Many boys have been camping during the week-ends, either with the Scouts or for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, they seem to have
enjoyed it.
It is good to see that the Cadet Band has taken a new lease of life recently, some of our Aberdeen boys have helped to renew its life, and some effort
and enthusiasm is being put into the Band's marching and playing.
At the time of writing inter-House cricket matches have started, Aberdeen have beaten Pelham by 44 runs. R. Smith had a good innings with 40, the
next best was G. Tovey with 15. Pelham's wickets were taken by R. Smith (4), T. Reed (4), and John Street (2).
The Easter term finished with Aberdeen being runners-up to Cairns for the Queens' Cup. Every point counts, so let's see what can be done this
term, it's the effort of us all that is needed, whether it be in sport, school, shop, or in the House itself. Good luck and keep trying.

Housemaster: Mr. Doudney
House Captain: T. Lyon
GroupLeaders: G. Scott, G. Brown, D. Dunn, . Olbison, W. McPhee
Colours: Red and Black

We would like to welcome our new housemaster, Mr. Doudney, who took over from Mr. and Mrs. Patterson. We were very sorry to lose Mr. And
Mrs. Patterson who had done so much to make Cairns a great house. When they first left us we were very lucky to have Mr. Allan and Mr. Brooks
take over the duties of housemasters, and between them kept us in good shape until the arrival of Mr. Doudney. We thank them very much for their
good services to us all.
Our best wishes go to M. Turner, T. Hill, and B. Smith who left the school during the last term, and we hope that by now they have settled down to
their new lives.
In the field of sport we won the inter-house Football Cup by beating Aberdeen by one goal to nil, scored by David Dunne. It was a very close and
hotly contested match.
Representing Cairns in the inter-house table tennis final was David Dunne, who just managed to beat Barry Davison of Somerset house.
Now that the cricket season has started we have four boys playing for the school cricket team: Trevor Lyon, John Olbison, David Dunne, and
Dennis Kayum. This should be a good pointer for inter-house cricket!
Graham Scott has been on a sea training course aboard the Winston Churchill schooner, which must have been a marvelous experience.
Finally, our congratulations to Gilbert Brown,on his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, and next issue I hope to be able to report that he has attained
his Silver.
On behalf of the House I wish everyone a very happy holiday and hope that the sunny weather we are now enjoying will continue.
Having been called upon at very short notice to make a contribution to the GOLDONIAN after only a fortnight as Housemaster of Cairns, I feel that
this message should take the form of an introduction of myself and my aims for the House and for the School generally. I trust that my House
Captain will have expressed adequately the detail regarding the attainments of Cairns, with which he is at this stage far more familiar than I am.
I would like to make it known how very much I appreciate the wonderful opportunity which has been afforded me by my taking up residence at
Goldings, and although things seem more than a little hectic at this stage, I am confident that eventually with the continued kind help of all the other
staff and with the co-operation of my team of workers (for whom nothing is too much trouble provided they have the same attitude to me) we shall
together make some progress, even if only a little in the early stages.
Already I am beginning to see where there is room for improvement, though I am only just becoming acquainted with the habits and personalities
with which I find myself suddenly confronted after a very long uphill struggle to acquire such a position as this; I am so grateful to have the chance
of putting some previously successful ideals into practice, particularly with regard to my keenness to inculcate into my House a sense of personal
integrity and team spirit. I am prepared to act with the great amount of patience required to achieve this end. Seeing me writing this prompted one
member to remark: 'Make it good 'cos you're writing for the Best House'. Who could doubt that already some team spirit exists, which surely should
be furthered? If other Houses resent this, they might bear in mind that superlatives of this kind do not necessarily imply unique status; it is the
striving to be the best which counts.

House Captain: G. Carr
Prefects: ]. Law, S. Clarke, R. Mount
Colours: Green and Yellow
I should like to start these notes by wishing our House parents Mr. and Mrs. Burton a happy and bright future in their new home. We all hope they
will be able to come and see us sometime. We did not have many arrivals or leavers in our house during last term but we hope that the two boys who
joined our ranks, C. Stone and J. Barnett, enjoy their stay in Pelham.
This term we started off a lot better in the Queens' Cup competition and due to the hard work of the boys we now lead. Last term, however, we did
not do so well and came in a sorry third position.
Alas we have not done so well in the football and cricket fixtures and were defeated in the inter-House matches. In the cross country we came third
in both junior and senior events and J. Law was first in the senior event with a thrilling run with R. Mount second.
There are still the swimming and inter-House sports to compete in yet, so perhaps there is a chance for us there.
We are all saddened a little at the departure of Mr. Culver (Skipper) and wish him all the best and hope he is getting on well in his new occupation.

House Parents: Mr. and Mrs. H. Snowden
House Captain: Robert McNamara
Group Leaders: Barry Davison, Phillip Giffard, Dennis Amber, Angus McGeoch, David Rudge and Douglas Hansen
Colours: Yellow and Black
The theme of the GOLDONIAN this time should be I suppose, 'One Hundred Years of Child Care' in view of this being Centenary year of
Dr. Barnardo's. This may not sound very exciting to some of the boys in Somerset, but it is an important year—1966 for many in this school. For
some it is their first year here with us. For others it is their last. (I remember the day I left school it was as though something came up into my throat
and I wanted to glide away as quickly as I could. Before I could do that, the Headmaster was Saying something and I remember the handshakes ;it
the door as I left and I vowed that I would try to never let them down.)
For many others both in Somerset and the School it-will be their first year at Wimbledon, and for us all it has been the first year of the new School
It has also -been an important term—after saying farewell to 'Skip' we saw the football match of the year—Staff versus Boys. We were represented
by Phillip Giffard—that tower of strength at full back, and the boys were lucky to run out winners. It was a grand game and played in good spirit.
Frank Lee once told a friend of mine that it was a long time before he learnt so to time his breathing that his lungs were absolutely full as the bowler
delivered, in order that, he might call 'No ball' when it was necessary—with so little delay that the batsman had time to change his stroke. I'm sure
that some of the staff players had been doing overtime with their breathing exercises in preparation for our vital match. Thank you all for an
enjoyable evening in the top field.
At the time of writing these notes—Raymond Yassin and John Mercury are away at Conway and we shall soon be hearing of their happy and
exciting month at Cartref Melys? We were all delighted at assembly when Mr. Wheatley presented to our House captain, Robert McNamara, the
medal for the silver section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Congratulations, Robert, on your achievement.
In the inter-House football match between Cairns and Somerset, I'm afraid I lost count of the goals scored. If it had not been for our goalkeeper,
Barry Davison, I believe the score would have been much greater. I think we can also draw a moral from the match. Barry had to pick the ball out of
the net twelve or thirteen times, but he never gave up trying. Well played Barry and well played John Puzey—the smallest player on our side.
During the term, Church activities, hobbies, the Cadets (now under the command of Mr. M. Brierley) and swimming have all been encouraged, and
all have played their part in keeping the boys fully occupied during the evenings and at week-ends. It is also surprising how many boys excel
themselves in some of these activities. I am reminded of some words Mr. Embleton once used, 'We cannot all get recognition on the honours board,
or even win a prize, but you can prove yourself by going all out to be a better person than when you came to this school.' The time is now opportune
to give a warm welcome to all new staff and every good wish to all those who have left us.
The swimming gala is still to be arranged. I would like to see Somerset win it this year. We have some excellent swimmers Barry Foote,
David Rudge, Raymond Yassin, Douglas Hanson and Anthony Yassin. In addition some of the juniors are making real progress—Ricky Knowles,
Glenn Stewart, and Paul Withers. To say nothing of William Johnson's prowess as a swimmer.
In closing I would like to wish Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. Embleton, and all the staff and boys a very pleasant and happy summer holiday.
As I prepare this note it is just five weeks before we go home for summer holidays. Since the last GOLDONIAN was published many boys have left
the School and many have joined us. As the present House captain of Somerset I would like to say cheerio to Norman Brown who left us some time
ago, and who I have succeeded:

Table Tennis 1965-66
For many years at Goldings we have had a table tennis tournament. I am proud to say that this year I reached the final of the junior event. The
challenger was Anthony Yassin who put up a good fight only losing by a narrow margin in two straight games. Senior Final. The senior final was,
I think, the most exciting with the two opponents, Barry Davison (Somerset) and David Dunne (Cairns) fighting to the last point. The tough fight
went to David Dunne who won two games to one.

Cartref Melys (Sweet Home)
Cartref Melys is the most enjoyable place I have ever been to. The most exciting things we did were sailing and canoeing. We went canoeing on the
River Conway where we were taught how to build rafts and how to get back into an over-turned canoe. We also went sailing on the River Conway.
Sometimes we had to do things on our own without the help of a master. We enjoyed hiking, cycling, and cross country running and the use of the
assault course.

How TIME flies. By the time these notes are being read it will be eighteen months since we moved into The Verney, during which time we have
seen almost a complete turnover of apprentices. Since the publication of the last GOLDONIAN the following have moved into lodgings: Derek
Hammond, John Foote, and Robert Buggs. Martin Masterson-Andrews joined the Army. The latter called upon us recently, is very fit and well and
assured us that he is very happy in the army. Victor Chan has unfortunately been in hospital for several weeks but was sufficiently recovered to pay
us a visit, along with his father on Monday 9th May, Victor's 21st birthday. We all wish him well in the future.
The following have joined us: Barry West, Roy Harding, and Raymond Merrifield, and we hope that their stay will be a happy one. R. Buggs after
only two months stay decided to try his luck in lodgings. Which reminds me that The Verney used to be regarded and known as 'Half-way House'
although it seems to get stretched to three-quarters, seven-eighths and nine-tenths in some cases these days!
A very pleasant and informative Sunday evening was spent in January when Miss Elton, the School Matron, visited us and projected a varied
selection of transparencies showing us many views. and the flora and fauna of South Africa. We were on this occasion joined by members of the
Hertford Methodist Youth Fellowship.
The conscientious weekly hour spent gardening by some of our apprentices is resulting in a gradual transformation of the garden, and no doubt by
the time these notes are being read a very good show of roses will have appeared, we hope. Favourable comments which come to our notice, made
by passers by, indicate that these efforts do not go unnoticed.
Unfortunately it has not been dry enough yet to play tennis but the enforced rest will no doubt benefit the turf and give some of the places which
had to be re-sown a chance to recover more fully.
Mrs. Ephgrave continues to keep everything spick and span and Miss Wilson attends to the wants of the inner man. We are very fortunate in having
two such capable and conscientious workers. To them, and to all the apprentices we extend our best wishes for a very happy summer holiday.

BAKER, ROBERT : We heard that Robert was married on Saturday, 28th May, at Christchurch, Gosport. Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Baker,
and we trust they will enjoy a long and happy life together. New address not to hand.
BOWDEN, TERRY : Had hoped to visit us during the Easter Holiday but as we now close for the main holidays this was not possible.
Present address: 21 Harding Strings, Didcot, Berks.
CAMPBELL, GEORGE: We were very sorry to learn that George had been involved in a motor cycle accident in Australia. According to the
communication, the wearing of a crash helmet probably saved his life.
COTTON, WILLIAM: Keeps in touch with H.Q. at Stepney and is still helping to spread the Gospel to the people of Bolivia. Present address:
Casilla 588, La Paz, Bolivia.
HOOD, RAYMOND: Received a very nice letter of appreciation from Raymond, who has now completed his apprenticeship. Present address:
Clifton Lodge, 23 Lonsdale Square, Islington, N.I.
HOYLE, CHRISTOPHER: Had a letter from Chris in April, sending best wishes to all his old friends, and would like to hear from them.
Present address: 32 Greystoke Avenue, Austin Farm, Plymouth, Devon.
GREEN, RICHARD : Left in 1959 and is now hoping to take up a career as a Housemaster guardian, but as he says, he has a lot of studying to
do yet! Present address: 206 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex.
KANE, SHORNE : A short note received from Shorne, requesting a GOLDONIAN. Present address: 166 Bridge Road South, North Shields.
LANGLER, DAVID : Ex-Painter and Decorator is now training as a gas-fitter and attending technical college. Present address: 13 Riding Street,
Southport, Lanes.
MAIRS, RAMIT: Wrote to us in December, inquiring about some of his old friends, and seems to be very happy living with brothers Desmond and
James. Present Address: 39 Katherine Road, London, N.6.
RICHARDSON, RONALD : Is now in New Guinea, and was working on a new Police Barracks when he wrote to H.Q. Present address: c/o D. C.
Watkins Ltd., P.O. Box 178, Post Moresby, Papua, New Guinea.
STEYERT, FRED : Wrote for a School blazer badge, with his colours for swimming which were awarded in 1947-8. Fred is a married man with
four children, two boys and two girls, and is himself an officer in the service of H.M. Prisons. Present address: H.M. Prison, Hedon Road, Hull,
WRIGHT, STANLEY : Many old boys and staff will remember Stanley as the acrobatic clown of the gym team of some years ago. He called in at
Stepney H.Q. a few weeks ago, and is doing his best to earn a living as a self employed Painter and Decorator. Present address: 10 Harewood Close,
Northolt, Middlesex.
WILSON, HORACE : It is with deep regret we record the death of Major Wilson, on 6th February, after a short spell in hospital. Horace had
suffered ill health for many years as a result of his war experiences. He left Goldings in 1931 and joined the Salvation Army in 1933. Our deepest
sympathy to his brother, sister, and other members of his family.


WE HAVE welcomed a number of new friends to our staff since the last issue of the GOLDONIAN, and we trust they will like us well enough to
stay for a long time.
In the Printing Department we have Mr. F. A. Hunt, teacher of compositor's work, who joined us in January, and has already established himself as
a real asset to both boys and staff. In April Mr. S. Edgar joined the machine room of the department, and like Mr. Hunt has been a “hit from the
Just before going to press Mr. C. S. Barringer arrived to take over as teacher of letterpress machine work.
Mr. Keith Brierley has joined his brother in the Sheet Metal Work Department as teacher of Mechanics. This combination will certainly carry on the
tradition set by Messrs, de' Boeck and Son of previous decades.
In the General Subjects section their staff has been kept up to strength with the arrival of Mr. G. Robinson, who specailizes in science and maths.
The Home staff have many new faces in the various sections. Mr. and Mrs. S. Batstone have taken over as Houseparents of Aberdeen and Mr. L.
Doudney as Housemaster of Cairns. Mr. and Mrs. W. Pickles are chief cooks, with Mr. M. Lampard and Mr. A. Von Behaim-Schwartzbach und
Kirchensittenbach (referred to as Alex) as relief housemasters and dining hall masters. The part-time Home staff has also been strengthened with
the services of Mrs. T. Noble (Seamstress), Mrs. Allen (Staff Dining Room), Mr. North, Mrs McArdle, Mrs. Frith, Mrs. O'Reilly, Mrs. G. Rourke
(cleaners). Also for a short spell of three weeks Nurse Bateman had the assistance of Nurse Westrop. Unfortunately soon after the departure of Miss
Westrop Nurse Bateman came under doctor's and hospital orders, but Mrs. Gregory and Mrs. Darton between them coped with all medical

Having welcomed so many new friends, it must be obvious that we have lost some old friends, and in addition to 'Skipper' we have said farewell to
the following: Mr. R. Fox (Printing Department) who after 8 years decided to seek promotion at Dagenham College as a grade 'B' lecturer in
Letterpress Machine Work. Mr. and Mrs. Paterson and Mr. and Mrs. Burton have gone to a special school, Swaylands, in Kent. Likewise Mr. And
Mrs. Whittaker have taken a joint appointment at a Girls' Home, Red Hatch, Winchester. Mr. B. Ljubojev (our chef, known as 'Bosgo') also
decided to move to other parts, and a few weeks later Mr. Tovell, also from the kitchen, moved south of the Thames to Kent.

Many readers will be sad to hear of the death of Mrs. de' Boeck, who passed away suddenly in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 26th April, 1966.
To Mr. de' Boeck and his daughter we extend bur deepest sympathy.

July 1966

The Goldonian



THE HEADING to this report may not instantly bring to mind the personage to whom it refers, but for once I
feel that 'Skipper' should be given his full and honourable title.
It is very sad, and as yet unbelievable, that the ever cheerful, never flapable character is no longer within our
precincts, but time waits for no man, not even Mr. Culver, and with his health somewhat below par Mr. Culver
collaborated with his doctor and shook the dust of Goldings from his feet a few months earlier than is usual.
Many readers will be aware of the honour bestowed on Captain Culver in 1958, when Her Majesty graciously
approved the award of the Army Cadet Force Medal and Certificate for his services to the force, an honour
richly deserved.
Apart from his activities as Cadet Officer, his main role at the School was that of housmaster, and in particular,
Somerset House, up until a year or two ago.
As all boys, past and present, will know, we have a very live Social Club here at Goldings, which is responsible
for evening entertainment for the boys and staff during the winter months. Once again Mr. Culver has been
well to the fore with his services, having held the position of secretary for 15 years.
At the farewell ceremony, Mr. Wheatley paid tribute to the great work Skipper had done for our School over
the last 25 years, having turned his hand with great efficiency to the majority of jobs within the School,
including teaching when staff was scarce. Without a doubt his greatest personal contribution was the formation
of the Army Cadet Company in December, 1945, and which has continued to flourish ever since. Mr. Wheatley
made reference to the number of letters he himself had received from Old Boys, all paying tribute to the
influence 'Skipper' had bestowed upon them.
At the conclusion of Mr. Wheatley's tribute, he presented Mr. Culver with a plaque as a visible token of our esteem, and a cheque on behalf of all
members of the staff. On behalf of the Social Club he presented Mr. Culver with an illuminated address signed by all members. Finally, Robert Buggs,
on behalf of all boys and apprentices, handed over a silver tankard with a few well-chosen words for 'Skipper's' ear only!
On behalf of all late members of staff and Old Boys I would like to wish our old friend a very long and happy retirement, and conclude this very
inadequate appreciation with his new address, so that his old friends can continue to correspond with him.
Mr. A. P. Culver, Copthall Guest House, Copthall Gardens, Folkestone, Kent.


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AWARDS GAINED this term:
SILVER—R. McNamara
BRONZE—J. Mikkleson, P. Mann, G. Tovey, S. Ellwood and G. Brown.
An expedition is to be held during the first week in July to Lochearnhead in Scotland. Ten boys will be taking part in company with a group of boys
from Hertford Grammar School.