Started life in a children’s home in Ramsgate, Kent. In 1939 at the age of four, he was evacuated with another boy to a
'Small Holding' in the hamlet of 'Broadwater' near Stevenage. After some time, it became clear that the Mother and daughter
who owned and run the Small Holding, could not cope with two growing boys, so one had to leave.
In 1946 Stephen was sent to Russell - Cotes Nautical School, a Dr Barnardo's Home, near Poole in Dorset, to train for the Navy.
Although he was keen on the Navy, in 1948 it was decided that Stephen should learn a trade, and was sent to another
"Home in Hertford” (William Baker Technical School). At this home Stephen learned the trade as a Carpenter. He became a
Prefect; House Captain; and in his final two years School Captain.
In September 1952, at the age of 17, Stephen was summoned to the Head Master's Office to be told that he will be leaving in a
weeks time, lodgings had been found in London's Wood Green, and a job in a small carpentry firm a short bus ride away. On the
16th September 1952 Stephen left the security of the Homes to a world he did not understand, having been institutionalised, to
say he was lost, was an understatement.
He was 'chuffed to nuts', when his 'Call Up Papers' arrived, for N/Service with the Rifle Brigade. He arrived at the Winchester
Depot, on the 7th July 1953 and spent 22 years in the Army (R. B, K. R. R. C. -Green Jackets) Traveling around the world-Kenya;
B. A. O. R.; Berlin; British Guiana; Malay Peninsula; Cyprus and N- Ireland, from Rifleman to WO2, Stephen showed himself to
be an adaptable person; He was a P.T.I; Small Arms Instructor; Anti Tank Gun Instructor; a Field Engineer, Mines & explosive
expert, and a good shot with the Rifle and Light machine gun. In 1956 Stephen met his future wife Sheila, they married in 1958.
Sheila said she first notice Stephen had blue eyes and long eyelashes; blond hair and sun tanned (Just returned from Kenya)
Stephen has said of Sheila, she was the most attractive girl in all of England! On the first date Sheila was dressed in a lilac long
coat with thin black dashes all over; black shoes & black handbag. They have been married for over fifty years. Sheila travelled
with Stephen, from 1959 to 1972, in that time they moved 14 times from one 'Army Quarter ' to another, in England and
Germany, after so many moves Sheila had had enough, they bought their first house in Ipswich in 1972, then moved to Romsey
1973. The family of two married sons, Andrew to Lindsay; 4 children, Lewis, George, Justin and Tassia. Adrian to Elisa, they
have three sons and one daughter each. Joshua; Cheyanne; Samuel; and Eli, at the last count! mind you, Stephen did not always
get the names right. Never the less he was so very proud of his family, having started life as he did. He would do anything for
them. He used to ask them, "why do I do this? or that? for them, they would reply, "because your our Grand Dad"!
After leaving the Army, Stephen found employment as part of a management team, running the administration of Brent Cross
Shopping Centre, in London, working his way up to General Manager. After eighteen years of commuting to London each week,
he decided to find work nearer home. He Found employment with T. V. B. C, looking after 'small businesses units' at the
Walworth Enterprise Centre Andover, Stephen retired in 2000. He then took on the task of looking after the interest of
'The Romsey Royal British Legion Club Ltd 4 as Chairman. He is also President of the British Legion (Romsey) Branch

Born on the 1st of March 1935,

Stephen Horsley

Dear Dave
I have just got myself a computer, and thought I would try my hand at the INTERNET. The first thing I have done, was to go
for 'Goldings' and found quite a lot of information.
On seeing my name and photo on the web, I thought I would send you an up to date information of myself, pick out what you
think would of interest and put on the net.

Regards Stephen


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