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Many Thanks to Brian Hird for sending in the photos below

The Goldonian Winter 1950

Somerset House with Housemaster Skip Culver

Aberdeen House with Housemaster Jack Johnstone

Mt Stephen House with Housemaster Mr F W Offord

Buxton House with Housemaster Mr R F Leason

McCall House with Housemaster Mr G Sandmann

We give a hearty welcome to the new boys: A Roberts, A Gainard, J Erwin and J Gaud
We hope they keep up to our standards and enjoy life here. They are lucky to have joined our honoured house

We are sorry to lose Prefect P Deadman and House Captain F White who have gone out on situations. We have
got some new boys in the house, And I sincerely hope they will maintain the standard of House.
The new boys are :- John Gray, Richard Davies, John Woods and Francis Rainbird

John Spires and John Coomber

Peter Bloor House Captain

SINCE THE LAST ISSUE OF THE Goldonian, Mt Stephen has welcomed 2 new boys to the House. R Harrison
is all the way from Scotland, and E Greenough who is another brother of our own Greenough Brothers. We have
regretfully said goodbye to Lesley Penn our House Captain and later School Captain.
We wish him well. Terry Greenough will prove an able successor to him

Mr F W Offord

We have said “au-revoir” to House Captain Stacy, Prefect David O’brien, Prefect Keith Stephenson, and
Eoin McCaffry.
These boys are now living in Ilford ,Warwick, Ipswich and Bally-Water, Co.Down. Northern Ireland respectively.
We welcome Eric Goodyer, Brian Cooper, William Smithand andReginald Bryan Steadman
Prefects newly appointed are John Dunstan, and Kenneth Stephenson. We regard it as a great privilege that so
many boys from our house were selected to attend the Pinewood Studios, for the shooting of the film entitled
“The Browning Version”

Len Mott House Captain

It’s my very pleasant duty to welcome into our midst Brian Matthews from Kingston and Keith Shanks from
We are very pleased and proud, to know of our late House Captains promotion. We all congratulate him heartily
becoming the School Captain Smith.

J. L.

For some unknown reason we don’t know to, there was no House Photograph of Cairns in that particular issue of
The Goldonian, can anyone shed any light on that?

Mr H L Vernon has joined the school as head cook.
Mr J E Bishop will be leaving the school after Christmas, who entered the service of Dr Barnardo’s homes in 1919
and came to Goldings in 1922.

It’s with great regret we record the passing of 3 Goldings staff:
Hilda Knokes who was in charge of sick bay
Mr James Wollen Head of printing passed away at the age of 78yrs
Mr F J Disney who passed away and was in charge of the wheelwright shop and later the Carpenter shop