Mention has been made in previous bulletins of the special training
Given to the boys in the workshops. We are very glad to be able to
publish the accompanying photograph of work which has just been
completed in our Cabinet makers shop. The Pulpit, Reading Desks,
and Choir Stalls, made in Austrian Oak, beautifully figured and
waxed in the natural colour, have been sent to the Watts Naval
Training School, another branch of Dr Barnardo’s Homes. They
form part of the reconstruction scheme in the Naval School Chapel,
and should do much to increase its beauty and dignity.

The boys who appear in the photograph are two of the young
craftsmen who have had the privilege of doing the work.
The Pulpit was commenced by Kellcher , who left us for a situation,
and was finished by Hewson and Holt. It is a striking commentary
made by the boys that Hewson has had only two years and Holt only
one year training.

In the near future , we hope to open a club room for senior boys. It
is situated in a large Conservatory, which until a few months ago
ago was used as the Cabinet Makers Shop. It has been painted and
floored by our own labour and will provide Billiards, Table Tennis
And the usual indoor games, together with a kind of reading lounge
for study and entertainment.

Through the kindness of the Council of the Homes, new football
kit has been issued to the school. Each of seven Houses has two XIs
and each House has it’s distinctive colour, It is a most attractive sight
the 14 teams in brilliant colours, playing hard and making the most of the holiday. But the footballs! You simply cannot imagine how
Expensive it is to keep up the necessary supply. And soon it will be Cricket. Bats, balls gloves, pads, nets, stumps, all these will be
needed for the coming season. If any School have football or Cricket gear which they can spare, please regard these last sentences as
a very cordial invitation to send your spares to us. They are badly needed, and will be warmly acclaimed

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