A True Story
IT WAS the Sunday School Anniversary at the Baptist Church. The church was packed with parents and friends who had
gone to listen to the children singing, reading, and taking part in the service. As the preacher started to give his sermon he
held up a big hold-all bag full of wrapped parcels. He asked one little boy to choose and unwrap a parcel. The child did so,
and held up a lovely jewel case. The preacher opened the case and showed the congregation a lovely looking necklace but
on closer examination it was discovered that the necklace was very cheap and tawdry and of very little value. The theme
of the sermon was 'Things are not always what they seem'.
Next, a little girl chose a tightly wrapped parcel marked 'Treasure', but when she undid it, she discovered an old shoe; The
sole and the upper had parted company and the poor shoe looked a sorry sight. There was great amusement in the
congregation as the shoe was held up. The preacher said to the little girl 'That "treasure" isn't any good to anybody, is it?'
The little girl looked solemnly at him and said: 'You could give that to our Goldings boys and they could mend it.'
Now she is just a very little girl, but she stood up in front of all those people and in that one sentence had declared her love,
her complete trust, belief, and faith in you all. Try never to let her own
D. M. H.
The Goldonian Winter 1959

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