Robert William Pegg

Arrived at Goldings from 'Boarding-Out' in April, 1949. Became House Captain of Buxton.
Joined the Print School under 'Dusty' Miller and Ron Stackwood.
Wimbledon Ball Boy 1950-51.
Completed printing apprenticeship in 1956 and joined a local printer.
After National Service in the RAF returned to job in Hertford.
Married local girl and moved to London for better-paid job.
Qualified as Teacher and became Lecturer at London College of Printing.
Joined an American company selling and installing “ New Technology ” to newspapers.
Became International Sales Director.
On retirement in 1995 settled in Hertford to enjoy active sports such as golf, bowls and swimming.

I was born in July 1935 in Paddington, West London.
Admitted to Barnardos in 1940. Mother died, then father unknown.
No other family ever discovered.

At present have wonderful wife and two sons in their late thirties - that's my family!

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New arrivals to Buxton House are Robert Pegg from Stowmarket
Les Bilham from Much Wenlock and Malcolm Warner.
Goldonian Summer 1949

Goldonian Summer 1950

Our first season in Junior League football was quite successful, and we finished sixth in the league. Derek Morgan was top scorer,
and Bob Pegg and Peter Taber turned out for every game. A jolly good effort.
We applied for election into Division 1 if there were any vacancies, and once again we have been lucky. I am quite sure Mr. Maslin
must have said a good word for us! Thank you very much!
With our promotion of course, the competition will be keener, and the football better, so I appeal now to all members to support
The Goldonian Summer 1954

Snippets of Bob’s time spent at Goldings

Robert Pegg