Mr. David Wheatley also donated to the School the 'Queens' Cup,'
Queens' being the name of his old college at Cambridge.
This cup is awarded each term and competed for very keenly by the
five houses. Merit marks are gained weekly for individual service
by a boy for his house, in his workshop, and on the sports field. In
fact, every aspect of the School life goes to earn marks, so that every
boy, in one field or another, can qualify for merit marks for his house.
Pelham House are the present holders of the cup.

The Goldonian Winter 1961

Many thanks to David Wheatley who has so kindly returned the “ Queens Cup” to the Goldings Old Boys at the 2008 re-union.
As will be explained below from a write up in the Goldonian from 1961, David after winning this trophy at University, donated it
to Goldings with the view that each house competed for it each term in a points system, and not only was points awarded for
sport but also other factors also gained points as not all boys were sporty which would have given the house with the most sportsmen
an unfair advantage. Prior to this I am led to believe a similar award was called “The Good Conduct Medal” and the house that
won it were treated to a slap up meal in the dining room observed from outside by the boys that didn’t win it ! via the the
French Windows ! The Queens Cup was held in high esteem by boys of the house that won, followed by a party usually in the
sitting room attended by Mr Wheatley, and your House Parent. Looking through Goldonians it appears that Pelham were the
main benefactors, but there again if my memory serves me right they were considered by many the “Goody Goodies “ at Goldings ??
Unless I’m mistaken !
Many thanks again David, I think your father would be very proud to know that even though Goldings is no more, once again
it now returns to the boys? Who so vigorously competed to win it.

Dave Blower receiving on behalf of the Goldings Old Boys
the Queens Cup, donated by David Wheatley Reunion 2008

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