Harry George Wright

wonder if you could tell me if the boys that attended the William Baker Technical School had
a school tie.
The reason for my question is that among my grandfathers photos were several of teenage boys
all wearing the same striped tie. I have attached a couple of photos for your perusal (I hope
they come through OK)
My grandfather entered the Stepney Home in July 1926, was "boarded out" later the same month.
He went back to Stepney in Oct 1932 and 2 weeks later went to the William Baker Technical
He trained as a carpenter. He then went back to Stepney in June 1934 and went to "situation"
a week later as a carpenter joiner.
The photo with the chair has written on the back "taken outside carpenter shop at Goldings.
A fireside chair made by A C Fallshaw"
The photo of the dark skinned boy has written on the back "yours with every good wish
W B Barclay"
I have other photos which may be of teachers which I will send in another email so the email
file isnít so big I know its a tall ask, but I do hope you can shed some light on these photos.
Lisa Thornton Lane
Granddaughter of Harry George Wright

Harry George Wright

Outside the Carpenters /Joiners shop

Un named boy, but is it the same boy
in the boys in the photos below

Outside the ďRec Hut


A very young looking Skipper

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