Just under Two years ago, Barnardos were approached by the Celebrated London Artist, Rosa Branson MBE requesting
to do a painting about Barnardos, past and present. Rosa came to the Goldings reunion in 2011 to see Goldings first
hand and I understand she spoke with Some Goldings old boys about their Barnardo experiences. She then attended the
October National Council meeting and explained what she wished to do and then spoke with some members about their
Barnardo life also. During this time she was building up a mental picture of what would be included in the painting.

On 20th December 2012 following the Christmas Carol service at the children's church at Barkingside, the painting was
unveiled and the contents were known only to Rosa herself, other than the guy who hung the painting. I was totally “gob
smacked” and speechless when all was revealed and have no idea at all why I was included. All I can say is that I feel
very honoured and proud to be a part of this piece of Barnardo history that will hang in the Village Church for many
years to come.

Alan Dearman

We will be at the Barkingside Carol service tommorrow (21st December at 1pm) when the unveiling of that
large painting (above) will take place. Those who attended the 2011 Goldings reunion may remember Rosa,
the artist in question, who spoke to many of us as she was gathering background information about Goldings
and Barnardos, before putting her ideas onto canvas.

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Barnardo Painting