Eric McKay

Eric and Grand daughter Catherine

Eric with his family

40s 50s and 60s Goldings boys

Aberdeen Boys Eric McKay 101 and John Horn 99 meet again after 64 years

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On reading that Eric McKay had
won the Award, John Horn
recognised the name he remembered
from Aberdeen House Goldings, and
decided to surprise Eric at his
Presentation. Eric being on top bunk
to John in the Dorm, and 12 months
Senior to John, but with lots of
memories to Recall.

This is a copy of the letter sent by Catherine (Eric’s granddaughter ) to Barnardo’s.
Permission was given by Catherine to display a copy of the original letter shown below
Eric was trained at Goldings to be a Carpenter and remembers “Stormy Tempest” with affection.
Eric later joined the Police Force in Bath, and shortly afterwards became a Murder Detective
of which he served with distinction until his retirement.