The Goldonian

July 1966


2 Coy., 1st 'C' Battalion, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
THE LAST 'Cadet Notes' were issued by Lieut. K. E. Whittaker in the winter edition of the GOLDONIAN. Since then he has moved on to another
appointment at Winchester. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the cadets to wish him all the best in his new work.
I am also sorry to report that owing to ill health Captain A. P. Culver has had to retire after giving both the School and Cadets many years loyal and
devoted service.
All the boys and apprentices together presented him with a tankard which I am sure he will always treasure.
The training programme I am now preparing for next term I hope will result in most of the cadets attaining their Cert. 'A' part I.
A party of twelve cadets and myself attended a week-end training camp at Letchworth on the 21st May. The training was good and the cadets worked
hard and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. One thing that did go down well was the opportunity of firing on the .22 range. I am, however, making
arrangements to use the Hertford .22 range at Port Hill for next term.
There are now forty-nine cadets in the Company and unfortunately, owing to the summer holidays clashing with the annual camp we will not be able
to attend it this year, but we hope to make up with extra week-end camps.
Corps of Drums
The Corps of Drums, I am pleased to report, are coming back to the old standard and if they continue to improve at the present rate I can see we shall
be returning to the Royal Tournament.
On Saturday, 26th March, the Corps led the Balls Park Students Rag Procession and did much to make the parade a success.
On Saturday, 28th May, we joined the Bishop's Stortford parade along with three other bands including The Green Howards, a well-known regular
military band. This event was also a great success.
At the time of reading this article we hope to have attended the following:
4th June, Barnardo County Fete, Goldings;
5th June, Hertingfordbury British Legion Church Parade;
18th June, British Legion Parade at
Tonbridge; 19th June, Odd Fellows Parade, Hertford.


New Admissions and Leavers since last 'Goldonian'

CARNEY, BRIAN: June 1965 to January 1966. Restored.
HART, KENNETH: January 1965 to January 1966. Restored.
BUGGS, ROBERT: January 1963 to April 1966. Printer.
SALKELD, PETER: August 1963 to March 1966. Bootmaker.
BROWN, NORMAN: April 1963 to April 1966. Carpenter. House Captain. Athletics colours.
KNOWLES, ANDREW: August 1965 to April 1966. Transferred.
ROUS, EDWIN: May 1962 to January 1966. Restored. Swimming colours.
OLIVER, DAVID: January 1963 to April 1966. Printer.


HALLWORTH, DAVID, from Stockport
DEEK1NG, PAUL, from Huntingdon
ANDERSON, STEPHEN, from Hatfield
NEVILLE JOHN, from Hatfield
KAYUM, DENNIS, from Thornton Heath
DIXON, BRIAN, from Edinburgh
MCKAY, IAN, from Bolton
THORNTON, ROBERT: August 1962 to December 1965. Sheet Metal Worker.
HILL, THOMAS: December 1961 to January 1966. Sheet Metal Worker
SMITH, BRIAN : January 1962 to January 1966. Carpenter.
DUELL, ALEXANDER: January 1964 to April 1966. Carpenter.
TURNER, MALCOLM: August 1963 to April 1966. Painter.
CROSS, DAVID : April 1964 to April 1966. Sheet Metal Worker,


HUNTER, IAN, from Norwich
GRIGOR, DOUGLAS, from Exeter
GRAHAM, ALAN, from Shotley Bridge
HULTUM, LESLIE, from Shotl'ey Bridge
GRUNDY, ROY, from Barkingside
EAGLE, JOHN, from Hammersmith
FROGGATT, GARY, from Bedford
WALKER, MICHAEL, from Bedford
GREEN, PETER, from Oxford
RUMBLE, ROBERT: September 1964 to December 1965. Printer.
WORKMAN, FREDERICK: April 1963 to January 1966. Bootmaker.
KENNEDY, EDWARD : April 1963 to January 1966. Bootmaker.
MARTIN, ROBERT: August 1965 to January 1966. Restored.
SHINKINS, MICHAEL: August 1964 to February 1966. Bootmaker.
HIRCOCK, PAUL: January 1964 to March 1966. Carpenter.
SIBBONS, ALAN: August 1963 to April 1966. Painter.
MURRAY, JOHN: April 1963 to April 1966. Painter.
STREET, JAMES : January 1963 to April 1966. Carpenter.
HALIFAX, DAVID : August 1964 to April 1966. Painter.
HAINES, STEVEN: May 1965 to April 1966. Bootmaker.
COOMBES, JAMES: August 1963 to April 1906. Carpenter.
HARDING, ROY : November 1962 to April 1966. Printer.


GOOD, RICHARD, from Oxted
BARNETT, JOHN, from London
WEST, BARRY: September 1962 to April 1966. Printer.
CULLING, CLIFFORD: May 1965 to March 19616. Restored.
BOARDMAN, DAVID: January 1964 to April 1966. Carpenter.
POWELL, MICHAEL: October 1964 to April 1966. Carpenter.
WILLIAMS, ROGER: March 1965 to April 1966. Restored.
JOHNSON, LESLIE: October 1963 to April 1966. Carpenter.
MERRIFIELD, RAYMOND : July 1963 to April 1966. Printer. Football colours.


IT WAS Percy Cerutty, the coach of brilliant Australian miler Herb Elliot, who coined the following athlete's motto:

'If I can't be first,
I'll be second,
If I can't be second,
I'll be third.
If I can't be third,
I'll do better than ever before!'

Golding's boys, it would appear, have now adopted this motto.
It is true that we play our amateur sports for the love of the sport, but we at Goldings believe in playing to win and not
merely for the secondary exhilaration of having 'taken part'.
The 'fighting' spirit of Golding's athletes has won us renown and a great deal of respect in the district. This was shown on
Saturday, 21st May, when, in the District Sports held this year at Hertford Grammar School, all our athletes reached the finals
of their respective events.
Unfortunately there is little opportunity in the county for athletics matches against other schools and consequently (with the
exception of the District efforts and our own sports day) there is a tendency for our athletes to lapse in their training. This,
however, should never be the case because school standards have been compiled so that all budding athletes will have
something to aim at.
Our next annual athletics sports will be held on Thursday, 25th August. A new programme, a new method of selection and
a new points system will be the features of this year's sports which it is hoped will be the best in recent years.

Lea Valley Schools Basketball Section-1966
'THE under sixteen competition was closely contested this year and most of the matches were played off. Cardinal Bourne retained the cup for the
third successive year but were closely challenged by Dewhurst St, Mary and Goldings'.—So reads the letter, sent to all schools that had competed in
the above competition, by Mr. Lambert who organized the competition. We at Goldings like to think that Mr. Lambert has understated the case when
he says that: 'Cardinal Bourne . . . were closely challenged by ... Goldings'. (We lost by only one point!)
The Cardinal Bourne game is only one of the many thrilling memories that both players and spectators will have of Goldings first season in competitive
basketball. To recount the thrills of each match would unfortunately require more space than the GOLDONIAN disposes to the sport. Perhaps it is
more relevant that some publicity should be given to the boys who 'shot' the School to third position in the competition.
TREVOR LYON (Captain). A tall, rangy pivot with a fine hook shot. His example by determination spurred the team to greater efforts. RAYMOND
MERRIFIELD. A solidly built wing man whose fine set shooting gave us many valuable points.
PHILLIP GIFFARD. This boy's guarding prevented many seemingly inevitable baskets. His lay shooting improved rapidly during the season.
GRAHAME TOVEY. Another fine guard who can readily turn defence into attack.
MALCOLM TURNER. His wiry frame and ball control assisted greatly in producing scoring moves.
TERENCE REED. Overcoming his early nervousness he was soon to show what a useful player he can be in the future.
Raymond Mount, David Rudge, and Alan Atkins showed by their non-playing support just how keen they are and they will undoubtedly have the
opportunity to show their paces next season.
Naturally enough it is the team's ambition to win the cup next season and with the dedication shown over the past season we might well do it!

HAVING BEEN overwhelmed last year by notes proclaiming the ill health of the bearers I could not help thinking that the sport of cross-country
running had become somewhat unpopular. I felt that the time had come for a change and that this year the competition should be run on a strict house
team basis, instead of the mass exodus to the country witnessed in previous years.
The course was the same one as was used for the District Cross-Country Championships last autumn and since it lies entirely within the School
Grounds the task of the course markers was greatly simplified. Furthermore, since each house was represented by a senior and a junior team with only
six runners in each there was a considerable amount of competition for a team place. Under this new system every boy running has the opportunity of
gaining one or more points for his house, provided of course that he finishes the race; consequently the 20th March saw some sterling efforts by boys
who have hitherto failed to impress as athletes.
There were no shocks in the house competition and Cairns emerged as clear winners in both the Senior and Junior races. Cairns, however, were not
the only house to distinguish themselves for both Pelham and Somerset had their share of the glory. Joey Law gladdened the hearts of Pelham
supporters by winning the Senior race in immaculate form, whilst Peter Harris of Somerset led the field throughout to win the Junior Race.
I. am confident that members of the sports committee can take heart at the new wave of enthusiasm for an inter-house competition, which was felt by
many to be on the wane.

A NEW outside competitive sport was introduced to Goldings when two senior teams entered a five-a-side football tournament. Although the matches
contested appeared to be minor championships the enthusiasm of the participants was likened to a World Cup encounter. With only fifteen minutes
playing time, those with no prior knowledge of the game would probably laugh and say 'that's not very long!', but believe me for the player it is fifteen
minutes of sheer agony and exhaustion. The speed of playing is twice as fast as normal football; also due to the rules and inter-change of play
concentration is needed for every second.
The Schools greatest success except for the brilliant junior team was the 'A' team represented by G. Parry (Captain), R. Hillier, D. Fall, D. Hammond,
and K. McSweeney. Underestimated by the opposition they stormed into a fantastic semi-final dual with Baldock I before being deposed in extra time
by penalty goals. This was in the 'Stevenage Cup' competition.
In the 'Herts Cup' competition the ‘‘B’ team had a thrilling first round match with Stanstead 'A' team, and were only beaten by one point scored by a
deflection over the crossbar of the goal. On this occasion the team was G. Parry (Captain), R. Hillier, K. McSweeney (all have since been elevated to
the 'A' team), T. Lyon and J. Street.
On Sunday afternoon, 19th June, in front of a very enthusiastic crowd at Goldings we met Sele Farm Youth Club in the final of the cup, and managed
to beat this young and talented side by 5 goals to nil. The swift and powerful Goldings five were certainly a formidable force to which our opponents
had no answer.
The cup was presented by the principal of the Hertford College of Further Education, Mr. T. Tiplady, and the match was refereed by Mr. R. Newton,
area. Youth Officer.
For organisation and management the School are indebted to Mr. Stevenson and Mr. James, and all the players are grateful to them for what has been
a novel experience,


THIS SEASON has been one of the best for the School team for a long time.
For the first time in the School's history we entered the Harlow and District Under 16 League.
We started off this season with four good wins, but the going got harder as we had to play the better teams such as NETTESWELL ATHLETIC who
were a constant threat to us throughout the season in the league, but we managed to force a victory at their ground by 3 goals to 1 after it had been a
goalless first half.
This match was followed by a hard but well-earned win over POTTER STREET COLTS by 2 goals to 1 we scored the winning goal just ten minutes
from the end.
Midway through the season we had our cup matches and we were very confident of winning our first round match against HIGH ONGAR MINORS
because we had previously beaten them in the
league by 12 goals to nil.
But in this match the over-confidence lead to a big disaster as we were beaten by 5 goals to 4. By rights we should have won because we took the lead
minutes from the end, but they managed to equalise and force extra time and so they went on to get the winning goal in extra time.
The following week we were at home to NETTESWELL ATHLETIC, we didn't really expect to win because we were at only half strength and in fact
we didn't win, we lost by 2 goals to nil.
After this set-back we really tried hard and we won our next three league matches quite convincingly.
But then came the climax to our games, we had to play HORN-GATE at home who were at that time top of the league and we were lying third. We
had to win to be able to keep in the running for the league table.
The first 20 minutes were fairly even with both defences dominating the run of the play and not until the last minute of the first half did anything
There was a direct free kick to Horn-gate just outside our 6 yard box; we crammed our goalmouth with all eleven players. As expected they took a
first time shot but the goalkeeper got a hand to it but the ball was travelling at such a speed he could only push it into the air. The ball hit the bar and
rebounded on to the goal-line and finally it was cleared but not before we heard the terrible shrieking sound of the referee's whistle, it was a goal for
Horn-gate! We came out in the second half one goal down but determined to fight back and win.
Within three minutes we equalized through a great goal by Terry Reed who shot at an acute angle with his left foot.
This made the match really tense and exciting for both players and supporters. Once again with two teams level the defences
started dominating the play, but constant pressure from Goldings forwards weakened Horn-gate's defence to such a degree that we took the lead from
a good goal by Ray Merrifield.
Sensing that the end was near we fell back on defence whilst leaving just two loose forwards up field. This was a big mistake because Horn-gate saw
what we were doing and put on the pressure and minutes from the end they equalized through a very lucky overhead kick whilst our goalkeeper was
Although we only managed to collect one point, we also gained valuable match experience for our younger players.
After this match we made sure of winning our matches and we did just this by collecting six points from our next three league matches.
Whilst we were doing this Netteswell were losing ground in the league and finally it was clear that the league title would go to either Goldings or
Horn-gate and yet these two teams had to meet once again at Horn-gate's ground. Finally that day came and every Goldings player was ready to play
the game of his life and give a complete 100 per cent, effort.
Within minutes after we had kicked off we took the lead through Ray Merrifield after he had completed a good move by Joey Law. Although we were
a goal up we didn't play defensive, on the contrary we kept the ball moving and playing good open football which resulted in Ray scoring a second
goal. This was great, two goals up and still playing good football.
On one occasion Horn-gate forced a corner and this lead to their first goal after Trevor Lyon couldn't quite hold the high ball and could only palm it
down to the ground to an awaiting Horn-gate player to crash it home. Horn-gate didn't stop at that, they kept up the pressure and managed to equalize
just before half time.
As throughout the season Goldings didn't give up, we put on a brilliant display of team football so much so that we took the lead once again and in
fact held this single goal lead until the last 10 minutes, then as if someone had hit us over the heads with a sledge hammer Horn-gate struck back with
3 goals in 3 minutes! Although we managed to score one more goal we didn't have what it takes to make a fight back after we had led in the game for
so long.
When our league matches finally came to an end we finished second in the league which marked a personal achievement to every boy who played for
the school. Also I would like to quote from certain other teams in the league that 'Golding’s are the best team in the league'.
On behalf of myself and the rest of the team I would like to thank sincerely Mr. Whitbread to whom we owe most of our success and also to thank
Mr. Brookes for giving the support and on numerous occasions for refereeing. Thank you both very much

The following boys were awarded their colours: T. Lyon, R. Speare, P. Giffard, D. Young, T. Read, P. Grigor, J. Law, J. Street, G. Tovey.
The other members of the team had previously been awarded their colours; viz: R. Hillier (Capt.) and R. Merrifield.

Harlow Minor League Under 16 Section

1965-66 Season Final Table

William Baker School
Nettleswell Colts
Brays Grove Colts
Y.S.A. Colts
Potter St Colts
High Ongar Minors
Harlow S.C.C.








Ray Hillier Captain

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