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Page Compiled Aug 2010

The Swimming Pool in the river 1936 (a few short years later the
New one was built 1938)

The same scene 2010 without the boys

Ray Bowden attending the gardens 1964

Come back Mr Embleton and rescue your once proud gardens

Returning Home 1951

2010 Missing from the scene “The Boys”

Dr Barnardo Fete in the grounds of Goldings 1928
Supported on the day with over 5,000 Visitors.

The secrets this piece of land holds!

Time stopped play!

Captured! Spectators look down on our glorious Cricket Table 1958

Attending part of our 100 acres with the trainee in tow!

Unattended 2010

2010 Added the Goldings “Berlin Wall”

A Gardener in training next to Mr DeBoecks
Sheet Metal Work Shop

Sports Day with Frankie Irons

2010 Sports Day

Entrance to the Wood mid 50’s

Little change 2010 other than the boys.

Perhaps this won’t change for many years ?
We hope!


What quality of past workmanship, overlooked when it was once my Home


As time goes by continued

In those living years