Page Compiled September 2017

All images and text copyright to Goldings Old Boys reunion members

Henry Johnstone

Henry Johnston

Henry Johnston brother outside Printers

Scenes around the grounds at Goldings

Henry Johnston

Waterford Church

Sign by The Lodge


The Chapel

Swimming Pool

Captain Culver. known as Skipper

Skipper Culver

A Bugler

Henry Johnston brother outside Printers
with Mark the Boiler man

Henry Johnston age 13

Henrys brother Fred with Friend

Three Goldings boys at statue in Hertford

Henry brother Fred with 2 other boys

John Stocking and a friend

Henry and lads enjoying outdoor pool Goldings

My brother myself and 2 other friends

2 ladies from The Verney

Nurse Underwood imitating a swan

A cadet

3 Cadets 50s

Cadet Band at Goldings

Print Shop W B T S

Bruce a Goldings boy with his Mom and left with another Goldings boy

Goldings boy 50s (Bob Bone)