It is my privilege, to record, once again, the various activities that have taken place with the school Tuck Shop, since the last issue
of the GOLDONIAN. At the time of writing it is gratifying to note that the Tuck Shop (situated in the Junior Boys' Club) is to stay
here, permanently.
The Headmaster has kindly had a counter-shutter erected across the counter. This makes the shop more ship-shape as it were, and by
the time the alterations are completed it will begin to look posh.
Long awaited for and at last it has arrived is the refrigerator which arrived in late July of this year. It is hired from the Dairy Maid Ice
Cream Co., Ltd., Ware, from whom we also purchase our ices. This refrigerator is a great boon to the Tuck Shop, although sometimes
it has "conked-out." However, the boys have profited from this in the way of free ices, etc., and it is soon forecast around the school
that "free ices are being whacked out round the Tuck Shop!" The "home-made" ice blocks are always in. demand, probably as they are
made extra large size from the tumblers in the shop.
At the time of going to press no more "news" is available, but there are a few details to add however. Any suggestions you might
have in the way of confectionery and the sweets you prefer, are always welcome. Also, please keep up the good name of the school
by placing sweet papers, etc., in the bins provided. Mention must also be made of John Smoker, for his able assistance behind the
counter. We all appreciate his efforts, likewise Mr. R. F. Leason and Mr. R. F. Stokes, and with them, and on behalf of the school
Tuck. Shop, may I wish you all a Happy Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year.
J. L.


Page Compiled November 2009

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