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Page Compiled October 2017

Reunion Photos 2017

Billy Knight

Scenes around
the grounds at

A warm welcome from David and Denise


The Hall opens for our special day

Mal (Dave Blowers wife), Ellen Perrier, Jean Clark
and my Son-in-Law Alan.

The 50’s clan.

Repeated, just checking to make sure that none had done a

The camera broke on the two above, replaced with a heavy
duty one

The visit to Goldings

60’s ladsWe have forgotten how to “Line Up”

The steps up to top field, the arch in the background

Saturday afternoon after a visit to “Woolies”
Billy Knight (50’s) Mike Justice(50’s-60’s)

60’s lads with Denise where our “Parade Ground”
Once was.

Sammy Hill, face the front!

Jean Clark, Pop, and Ivan Smith

Henry Johnstone, Henry Peet (50’s) Barnardo Staff

Billy Knight (50’s) Pop, and Ivan Smith (60’s)

Dave Blower, (60’s) with Pop.

Mo, John Burr to the right

Clive Gillingham and wife

Joan Embleton, her father was
Mr Embleton

Ken Newton (Mr Newton’s son) with Ike Aviston

John Mercury. Billy,Mike,
Carolyn Wheatley and David

With Alex Leeming

Mike Justice (50-60’s) Tony Angell (60’s) with his
Brother Bob Angell (50’s)

Billy, Gordon Rath, and Pop with a porridge
Protester in the background singing “The Hills are

David Wheatley, Ike, Ken, and Peter Knight (40’s)

Mikki Rath and Chris Cachrimanas wife

Pop, with John Mercury, Gordon Rath, Mike Justice
Sydney Bracken (50’s and 60’s

Gordon Rath (50’s-60’s)with Pop.

On the right David, who along with Denise owns the apartment at Goldings.

L-R Jimmy Street, Billy Hill, Bobby MacNamara
Sammy Hill, John Mercury, Mike Justice, and
Tommy Hill, all 60’s lads.

The Water Tower still remains

Len Mott and his wife with Joan Embleton

Chris Cachrimanis, his wife
Mikki Rath and our Jean