Robert Whibley And Dave Blower.

Robert Whibley his Wife, Dave and Mal.

Henry Peet, with brother William Roe, and their minder.
Drinks are on me Henry, (Guess who.)

Sixties Boys, Paul Walkeden, Steven Chamberlain, Pete Drummond,
Alan Sibbons, Tony Angell, Chris Horsenell, Dave Blower, and
Pop Steele

Pop Steele, with Bob Newton and his wife.
Two of our favourite teachers.

Dave Blower, Tommy Hill, with Pop Steele

Dave and Tommy.

Jimmy James and Pop are just visible
chatting in the middle of the room.

Len Harpin entertaining friends.

Ellen Perrier just coming to sort Dave And Tommy Out.

John Sanson taking tea.
With Alan Sibbons and Peter Drummond in back ground

Bob Whibbley and his family

Paul and Jan Walkeden with daughter Beccy.

Paul and Jan Walkeden, “I love you all”

Steven Chamberlain, Chris Horsenell
and their wives Jenny and Anne

Angus McGeoch ,and his wife

Brian Cunningham and Tony Angell.

Dave and Henry Peet

Dave Blower, John Hunt, Len Harpin
At the presentation to John.

Dave Tommy and Pop. “It wasn’t me”

All images and text copyright © to Goldings Old Boys reunion members

“Keep it under your hat, I’ve measured him he’s only 2ft, he told
me over the phone before I met him, he was 6ft.”

Dave and Tommy, part of the lunatic fringe.

John Hunt when he was a single man.!!
“roll on Monday” as Brenda says.

Photos sent in by Peter Drummond

Alan Sibbons, his brother and Paul Walkeden with Jimmy smiling
benevelently on

Bob Whibley surrounded by Goldings nostalgia

Tommy Hill with his wife, his Brother Sammy and their sister
Showing off his new digital camera, port and all!!!!

Winston Norton and his wife

Bob Newton and his wife and daughter

Mick Crowe,

Cool calm and collective before he met the lunatic fringe

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