Keith Elkins

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Inter Homes Sports Barkingside

Salvation Army L/R Keith, Sherlock and Noel Mairs.

Ex: Dr Barnardos Boy and proud of it. having been placed at Caldecotte House in Abingdon, twice in The Village
Homes Barkingside, Furze Court in Hove and The William Baker Tech School "Goldings" Hertford. Leaving the
latter in December 1961. Have had a wonderful and varied life, been Married 40 years and have two grown up
children. 35 years with Securicor as Branch Manager made redundant at 60. now I am Semi Retired Funeral Director.
Two of my mates were David "Sherlock" Holmes and Ian Parks, although I knew quite a few more.
When arriving at Goldings I was given a number that was mine for the duration of my stay, My junior house
was Kinnaird and my senior house was Cairns.
I started to learn a trade in Carpentry under Mr Tempest but for some reason I was just too frightened to hold a
Saw or Chisel in cold weather. Then tried Boot Making and Shoe Repairs under Mr Tordoff, I was quite good at
making and mending shoes but it wasn’t really for me. Then Mr Embledon “Embo” Deputy Head Master and
Head of the Gardening Trade persuaded me to try gardening.
Keith Tovell( Elkins) 57-61

David "Sherlock" Holmes and Me when
I was known as Keith Elkins

Winston Tovell taking me and Sherlock to visit Ian at Dymchurch Children’s camp whilst we were on holiday at Furze Court, Barnardos Home in Brighton

David "Sherlock" Holmes in his boot makers
gear and me in my Dining Room whites and Me

Staff race Summer 1961

Brian Froud at Goldings

Winston and Ian Parks

Ian Parks

Ian Parks and Sherlock David Holmes

Keith Winston Tovell and Ian Parks

Keith on the Donkey

Keith on the Donkey

Keith and Ian

Peter Marsh wedding 1964,
Best man was his brother John

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In Hertford Castle grounds

Keith Tovell (Elkins)