley’s Wedding Group

Celia Wheatley and Father, Wedding Day
at Waterford Church

Sylvia, being older, was never as involved in Golding’s life as I was.

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Back row: Mr. White, Mr. Blakemore, Mr. Maslin, Boys?
Front row: Mr. Tordoff, Mr. Embleton, Mr. Newton,
and Mr. Corbett.
Joan is just in front of Mr. Wheatley

You may, or may not know, that I was the scorer for the
Goldings Cricket Team for many years.

Mr. Embleton, Mr. Moss, (?),
and Noreen Moss (Daughter).
Bottom field on the cricket bench.

1950, Mr. Brown, and an unknown boy.