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1993 Reunion Pictures

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The Beauty of Goldings

Open Day

Page Compiled 2005

Now and then

Commemoration Bench

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Goldings Cup Photos 2008

Goldings Revisited Winter 2008

Yes I remember it well

Out with the old in with the new 2003-4

Dining Room through the years

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As time goes by

The Goldings Award

Goldings Cup Photos 2009

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Reflections of our life

Bob Newtons Gym Team

Goldings Footpath

2009 Reunion Pictures

Armistice Day (Remembrance Sunday)

The Tuck Shop

Goldings in the snow


Around Goldings with Billy Knight 2009

Stills from the official opening of Goldings

Goldings Cup Photos 2010

Stills from the Browning Version

As time goes by 2

Stills from Wimbledon 1954-58

As time goes by 3

A walk through Goldings Wood Short cut

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As time goes by 4

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Barnardo Painting

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B.S.P. Bowls Club

David Wheatley’s Family Album

Joan Embleton’s Family Album

Ref: Mr. Wheatley, Headmaster 1945-1966

Ref Mr. Embleton, Head Gardener and last Headmaster at Goldings

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Wimbledon Revisited 2016

Wimbledon Revisited 2004

Billy Knight at Buckingham Palace

Margaret Dearman at Buckingham Palace

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Renovating Bob Macnamaras Coffee table

Mrs Stackwood Goldings Furniture

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Around Goldings with Sam Hill