On a recent visit to Hertford this year in January, I spent a very pleasant day with 2 ladies, the morning I spent chatting to
Mrs Brenda Stackwood (Ron Stackwoods wife)
Listening to some very interesting memories she keeps of Goldings, also as I was taking my leave she showed me a couple of pieces
of furniture she still has, and still in use that were made by the boys in the Carpenters shop apparently lots of these pieces were made
to order by members of staff, or sometimes they were made as prizes at the fetes and sports day events at Goldings or as raffle prizes.
Below are a couple of photographs she so kindly allowed me to take, Sewing Box, Bookcase, and a Tea Trolley, all made at Goldings,
and as a special interest the Bookcase was made out of an old headboard. Mrís Stackwood also had bedside tables, but although Iím
cheeky, on my first meeting I didnít like to ask to photograph the bedside cabinets (perhaps at our next meeting when she gets to
know me better).

I then spent my afternoon with Mrs Newton who I try to see whenever I am that way and there it appears she also had a sewing box
and a lovely kidney shaped coffee table, again from the same source. I didnít get photoís as I hadnít taken camera in but perhaps
next time I visit!
I wonder how many more items of our various trades made at the school by the boys are still in use today.

Talking to Neville Fletcher a few weeks ago the last time he visited his brother Gordon, he pulled out a pair of shoes from his
wardrobe and said to Neville ďThese were made at Goldings in the 60s and I still wear them todayĒ

I wonder if these are still in use today

Sewing Box

Book case

Tea Trolley

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