The Memorial at Waterford Church

The Visit to Goldings

Is this the tree Grandad you climbed
down when you went scrumping

David Swinger with his wife and Bill Roe

Mrs Newton with Mike Justice

Dave and Fred Barnes

Chris Cachrimanis and Gordon Rath

David Wheatley

Rev Fairbank, Jean Clark, Dave, Fred Barnes and Alan Dearman

Back at the Reunion Hall

Alan Dearman presenting Fred Barnes with the Goldings award. Mike Justice presenting Jean Clark with the Goldings Award

Dave Blower, Brian Perrier The Mayor and Pop Steele

On hearing a bugle being played I was told it was Brian Cunningham with
my grandson Josh I went for my camera thinking I would get him on photo
but no he was gone leaving my Josh playing on his own “next year Brian”

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Page Compiled October 2011


Many thanks to all Goldings Old Boys and Staff from Mal and myself
for such a treasured award, which I would like to share with others
also, who make all the work so enjoyable in organising the Re-union!
And long may it continue in honour of the boys and Staff no longer
with us, it’s an honour to be part of such Elite group of people
Dave and Mal
With special thanks also to Ann, Peter Drummond, and all of the Perrier
Family. And also my daughter Michelle who have become essential
“cogs” In a most enjoyable day!

The photo’s above revolve around Mike’s time spent at Golding, and two little stories he tells!
When they went to Holy Communion and the wine was passed to them to taste they were loathed to give it back to the Vicar until they drank
more than their share so this involved a tugging scene between the Vicar and boys consequently the goblet became bent at the stem!
The second story is about when they used to watch “Gabby Hayes drinking coffee in the cowboy films round the “Camp Fire”
So they decided to copy this scene, so they obtained!! from the kitchen a bottle of Camp Coffee and started a little fire up “Top Field to act out
the scene, but as they tried to drink it they both “spat” it out and thought what a vile drink! Not giving it a thought that it should have been
diluted with water!!
Never to drink coffee again.
When Mike recalled this story to us we set about locating these lost props, after searching through E-Bay, the Antiques Road Show,
Lost and Found, Crime Watch, and finally in desperation Steptoe and Sons yard we recovered them, one bent Goblet and a bottle of
“Camp Coffee”, and was presented to him on the Reunion day

Reunion Photos 2011