The Grand Fair and Fete, held in the grounds of Goldings on August Bank Holiday Monday, was a
most enjoyable and successful effort. We were favoured with a glorious day, and though the
attendance did not break any previous record, it was considered very satisfactory in view of other
attractions in the district and the difficult times in which we live.
The Arena performances were very interesting, and were well attended. Girls from the Barkingside
Home gave exhibitions of Maypole and Country Dancing. The ever popular Barnardo Musical Boys
demonstrated their skill on their unique collection of instruments. Our newly-formed Gym. Squad
gained well-merited applause for chair tricks and gymnastic displays. Nor must be overlooked the
untiring efforts of our Band.
Between the Arena items, the side-shows and stalls were in full swing. The " Revolving Horse " was
the scene of much merriment. whilst many people were eager to pay for the privilege of smashing
crockery at the " Happy Home " stall. There was a live pig to be bowled for, a wireless set, a
gramophone, a fairy cycle, a cake, a doll etc., to be won. The shows were too numerous to be
mentioned in detail, but each one contributed a full share to the jollity and to the financial success of
the fete.
The requirements of the " inner man " were not forgotten on the field, buffets for tea, cakes,
minerals, ices and sweets, were close at home for those who wanted a snack. Those who required a
more substantial repast were served in the School Dining Hall.
The Gardens, House and -Shops were opened for inspection and were well patronised.
Two hundred helpers including the Goldings staff and their families, were busily employed keeping
things going, and it was due, to their efforts and co-operation that we were able to send to
Headquarters a cheque for 285, after paying all expenses.

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Goldings Fete

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