Throughout the short time I have been organising the re-union we have slowly collected items of interest that were reminders of
our times that was spent at Goldings and are displayed at the reunion to help us remember that they were of every day use to us.
All of the items have been donated by Members, Staff, and Children of the Staff, as Staff purchased off the school many items
made by the boys, and to my amazement are still in practical use today as I visited their homes. So we have arranged them
below, take a look , see which ones you remember, and perhaps many that you may have forgot !
We now also have film (10 min’s) of the opening by the Prince of Wales coupled with a tape transferred to C.D. of the Band, but
year is unknown. As other items are discovered they will be added to this page.
I would like to thank everyone who has so kindly donated

The Cadet Standard was
made by Mrs Halfhide

Cadet s

A Goldings Hymn Book Donated by Jo Sheppard (Mr Sheppard daughter, the Headmaster of the School Block and himself a former
Goldings boy who was there 1934-5 ) which was used for morning assembly.
It reads on the extreme right hand page Josephine Sheppard, South Riding, Goldings, Hertford. Presented September 24th 1961

Above is a selection of the School Magazine “The Goldonian” which was printed by the boys in the Print Shop which started out as a
Barnardo Journal including news of other homes, but the content from Goldings got so big it was decided to produce one exclusive about
Goldings. The content usually gave latest news in the School ,Sport, Staff comings and going, The Band Notes, School Results, and news
and progress of the Old Boys. Started out in 1927, a little bit thin throughout the Second World War due to paper shortage. In the early
days it was produced monthly this then was changed to each term until 1966 and 1967 when the school closed it finished at once a year.
They have now been reproduced into A4 Format to help enable Old Boys at the Reunions recall their exploits and friendships all those
years ago.

This is the “The Order for the Administration of The Holy Communion” that was used at Goldings and reads above written by Hand in
Old English A Gift to the Boys of Goldings from the Parishioners of Holy Trinity Bengeo for use in The School Chapel.
At Goldings a selection of boys throughout the year were given Holy Communion in the School Chapel usually by the Bishop of
Saint Albans.

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The Pews in this Chapel

made by the boys at Goldings.

were provided by gifts from the following

Schools & Colleges

The two sets of Standards were hand stitched by Mrs Halfhide who I am led to believe was not a official member of staff, but did many
wonderful things for the boys and school and also helped out in sick bay when the school was wanting for a nurse (She was also a
S.R.N.) When the school had open days to display to the general public the fine work that was carried out there, she was also known to
set up a stall to sell to the visitors items made at the school to supplement funds for the school, which became known as “Dots Stall” .
An unsung hero to the school along with her young daughter that the passage of time should never forget them.
These treasured items are displayed at our reunions to remind everyone the fine workmanship that she did for us, and were made for us
early 1960’s.

To the left and right are displayed not genuine “Goldings Bugle’s” but examples.
to remind us of the important role that they played in the life of the School.
Our timetable of life was controlled at the school by various tunes they thundered
out. I n the centre is a genuine “Silver Mouth Piece” donated to
us by Pop Steele (Staff) and was awarded when you became “Lead Bugler” in the

The original Key and Presentation Case that
Princess Margaret used to open the new
Macandrew Wing to the School in 1960.
Sadly knocked down as it was not considered
Grade 2 listed building, and is now an
underground car park for the “New Residents”.

This is the original photo that hung in the Printers
Shop of the Prince of Wales officially opening
Goldings in 1922, flanked by the first Governor
Mr Garnett.

The Queens Cup donated by
David Wheatley the Headmasters

Donated by Mike Justice M.B.E.
an Old Boy, for swimming.
A Victor Ladorum Award.

Made by one of our Old Boys a
framed copy of the School Badge

Donated by Fred
Barnes, a Goldings

A genuine Chisel
which has been
donated to us, part
of our tools that
were given to us.
Along with our
Toolbox when we

To the right original Gardening Tools made
in the Sheet-Metal Work Shop which
have also been Donated to us.

This Frame hung in the Chapel at Goldings, and reads

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more info on Cadets

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Donated to the Reunion by Pop Steele

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