Since 2004 when I began helping with the reunion we have lost a couple of our most prominent members, Mike Jarvis, John Hunt,
Jimmy James, Bob Newton and many more all equally missed by us all. It was decided when we lost John Hunt and then the shock
just 12 months later of Jimmy that we would present Barnardo’s with an Award (The Goldings Award) this was in Memory of all
Goldings Old Boys and Staff, and would be awarded to any Barnardo Boy or Girl who had dedicated their time to Barnardo’s
however small or great their efforts were.
The Old Boys and Girls National Council would decide upon the Award.
The National Council meeting held beginning of April had the Award on the agenda, it was agreed that the best way get nominations
was through the Guild Messenger, so we agreed that an article needs to go in the Summer issue, National Council will then select at
next meeting (2 days after Goldings Reunion!)

The Goldings Award is cut glass, and has been donated to Barnardos by Goldings Old Boys and Staff.








Barnardo’s (Paragraph of letter sent to Barnardos)
Enclosed in this package are two Goldings Awards. The larger one of the two we expect to be displayed possibly in your reception,
or a similar prominent location of your choosing. The other one is intended to be presented to Margaret Roberts on behalf of Barnardo’s
with a suitable write up in the Guild Messenger of the occasion, and the fact that it will become an annual award chosen by the
Old Boys and Girls to someone of their choice, that they feel volunteered their services in the interest of the Barnardo’s and their
aims on a voluntary basis.

The first recipient of the Award was Margaret Roberts 2008 (photo below)

Margaret pictured above being presented with the
Award by Andrew Nebel from Barnardos.

Margaret Roberts is the first recipient of the Goldings Award.
Margaret is now an very elderly lady, and like many similar persons
within the Barnardo Organisation has through the years supported
them voluntary in pursuit funds to maintain there work with children.
My chance meeting with her was my visit to Barkingside, and as I
walked through onto the lawn, there she was selling her “home made”
wears for funds, and she appeared to me that this was a labour of
love she had been doing for years, and like many others like her
should not be overlooked!

Hello Dave,
Just to inform you that sadly, Margaret Roberts died on Friday 7th November.
As you know, she had recently been presented with her Goldings Award by
Andrew Nebel & Mary Godfrey. Anne & Sonya Maddieson
had also attended and Margaret had really enjoyed the experience.
Regards Matt (Barnardo’s Aftercare)

Len Harpin presenting the Goldings Award to Joan James

The Goldings Award being presented to Brenda Hunt by Len Harpin

Marion Jarvis being presented the Award by Chay at her home on Monday 3rd August

If you would like to nominate someone, the facility will be in the next Guild Messenger Summer issue, you can also email
through the site, or contact Barnardos direct
The person you nominate can be any Barnardo old boy or girl you feel has given their time to Barnardos.
Click here it will be passed on to the Old Boys and Girls Council.

Your Vote

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Page Compiled April 2009

Below are photographs of Brenda Hunt, Joan James and Marion Jarvis who’s husbands inspired the idea of an Award.

Goldings Award 2010 was Goldings Boy Eric McKay nominated by his granddaughter
Click here to see The letter of nomination and more photos of the day (CLICK)

Eric McKay being presented with the Award
with His Grand daughter

Eric with Martine King Aftercare, Mo Harris
and Alan Dearman, National Council Members

Corris House, Much Wenlock old boy Fred Barnes who compiled
the history of Goldings, Watts Naval College, Lilleshall Girls
Home, and his former home at Much Wenlock. This research
was to take him over seven years to compile, and put in book
form. Along the way Fred was to make many contacts and
friends from all parts of the world to help him with his research.
I feel without Freds initiative, the history and experiences of
these homes would have been lost forever in the sands of
time, so I am sure there is lots of Barnardo’s children out there
who thank you for reminding, good or not so good of
there time spent in these homes!

Alan Dearman presenting Fred with the Award at The Goldings Reunion 2011

Below Kate Roach presenting Barnardo Girl Jean Clark with the Award. Jean has raised thousands of pounds put into a Grave Fund
for Barnardo boys and girls. Her next project is to remember old boys and girls in Australia

2011 winners of the Goldings Award were:

Goldings Award winner 2012
Brian Cunningham who has for many years quietly without anyone
knowledge put on 40’s events, (R A F Upwood) Classic Car Ralley’s
and other charity events to raise money for Barnardo’s Aftercare also
other charities, have benefited from his generosity .
So while presenting Aftercare with his cheque this year it was decided
to surprise him with the award,
“first time we have seen him speechless”

Brian Cunningham handing over his cheque

Brian receiving the Award from Brian Perrier

Goldings Award winner 2014

Dave Blower presenting the Goldings Award to Denise and David for such an outstanding friendship extended to Goldings
Old Boys and Staff.
David and Denise are residents living in Goldings and have kindly shared their home with Goldings Old Boys each year ,
this is a small token of thanks