Reunion Photos 2013

Reunion 2013 as through the lens of Billy Knight

A slow walk around the village of Waterford and beyond.

The Reunion morning in the Hall

Up at Goldings

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Page Compiled October 2013


Todd Hird

Clive Gillingham, and Bob Bone

Jerry Davies and his wife.

David Wheatley and Billy Knight

Two former staff children, meet once more after many years

Joan Embleton, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Embleton, the last Head master of Goldings
and Head Gardener.
David Wheatley, son of Mr. Wheatley (Headmaster 1945-66). His father was instrumental
for the vast improvement for living standards and education for the boys at Goldings.

Dave Blower

Des Aviston ? Ike Aviston

Billy with Jerry Davies

Denise (Resident of Goldings) along,

John Mercury (60ís) in the foreground

Pop, with the Hill brothers, Sammy, Billy, and Tommy,
with James Street.

David Swinger and a Member of Aftercare

? Jerry Davies and his wife, with Martine King Aftercare

John Spencer, Barnardo Council, with
with Old Boys Len Harpin and Alan

Ike Aviston with Residents David and Denise.

Denise Resident) with Staff from Aftercare.

Brian Cunningham, and Clive Gillingham

Bryn Webb

Tom Allen, and Peter Olbison
with his partner .
Peters first reunion.

Waterford, looking towards Horseshoe Falls

Public Footpath through Waterford to Hertford

The river behind the main road
in Waterford.

The Cottage at Waterford which once housed
A water mill

The Verney, after 1950, the home for Senior Printers
16-21 years of age

Looking out of the front door of the Verney towards

The rear of the houses in High Street Waterford.

In the back round, the Old Post Office, and

The bridge over the river that takes you up to the

with David they kindly allow us back into their apartment at Goldings on reunion day,
Entertained by Old Boy, Billy Knight, who spent time at Goldings in the 50ís


Todd Hird, and his wife, with Old Boy,
David Swinger who now lives in Scotland.

The King brothers,? and one of
The Rose brothers, late 50ís early

Cliff (Pop) Steele to the right, former member of