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New Entrants Goldonian Spring 1960
Eric Magellan From Boarding Out, to train as a Sheet Metal Worker
Leavers Goldonian Summer 1963
Aberdeen Eric Magellan (January 1960 to May 1963)
Sheet Metal Worker.

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Eric Magellan

Eric Magellan 2009

Goldings looking up from grass tennis courts

Goldings, taken from the lawn which we were not allowed to walk on!

Aberdeen House boys (Can anyone name names?)

Terry Parsons and Mike Justice

Summer 1960 Eric Magellan B Antonio M Justice


Alf Cummings, Bobby Passmoor, and Trevor Davison

Eric Magellan Tea rooms

Eric Magelllen John Lau Terry Bowden

Pluto Stockton Myself Leslie Twist Micky Hindle

Alfie Cummings ( Nerman)

Eric Magellan